Michael Iacovino - ASORC - The role of accredited rehabilitation counsellors in facilitating successful and durable RTW

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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: informaoz

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Michael Iacovino, President, Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors (ASORC) presented this at the National Workers' Compensation Summit 2014. The Summit focused on minimising workplace injury claims through establishing a successful safety culture and embrace working towards successful outcomes should a workers compensation claim arise.

Find out more at http://www.informa.com.au/nwc14

The pivotal role of accredited rehabilitation counsellors in facilitating successful return to work Michael Iacovino National President © copyright 2014 1

Aims of presentation 1. 2. 3. 4. Brief history of ASORC ASORC’s accreditation process Advantages of using accredited members in rtw Challenges of the impact of non-compensational injuries on RTW 5. The importance of communication and collaboration between key stakeholders and ways this can be improved 6. The role of RCs in liaison with the Medical profession © copyright 2014 2

Who is ASORC ? • Not-for- profit organisation governed by a Council of up to 16 volunteer Councillors • Promoting research & collaboration with academia and industry • In 2013 memberships exceeded 1000 members. NSW has the largest member representation and SA the second largest © copyright 2014 3

Who is ASORC ? • ASORC has provided a long standing and respected voice for the RC profession for over 30 years(est.1976) • ASORC is committed to promoting research in occupational rehabilitation and supporting evidence based return to work outcomes © copyright 2014 4

Who is ASORC ? • ASORC promotes the occupational rehabilitation perspective on key workplace health, safety and environmental issues to governments, industry, employer and employee organisations and other bodies © copyright 2014 5

Who is ASORC ? ASORC provides professional and industry support resources to its accredited members. This includes • PDs, bi-annual National conference, regular updates on academic and industry developments, • Industry representation • ASORC Journal published by Cambridge University Press is the cornerstone of the latest research in related areas © copyright 2014 6

Our mission To set standards and competencies and to expand and promote the profession of rehabilitation counselling. © copyright 2014 7

Collaborations & Partnerships • • • • Industry Reference Group Academic Reference Group PIEF – Personal Injury Education Foundation Submissions and process reviews with state WorkCover regulators • ComCare collaboration to refine the current vocational assessment process © copyright 2014 8

Collaborations & Partnerships • NSW Government - CTP Reform • MAA - Review of guides and processes for service provision in the NSW CTP Scheme • SA Government - MAC CTP Reform • Career Industry Council of Australia • IFDM • Department of Veteran Affairs • Pain Australia © copyright 2014 9

Our members To be eligible for membership RCs must provide evidence that they meet ASORC Core Competencies in 13 broad areas. © copyright 2014 10

ASORC core competencies The 15 Core competencies are presented in two categoriesa. Underpinning Core Competencies b. Rehabilitation Counselling or Work Specific Competencies © copyright 2014 11

Underpinning core competencies • • • • • • • Psychosocial Foundations of Behavior Rehabilitation Theory and Philosophy Knowledge of Disability and Disadvantage Case and Caseload Management Legal and Policy Aspects of Disability, Disadvantage and Rehabilitation Community Liaison and Consultation Research and Evaluation © copyright 2014 12

Rehabilitation counselling and work environment specific competencies • • • • • • • • Rehabilitation Counselling Professional Attitudes and Behavior Vocational Assessment Vocational Counselling Vocational Training and Job Placement Counselling and Interpersonal Skills Independent Living and Avocational Counselling and Placement Injury Prevention, Injury Management and Disability Management Life Care Planning © copyright 2014 13

ASORC accredited rehabilitation counselling courses • University of Sydney • Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Counselling • Master of Rehabilitation Counselling • La Trobe University • Postgraduate Diploma in Rehabilitation • Master of Health Sciences (RC) © copyright 2014 14

ASORC Accredited Rehab Counselling Courses Currently undergoing accreditation review • University of Tasmania • Griffith University © copyright 2014 15

ASORC membership categories • • • • © copyright 2014 Full member Associate Member Affiliate Member Student Member 16

