Michael Dadoun, the CEO of UpClick, has Vision and Strong Sense of Pur

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Information about Michael Dadoun, the CEO of UpClick, has Vision and Strong Sense of Pur

Published on August 19, 2014

Author: macklin123

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Michael Dadoun, the CEO of UpClick, has Vision and Strong Sense of Purpose: Michael Dadoun, the CEO of UpClick, has Vision and Strong Sense of Purpose PowerPoint Presentation: Leading a modern organization is not easy by any stretch of imagination. It is an extremely challenging task where the leader must possess good communication skills, vision, charisma, and intelligence in ample measure to be successful. The advent of internet, along with rapid rate of globalization, has brought about its own unique set of challenges and threats. Modern leaders must be visionaries with the ability to peek into the future and accurately anticipate the future needs and wants of their clients. They must have knowledge as well as experience to properly deal with all the challenges and threats, and competency to take advantage of the opportunities presented. PowerPoint Presentation: Michael Dadoun is the CEO of Montreal , Canada-based payment processing firm UpClick. A highly passionate and energetic leader, Michael’s leadership abilities have been instrumental in his organization’s success. In the following section, we shall look at some of the important leadership qualities that people look for in a leader. We shall also see as to how lack of any one of these qualities could severely impediment the functioning of a leader and the organization he heads. Vision This is one leadership quality that separates an exceptional leader from a mediocre leader. Truly great leaders have a vision and a strong plan and sense of purpose to put that vision into motion. Visionary leaders have an excellent idea about the present business environment and the requirements of their target audience. However, more than that, they have a clear idea of the future and the role of their organization in it. PowerPoint Presentation: They are master strategists who know what they are trying to accomplish and are continuously on the lookout for new ways and means of efficiently accomplishing the tasks. Strong vision also enables them to take advantage of all the opportunities that the future has to offer. They are also in a better position to avoid all the potential threat and pitfalls that may hamper the smooth progress of their organization. Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal, Canada-based UpClick, is a visionary leader who keeps track of both the present and the future. A CEO with exceptional leadership qualities, Michael knows how to make his organization stand out in the crowd. PowerPoint Presentation: A leader with foresightedness and clairvoyance, Michael’s strong sense of purpose and direction along with his clear cut vision have immensely helped his organization. Macro Management Good leaders are acutely aware of the happenings of their organization, but they like to stay away from interfering in small matters or normal day-to-day activities of the firm they head. They work incessantly toward developing a workforce that is fully capable of taking care of small matters at their own level. This is important, as good problem-solving skills of the employees give the CEO extra time to set the vision into motion. Michael Dadoun, the CEO of UpClick, is a leader who feels that employees must be given an opportunity and an environment where they can hone their problem-solving skills. PowerPoint Presentation: Competent employees, fully capable of handling small tasks and issues on their own, have immensely helped Michael Dadoun. A focused leader, Michael now had enough time on his hand to achieve the goals identified in the vision. Communication Skills This, along with a solid vision, is a major leadership quality. A leader with a good vision but poor communication skills for all intents and purposes is going to do a very bad job of leading an organization and its people. Good leaders have excellent communication skills. This enables them to effectively and efficiently communicate their vision to their employees. Followers, who truly understand and comprehend what their leader is saying and how can they benefit from it, will always be willing to give their best for the leader and the organization. PowerPoint Presentation: Good listening forms an integral part of good communication skills and accomplished leaders understand it well. They are active listeners who pay close attention to what others are saying. Good listening skills enable them to elicit valuable information from all those around them, which enables quick thinking and sharpens their decision-making abilities. Leaders, who are good listeners, quickly build rapport and develop meaningful relationships with all the people they come in contact with. Their subordinates trust them and listen to them, knowing well that their input will be valued and their suggestions will be implemented. Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal, Canada-based UpClick, possesses exceptional communication skills. A good communicator, Michael knows the art of effectively putting forward his plans and strategies for the overall development and growth of the organization. PowerPoint Presentation: Conclusion Being the CEO of a modern organization and leading it successfully is an immensely challenging task. It is like walking on a minefield with your lead boots on, one small mistake and you have no chance of a comeback. Michael Dadoun, the CEO of Montreal, Canada-based UpClick, has been successful owing to his strong vision and excellent communication skills. His followers respect and trust him, knowing that he has the ability and the desire to provide a better future for them. PowerPoint Presentation: Michael Dadoun

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