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Information about Microraptor

Published on March 20, 2009

Author: mschoenberger

Source: authorstream.com

Microraptor“tiny plunderer” : Microraptor“tiny plunderer” By Andrew How Do You Say Its Name? : How Do You Say Its Name? MIKE-row-rap-tor Click to hear its name Where Was It Found? : Where Was It Found? People’s Republic Of China What It Look Like : What It Look Like O.8m O.3m It weighed1-2kg Had 2 legs Small, sharp, pointed teeth Cool Facts : Cool Facts Feeder unknown. Lived Over 125-122mya. dinosaur group Saurishia. Food other animals insects. Period Lower cretaceous.

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Microraptor; Holotyp-Fossil von Microraptor gui, die weißen Pfeile deuten auf Federabdrücke. Zeitliches Auftreten; Unterkreide : 130,7 bis 126,3 Mio.
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Microraptor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Microraptor (Greek, μίκρος, mīkros: "small"; Latin, raptor: "one who seizes") was a genus of small, four-winged paravian (possibly dromaeosaurid ...
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Microraptor - Weil dem Microraptor die Muskeln fehlten, um mit den Flügeln zu schlagen, hatte er sich auf den Gleitflug spezialisiert
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A Microraptor 42–83 centiméter hosszú, és 1 kilogrammra becsült tömegű felnőtt példányaival a legkisebb ismert dinoszauruszok közé tartozott. ...
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10 Facts About Microraptor, the Four-Winged Dinosaur

Microraptor is one of the world's most astonishing feathered dinosaurs, possessing four, rather than two, wings. Here are 10 essential facts ...
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Microraptor gui fossil displayed in Hong Kong Science Museum. Some paleontologists have suggested that feathered dinosaurs used their wings to parachute ...
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Microraptor was a small feathered dinosaur related to Velociraptor. It had flight feathers, and could glide and probably fly. About two dozen well ...
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Microraptor. Microraptor is a small feathered dinosaur with a big story to tell. It is one of the 300 fossils found to date that hint at the evolutionary ...
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