Michael Morgan's Resume 3 (small) 1-23-16

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Information about Michael Morgan's Resume 3 (small) 1-23-16

Published on January 31, 2016

Author: MichaelMorgan57

Source: slideshare.net

1. Technical Skills Technology Summery WindowsXP,7, 8 & 8.1, Ubuntu Linux,iOS,Android,TCP/IP,DNS,DHCP, Hyper-V, Cisco, Linksys, Android, Windows PE, Active Directory, print servers, group policies, IIS, FLUKE NetTools, Microscanner, IntelliTone and Probe, Wireshark, ProcessExplorer,CiscoRV082 Router, Hirens boot CD, Altiris Deployment Solution 6.9, Python, C programming, Visual Studios, Exchange 2010, Server 2012 R2  Operatingmultiple OS’s(WindowsXP,Server 2008 R2, Vista,Windows7 Ubuntu,Android, iOS)  Configuringcommonclient applications (MicrosoftOffice,Word,Excel,PowerPoint, InternetExplorer,Outlook)  DeployingAnti-virussolutions(TrendMicro, PandaCloudOffice Protection, Malwarebytes)  UsingHirensv15.2 (passwordclearing,hard drive & memorytesting,offline XPmode, secure hard drive erase)  Basic data migrationbetweenWindows basedworkstations.  Troubleshootingnetwork,hardware andOS problemsonlaptopsandPCs  Supportingdiversetechnical equipment (computers,scanners,projectors,Audio Enhancementaudiosystems)  Solvingcomplexproblemsbyutilizingsearch engines&webforums  SecuringfilesandfolderswithNTFS permissions.  Unattendedinstallationof windows withAIK kit.  Usingremote desktopapplications(RDC,TeamViewer, LogMeIn,Chrome Remote Desktop)  Trouble shootingandrepairingmobile devicesrunning Android(all versions) andiOS(all versions)  Installing,configuringandtroubleshootingserverbased printers.  Installing,configuringandtroubleshootingrouters, modemsandswitches.  Usingclientbasedbackupand recoverysoftware.  Configuringdevicestoconnecttoenterprise andSOHO networks.  Cascadingrouters  ConfiguringroutersforRIPv1andRIPv2  Modifyingroutersforportforwarding.  Punchingdownjacks,terminatingcables  Making crossoverandstraight-throughcables  Installingandmodifyingswitchesandsmall business routers.  UsingAltiristomanage and image computers.  SysprepandcloningforquickPC deployment.  Workingwithnetworkdiagnostictools (Fluke LinkRunnerAT1000) to solve networkproblems  ConfiguringandtroubleshootingHyper-V Michael Morgan Orlando,FL 32808 MichaelRM.Biz@Gmail.com (407)-900-1356 407-900-1356

2. Education ValenciaCollege Spring 2016-Present  Computer Science(University of Central Florida Winter Park Tech 2014 – 2015 NSA (Network Systems & Administration)  CompletedNSA Network+A section:Course#:OTA0040 at WinterPark Tech  CompletedNSA Network+B section:Course#:EEV0504 at WinterPark Tech  CompletedNSA Altiris-AdvancedHelpDeskConceptsCsection:Course#:CTS0026 at WinterParkTech  CompletedNSA Altiris-SymatecHelpDeskDsection:Course#:CTS0027 at WinterPark Tech  CompletedNSA Server2012 E Section:Course#:CTS0028 at WinterPark Tech  CompletedNSA Server2012 F Section:Course#:CTS0029 at WinterParkTech  ObtainedCompTIA Network+CertifiedProfessional ITTechnicianCertification 2014 CSIT (Computer Systems & Information Technology)  ObtainedCompTIA A+CertifiedProfessionalITTechnicianCertification  ObtainedCompTIA Network+CertifiedProfessional ITTechnicianCertification  Completed801A section: Course#:CTS0082 at WinterParkTech  Completed801B section: Course#:CTS0083 at WinterPark Tech  Completed802A section: Course#:CTS0084 at WinterParkTech Professional Affiliation 2014 – 2015 Technically Speaking, Toastmasters Club – Winter Park, FL 2014 – 2015 Logistics teammember for Florida Youth Initiative

