Michael Dadoun, the CEO of UpClick, Leads by Example

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Information about Michael Dadoun, the CEO of UpClick, Leads by Example

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: macklin123

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PowerPoint Presentation: Michael Dadoun , the CEO of UpClick , Leads by Example PowerPoint Presentation: Michael Dadoun is the CEO of Montreal, Canada based payment processing firm UpClick . A leader with foresight and adaptability, Michael knows how to alter his leadership style with changing times. In this age of globalization, shifting consumer preferences and fast changing market dynamics, successful leaders are those who can customize a culture that is specific to each company. A leader will be successful, if he can find a way to align the mission and objective of the organization with the personality of its workforce. Workers will put in more effort, if the work is to their liking and they find it interesting. Some of the other important characteristics associated with good leadership are as following: PowerPoint Presentation: This is an important leadership quality that separates a good leader from a mediocre one. Leaders serve as role model for their employees and it is important that they set examples, which will enable the employees to feel motivated and perform better. Good leaders understand the concept of leadership well and know that they have to perform foremost if they wish their organization to achieve its missions and objectives. They have to work the hardest before asking or demanding the same from their employees. Ego has to take a backseat and leaders must learn to trust their subordinates. Delegation should form an integral part of their functioning and power vested in them should not be used to further their own cause.  Good Leaders Lead by Example PowerPoint Presentation: They have to understand that the top position does not absolve them from working hard. On the contrary, they have to work the hardest. Whether it’s a multinational corporation or a small firm, leaders have to lead by example if they wish their firm to remain competitive in the marketplace. Leaders are successful, if people listen to them and are eager to follow on their footsteps. This will be only possible, if the leader is willing to work the hardest and set the example by raising the bar as high as possible. Michael Dadoun , the CEO of Montreal, Canada based e-commerce solution provider UpClick , is a hard working leader who knows how to lead by example. An exceptional leader, Michael leads as he would himself like to be lead. He knows that in highly competitive business environment, leaders simply cannot afford to just pass orders sitting in their Ivory towers nor can they rest peacefully on their past laurels. Michael knows that in order to get the best from his employees, first and foremost he will have to give his best. PowerPoint Presentation: Big people have small egos and good leadership is no exception to it. Truly great leaders do not wish to be the center of attraction nor do they crave for limelight all the time. They are the ones who are never known to run away from accepting blames for their failures nor shy away from deflecting praise to their subordinates, if they rightly deserve it. This is simple and logical, as any employee doing something well and earning praise for it reflects positively on the leader. Employees, when they realize that their hard work is praised and rewarded, will always be willing to give their best for the organization. Michael Dadoun , the CEO of UpClick , is a leader who always puts his organization before himself. A leader with immense self-confidence and belief, Michael, is assured of his capabilities. He cares for his employees and is always eager to help them grow professionally.   Self-Effacement PowerPoint Presentation: There is no difference between what good leaders say and what they do. This enables them to win the trust and loyalty of their employees. They are known for keeping their promises and doing their best for the organization and its people. One thing to note here of importance is that promises are not always easy to fulfill. Unfulfilled promises often lead to disappointment, which hampers workers productivity to a great extent. Good leaders, therefore, do not make promises that they cannot keep. They are keen observers and know what promises have the potential of being fulfilled. They think thoroughly and take all the pros and cons into consideration before making any commitments. Good Leaders Walk the Talk PowerPoint Presentation: Times have changed and leaders, who do not possess the ability to transform their working style to suit the modern environment, have little chance of succeeding. Earlier, leaders remained isolated from their subordinates passing on orders from a distance. Increased pace of globalization and rapid technological advancement has changed that to a great extent. Modern business environment demands leaders who can remain accessible and can communicate clearly with their subordinates. They must help employees get what they want and they will get what they want.  Michael Dadoun the CEO of UpClick , involves his employees in important decisions of the organization. He knows that the modern generation of worker cannot be simply managed the old way. You must hear them out and get them involved to extract the best from them. Good Leaders Keep Their Employees Involved

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