microcontroller based smart card security system

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Information about microcontroller based smart card security system

Published on May 1, 2011

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A PRESENTATION ON: A PRESENTATION ON MICROCONTROLLER BASED SMART CARD SECURITY SYSTEM PREPARED BY: Ashit (0701210501) Ashutosh Kumar (0701210497) Dhyanendra Pratap (0701210498) Rajiv Ranjan (0701210458) Vikash Kumar (0701210582) GROUP NO : 20 INTERNAL GUIDE: Prof. M.R. Satpathy 1/15 Slide 2: LIST OF CONTENTS Introduction of Project Features Block Diagram Circuit Diagram Component Details Working of circuit Application Conclusion 2/15 Slide 3: INTRODUCTION OF PROJECT Now a days, a problem of security is very much important everywhere in the world. So, in large firms or companies, to make protect of entering of unauthorized person or to secure their important section, they generally use this type of security. This project “MICROCONTROLLER BASED SMART CARD SECURITY SYSTEM” will solve the entire problem by using a microcontroller. As its name suggests it uses a CARD for locking and unlocking. Also like loss of the key, if the user has lost the card, he can bring another card and program to another code. It can store the code without any power for years It is quite easy in installation and use. It is easy to use as it will take a very few components outside of it, making it less complicated. 3/15 FEATURES: FEATURES MICROCONTROLLER BASED DESIGN SMART CARD USING SECRET CODE FOR LOCKING & UNLOCKING THE LOCK USER CAN CHANGE SECRET CODE AS SECURITY POINT OF VIEW. THE SYSTEM IS SO DESIGNED THAT IT CAN OPERATE WITH PASSWORD GIVEN BY THE USER AND ALSO SMART CARD. CODE STAYS FOR 200 YEARS WITHOUT ANY POWER. IT GENERATES A SWITCHING SIGNAL FOR THE MAGNETIC ARRANGEMENT FOR LOCK. CAN BE OPERATED IN BATTERY Slide 5: KEYPAD PIC16F873 LOAD DRIVER ELECTRICAL LOADS REGULATED POWER SUPPLY BLOCK DIAGRAM and Description 4/15 SMART CARD Slide 6: The system can be divided into certain block The smart card (EEPROM) Keyboard Microcontroller Section Switching Section Power Supply 5/15 Slide 7: CIRCUIT DIAGRAM AND Description 6/15 Slide 8: The circuit is based on microcontroller and EEPROM . Microcontroller is the heart of this project. Microcontroller PIC16C873 is a 28 pin DIP IC. Microcontroller contains all necessary devices for I/O & memory inside. Smart card socket is connected to microcontroller. Socket is of four pin type. Smart card contains EEPROM memory device that can be programmed using key board . The microcontroller compares that password with the already saved in smart card . 7/15 Slide 9: The EPROM is re-writable so it can be programmed again and again. There are two switches one is for writing password and another is for locking. Switching section contains a relay of 200  and 12v operated. For this a driver of BC547 transistor is used . This transistor switches the relay. Now the relay can switch a 220 V lock, appliances connected to it. . A LED is given for indication of matching of password that is fed from keyboard with password programmed in the smart card. 8/15 Slide 10: COMPONENT DETAILS SR NO. NAME SR NO. NAME 1 MICRO CONTROLLER (AT89S52) 16 ON/OFF SWITCH 2 16×2 LCD 17 LED 3 HEX KEYPAD 18 PRESET(4k7) 4 MICROCONTROLLER COMPATIBLE PCB 19 1000uF/25V CAPACITOR 5 DC MOTOR 20 0.1uF CAPACITOR 6 DC 2NO-NC RELAY(12V) 21 10uF CAPACITOR 7 DC RELAY(5V) 22 33pF CAPACITOR 8 7805 IC 23 5V BUZZER 9 BUG STRIP 24 10 Ω RESISTER 10 RESISTER ARRAY 25 1K Ω RESISTER 11 CRYSTAL OSSCILATOR 26 10K Ω RESISTER 12 BRIDGE RECTIFIER 27 CONNECTING WIRES 13 40 PIN CONNECTOR 28 DC SOCKET 14 HEAT SINK 29 SMALL GPB 15 10 PIN CONNECTOR CABLE 9/15 Slide 11: MAIN PCB 10/15 Slide 12: WHY HEX KEYPAD? A general 3×2 matrix keypad contains only 0-9 keys. Whereas a hex keypad contains 0-9 keys and also it contains A,B,C,D,E,F keys. So it provides more number of combination of Passwords to the firms. 11/15 Slide 13: POWER SUPPLY SECTION A supply is given from 230v AC through a 12v transformer. Then it is given to the full wave rectifier. The output of rectifier is given to voltage regulator IC through filter capacitors. 12/15 Slide 14: It is a different type of locking system. it has a big advantages over traditional method of locking. As in high security regions a special security code is given to special people for the unlocking the doors. It has application fields in like High security zones like scientific installation where more secret valuable scientific data, formulae are stored. Ex-Atomic research laboratory, space research laboratories. Defense area where important ammunition is stored & only few persons (High officer rank) are allowed to go into the room. Industrial applications like preventing machine operation from unauthorized worker. The legal slot worker is permitted. APPLICATION 13/15 CONCLUSION: CONCLUSION It has tremendous application field. It has very good reason for using it in stead of traditional method of locking a door. It has no fear of loss of key, copying of key or forcibly taking away the key. In traditional methods lock has to be changed if some other person is apprehended of possessing a copy of the key, which is a costly process. But one can change password per his wish no limit nothing. There is another greater advantages of this system. As we can card as well as and entering pass word though a keyboard. If anybody get the smart card he can not give the password to be entered at keyboard. Therefore only one process can not open the lock. It has some disadvantages like as it operates with electricity. If electric fails then it has to be depend upon the battery. Slide 16: THANK YOU 15/15

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