What can ASORC full members offer? • RCs who are professional, ethical &outcomefocused • Rehabilitation counsellors with a commitment to keeping up to date with changes and new trends in the rtw industry. (Continuing membership now relies on attendance at PD events) • Rehabilitation counsellors who recognise the need to engage with all stakeholders to achieve durable RTW © copyright 2014 17

Collaboration & Co-ordination in RTW Essential core RC skill of case management RCs understand medical terminology and RTW hierarchy and legislation. • Identify stakeholders • Review barriers to RTW and discuss with referrer and relevant stakeholders • Set realistic RTW expectations – develop RTW plan • Monitor RTW plan and close when RTW is completed © copyright 2014 18

Collaboration & Co-ordination in RTW with medical professionals • Non supportive Treating Medical doctors are very disruptive to the RTW process • RC’s have training and experience in negotiation and explaining legislative requirements to NTD’s • Despite this, getting NTD’s “onside” is still often an issue © copyright 2014 19

Collaboration & Co-ordination in RTW with medical professionals Solutions There is no easy solution. If there was we would not be talking about it. However… © copyright 2014

Collaboration & Co-ordination in RTW with medical professionals • RCs are in a very good position to identify any problems early and inform referrers so a collaborative plan can be developed to minimize the impact • Further education and training to GP’s is recommended • ASORC recognizes the delay this causes in RTW would be available to work in partnership with WorkCover authorities’ via local PD sessions to develop a consistent approach in dealing with difficult doctors © copyright 2014 21

Early Intervention: Non - Compensation cases Rehabilitation counselling is a holistic nonmedical approach to facilitating a safe and durable RTW and the RC will consider both compensation and non-compensation factors that are likely to impact on a RTW. © copyright 2014 22

Early Intervention: Non - Compensation cases The Rehabilitation Counsellor is very focused on 1.Education of injured workers, employers and NTDs of the benefits of rehabilitation/recovery at work 2.Re-injury prevention and “staying well” at work © copyright 2014 23

Early Intervention: Non - Compensation cases Benefits of identifying health issues early for employers • Assists employers manage OH&S risk • Identifies any psychological injury risks that are commonly unreported until a worker is on sick leave • May lead to early treatment and prevent a potential workers compensation claim • Reduction in staff absenteeism and absenteeism is an increasing cost of business and results in lower productivity © copyright 2014

Early Intervention: Non - Compensation cases The rehabilitation counsellor during the RTW process for a compensable worker will often identify barriers and factors that are likely to impact on the RTW that are outside the legislation. What should they do? © copyright 2014

Early Intervention: Non - Compensation cases • Collaboration with referrers and local workers compensation authorities is essential to clarify what funding may be made available • If the RC can justify the cost/benefit of assisting/funding appropriate services this should be presented to the referrer © copyright 2014

Early Intervention: Non - Compensation cases • If the services required are outside the funding legislation the RC should explore alternative funding sources to assist the worker and the time for doing this should not be charged to the insurer © copyright 2014 27

Early Intervention: Non - Compensation cases Summary • Early intervention is critical in maintaining workers at work or reducing absenteeism in both compensable and non-compensable cases • ASORC and the Academic Reference Group are currently developing research to provide the cost / benefits of staying and returning to work © copyright 2014

Early Intervention: Non - Compensation cases Summary •Often RCs feel that they are involved too late in the process to undertake early intervention. The earlier a referral is made by employer or insurer the less time the worker is likely to be absent © copyright 2014 29

In Closing….. ASORC-accredited RCs are: Highly skilled professionals who have proven skills and competencies in stakeholder engagement, communication, collaboration and coordination, and problem-solving in assisting durable RTW outcomes © copyright 2014 30

ASORC-accredited RCs work across Australia in diverse WorkCover jurisdictions each with their own specific challenges, requirements and processes. © copyright 2014 31

Thank you Further Information and Contacts Office Number: 1800 643 155 Website: www.asorc.org.au Michael Iacovino © copyright 2014 0408 121 440 32

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