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Published on September 23, 2008

Author: MichelDemoor

Source: slideshare.net

Vlerick Marketing Alumni Informeel: “How Social Are You?” 23/09/2008


The 1950’s Dream… “messages from the media may be further mediated by informal 'opinion leaders' who intercept, interpret, and diffuse what they see and hear to the personal networks in which they are embedded” conversations would remain inaudible 23/09/2008

…Becomes Possible… “The one-to-many scope that technology brought to mass production and then mass marketing, which producers have enjoyed for two hundred years, is now available to customers” what these little voices used to say to a single friend is now accessible to the world 23/09/2008

… And Gets Realised by A Boy Toddler CEO refuses dollar 23/09/2008

Agenda Robin Wauters (Social Media Consultant, Edentity): quot;An Introduction to Social Networks“ Pieter Goiris (CEO, Boondoggle): quot;360° communication“ Luc Colson (Business Intelligence Practice Leader, 4C Consulting): quot;Ontdek sociale netwerken in uw klanten-database“ Steven Van Belleghem (Director Communication Research, InSites): quot;The Warning Speech“ Q&A-session 23/09/2008

Vlerick Marketing Alumni Q&A 23/09/2008

“Hype! or here to stay?” Social Networks?! Join The Discussion on www.VlerickMarketingAlumni.com 23/09/2008

All Our Events: www.VlerickMarketingAlumni.com Post-informeel discussion Prize to win Link to Amazon Our events announced Keynote presentations 23/09/2008

Vlerick Marketing Alumni Now, let’s get social… 23/09/2008

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