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Published on March 11, 2014

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Michael Puls, Business Development Manager, APA Group delivered this presentation at the 8th Annual WA Power & Gas Conference 2014.

The conference represents a timely meeting for the industry to hear about the current changes affecting the WA energy and electricity market.

For more information, visit http://www.informa.com.au/wapowerconf14

Mondarra Gas Storage Facility - developing a more flexible gas market Michael Puls Business Development Manager, APA Group WA Power & Gas Conference 11 March 2014

APA Group, March 2014  2 Agenda  About APA  Mondarra Gas Storage Facility  How it works  Services offered  How it’s being used  Flexible gas contracting  Summary/ Questions

APA Group, March 2014  3 About APA Australia’s largest natural gas pipeline owners APA natural gas pipelines (including investments) Other natural gas pipelines Gas resource Gas production Perth Darwin Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Adelaide Gladstone Mount Isa Moomba APA owned and operated assets Transmission pipelines 14,100 km Gas storage Mondarra Gas Storage Dandenong LNG Distribution networks 25,000 km mains 1.25m gas users Power generation 6 power plants 430 MW

APA Group, March 2014  4 Mondarra Gas Storage Facility  1972-94 Mondarra produced 25PJ gas  1994 – reservoir converted into a gas storage facility  2013 - expanded to 15PJ useable gas storage capacity  Strategically located – intersection of WA’s two major pipelines  First commercial storage facility in WA – 1 of only 2 nationally  Mitigates short term security of supply risk  Increases flexibility, creating options to manage gas production and consumption Source: APA & AER State of the Energy Market 2011

APA Group, March 2014  5 Mondarra – how it works “INJECTION” Gas is injected into the reservoir through wells M8, M6 & M1

APA Group, March 2014  6 Mondarra – how it works “WITHDRAWAL” Gas can be withdrawn from both PGP and/or DBNGP through wells M8, M6 & M1 To PGP To DBNGP

APA Group, March 2014  7 Mondarra services  Storage services: – Flexible approach: services tailored to suit customer requirements  Transport services – Access to swaps & other secondary market transport options  Gas Loan Service – Provides access to up to 100TJ of gas per customer in an emergency Injection Firm As Available Storage Firm As Available Withdrawal Firm As Available

APA Group, March 2014  8 Mondarra – how’s it being used 1. Security of supply – Gas available close to major centres of demand – Multiple transport options 2. Seasonal & short term services – Manage peak demand – Take advantage of short term and spot market trading opportunities 3. Support management of upstream & downstream assets – Manage commissioning, ramp up & maintenance periods 4. Flexible contracting – Limit take-or-pay obligations through optimum (risk-weighted) level of firm supply and/or spot purchases and/or gas loan

APA Group, March 2014  9 Flexible Contracting  Matching supply and demand: Gas Sellers generally want to sell 100% take-or-pay contracts, so how do you contract?  In this example you need to be able to manage demand between 0 to 13 TJ/day… what’s the appropriate level to contract at? Traditional Flexible

APA Group, March 2014  10 Flexible Contracting – 1 month view DCQ

APA Group, March 2014  11 Flexible Contracting – reducing cost  Traditional gas supply arrangements… – Costs: Gas contract at MDQ: 6TJ/d @ $7.50 $16.4m Gas transport contract at MDQ @ $1.55 $ 3.4m Total $19.8m – Risks: Take or pay obligation vs demand Pay for flexibility Supply interruption  Flexible contracting using storage… – Costs: Gas contract at DCQ 4 TJ/d @ $7.50 $11.0m Gas transport contract at DCQ @ $1.55 $2.3m Gas Storage contract at 2TJ/d Inj/Withd $0.8m Spot gas (2TJ/d x 180 days x $5) $1.8m Spot gas transport in/out (2TJ/d x 180 days x DBP/PGP) $0.6m Total $16.5m – Risks: Largely mitigated with reduced costs

APA Group, March 2014  12 Summary  Mondarra can deliver:  Security of supply  Seasonal & short term services  Support to manage upstream & downstream assets  Flexible contracting: reducing gas supply chain costs, managing risk & creating flexibility ¿Questions?

For further information contact Michael Puls Transmission, APA Group Tel: +61 8 6189 4346 E-mail: michael.puls@apa.com.au or visit APA’s website www.apa.com.au

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