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Published on February 22, 2014

Author: kumarprashantgupta

Source: slideshare.net

Prof Prashant Kumar Gupta Jain College Of MBA & MCA

Mass Marketing  Seller engages in mass production  There is mass distribution  Mass promotion to all buyers  It creates large potential market  This leads to low cost and high margin  But these days rising prices of advertisement and distribution is making it difficult

Micro-Marketing Segment Marketing Customerisation Micro Marketing Local Marketing Niche Marketing

Micro Marketing :Segment Marketing Market Segment consists of consumers who share similar Key Benefits:- set of needs and wants • Better design of the product • Better price Sector and segment are different, for •eg:Better Indian middle class is a sector Young delivery of product or service • Better marketing activities  Segment is identified not created

Defining Market Segments Homogeneous Preference • Roughly same preference • No natural segments Diffused Preference • Preference may be scattered • Several brands exist Clustered Preference • Distinct preferences • Natural market segments exist

Micro Marketing :Niche Marketing Narrowly defined customer group seeking a distinctive mix Companies in niche of benefits marketing:- • Are found in stable market • Family owned or segments into  Identified by dividingclosely held sub segments • Long Lived  Customer in niche has a distinctive set of needs • Offer superior performance • and is ready to Servicepremium for it. Responsive pay a • Punctual delivery  Niche is usually small and attracts only a few • Customer Cream focused on cracked heels  Eg: Crack SR Intimacy

Micro Marketing :Local Marketing  Serving to tailored needs and wants of local customer groups( trading areas, neighbourhood, individual stores, etc.)  Local Marketing reflects a growing trend called grassroots marketing where marketing activities are focused on getting close to individual customers. Eg: Nike sponsors local school sports teams

Micro Marketing :Customerisation  One-To-One Marketing  Companies allow individuals to customise their products  Major advantage is that no information is required about the customer  However product may be hard to repair and may cost more.


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