3. Work Experience September 2015 to present March 6th 2015 to May 13th 2015 OrlandoHealth Orlando FL IS Security System Access  I providedaccessandsupportfor varioushealthcare products.Iworkedclosely withXASunrise,Citrix,andPortal,QuadraMedAffinity,andQuadraMed Quantim.  Setupuserand device accountsinActive Directoryandusedgroupstoprovide differentlevelsof access.  Troubleshootbasicexchangemailbox,NTFSandgrouppolicyissues.Used MicrosoftSCCMfor remote managementandsolvingproblems.  Was able to provide customerswithfriendlysupportandverifiedthateach problemwassolvedbeforemovingon.  Settingupand configurationdistributionlistsinExchange 2010.  Lockeddownfolderandfile accessona dailybasiswithAdvance NTFS permissions  Wrote ample documentationforvarioustasksthatallowedcustomerstosolve problemsontheirownforthe nextoccurrence thusreducingthe amountof service desk ticketsreceived. Office Depot Winter Park,FL Print & CopyCenterEmployee  I eagerlyandpatientlywaitedoncustomers,tendingtovariousneedswhile dealingwithalreadyscheduledwork.  I ensuredthateachcustomershad excellentsatisfactionbeforeleavingthe store.WhenfacedwithcomputerandprinterissuesIwasable to figure out solutionsbyusingthe six CompTIA troubleshootingsteps.  I was able tocomprehendcomplex instructionsandtofigure outwaysinwhich to shortenproductiontime.  I workedheavilywithbusinessclassXerox printersonadailybasis.  Workedwith MicrosoftWord,Photoshop,andMicrosoftExcel.

4. August 2014 - May 2015 Winter Park Tech Winter Park,FL Intern  I eagerlyfoundsolutionstovarioushelpdeskticketsaroundthe school and made sure each ticketwasdone ina timelyandthoroughmanner.Iretaineda positive attitudeinsituationswherethe environmentwasnegative.  Demonstratedproperprotocol while regularlyreimagingschool computers withAlterisforOrange CountyPublicSchools  Assistedinsysprep,cloning,andpackagingapplicationsfor30 gaming computers thatwere beingsenttoEdgewaterHighSchool.Revealedacalm attitude while workingwithinashorttime window.  Providedassistance inthe successful migrationof printersandthe organization of AvalonTech’scomputers.Wassentindependentlytosolve variousprinter and computerissues.Displayedappropriateetiquettewhenassistingteachers, staff and students.  Participatedinateam settingupMicrosoftSystemCenterConfiguration Manager for Orange CountyPublicSchools.  UsedAlteristoprovide Orange CountryPublicSchool teachersandstudents withvarioussoftware packages.  Performedbackupandrestore forservers  SolvedcomplexednetworkproblemsusingFLUKENetTools.Performed troubleshootingoncommonswitchandrouterproblems.  ConfiguredroutersandendpointdevicesforVPN tunneling.  UsedWireSharkto findandlocate variouspacketsandframescomingthrough the network.  UsedChanalyzerProto inspectWiFi spectrumsandanalyze,inspectand identifyinformationon2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz bands.  Installedandconfiguredroutersandswitchesonthe network.  Setupandconfiguredastar networktopology. 2012 Tropical RefreshVeganRestaurant Orlando,FL Cook & washer  Preparedhighqualityfoods,whileworkinginafast pacedatmosphere. Constantlythoughtof waysinwhichI couldimprove efficiencytomaximize

5. output.  Encouragedefficiencyandreducedthe amountof accidentsbymaintaininga cleanand safe environment. 2010-2014 LIFE’S AID LLC Orlando,FL Filling& packaging  Singlyfulfillinghighordersof healthsupplementsinshorttime windows.  Maintainedorganizationevenwhile dealingwiththousandsof supplements.  Performedtaskswithelation,eventhose thatwere outof workcriteria. Summer 2013 Fall 2013 Spring 2012 Summer 2012 Fall 2012 Fall 2011 Maranatha Lawn Cutters Apopka,FL Gardener& landscaper  Showcasedsystematicandorderlyqualitieswiththe plantingandremoval of plants.Was able to work 9 hours ina harsh weatherenvironmentwhile tendingtothe care of vegetation.  Workedinan environmentthatrequiredadherence tocomplex andprecise instructions.

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