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Published on October 15, 2007

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Slide1:  C-TPAT And other Homeland Security Initiatives How do you get a giraffe into a refrigerator?:  How do you get a giraffe into a refrigerator? Open the door and put it inside…………… How do you get an elephant into a refrigerator?:  How do you get an elephant into a refrigerator? Open the door, take out the giraffe and put the elephant inside……….. Slide4:  The king of the jungle called for an elaborate banquet and invited all the creatures of his kingdom to join. Who was missing from the banquet???? The elephant because he was in the refrigerator……….. Slide5:  You have to cross a crocodile infested river without any help or tools. How do you do it???? Easy…….you just swim across because all the crocodiles are at the banquet! Menlo Trade Services:  Menlo Trade Services Topics to be covered: Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) Validation Process Common Mistakes Made CSI 24 Hour Rule US Customs Transition to Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS):  US Customs Transition to Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) Newest federal agency, was launched on Jan. 24, 2003. Currently DHS has 179,000 employees from 22 different agencies. US Customs, the Immigration & Naturalization Service, the Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service, and the US Border Patrol were transferred to the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on March 1, 2003. CBP consist of 35,000 employees. No longer under the Treasury Department CBP is headed up by Robert Bonner. Goal is to provide the American public with greater security and to facilitate the flow of legitimate trade across the United States Borders. Slide8:  Menlo Trade Services Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) C-TPAT:  C-TPAT What is Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)? CTPAT is a joint government – business initiative to build cooperative relationships that strengthen overall supply chain and border security Customs recognizes that the only way to provide the highest level of security is with the ultimate owners of the supply chain (Importers, Carriers, Brokers, Forwarders, WHSE Operators and Manufacturers) Goal: Creating a more secure and efficient supply chain through partnerships C-TPAT:  C-TPAT What does participation in C-TPAT require? Conduct a comprehensive self-assessment of supply chain security using C-TPAT guidelines Sign and return the Agreement to participate in C-TPAT Complete the the Supply Chain Security Profile and return to Customs (1st) 60 days 30 day extension Development and implementation of an enhanced security program using C-TPAT guidelines Communicate C-TPAT guidelines to other companies in the supply chain and assist them in developing a security program following C-TPAT Applications will be processed in 60 days C-TPAT What’s required:  C-TPAT What’s required C-TPAT:  C-TPAT What are the benefits of participation? Reduced number of inspections An account manager from customs An emphasis on self policing Selling point for all companies for new business Be viewed by Customs as being compliance oriented Faster clearance of importations Monthly payments of duties (test phase) Prerequisite for other Customs Programs (FAST, ACE, & ISA) C-TPAT:  C-TPAT What are the costs of non participation? Increased inspections of cargo Disruptions in the supply chain No account manager to consult with when problems arise Viewed as non active participant in the war on terror Potential loss of business with companies you deal with who are members of CTPAT Viewed by Customs as not being compliance oriented C-TPAT:  C-TPAT Costs of non participation cont… Can’t participate in ISA (Importer Self-Assessment) Increased potential for being targeted for a FA. Extremely expensive Customs will consider the importer high risk Possible negative public relations Increased scrutiny by Customs Time delays will possible increase inventory levels to be held in the U.S. Increased business expense. Security Exams :  Security Exams C-TPAT:  C-TPAT What are the challenges of getting companies to participate? Top level management support of C-TPAT Having all divisions within corporation to do their part Having service providers to commit to C-TPAT. If not willing potentially change service providers Incorporate C-TPAT guidelines in contracts and/or make them available to service providers via service provider web page Educate all concerned about the importance of C-TPAT participation Maintaining well documented procedures on C-TPAT participation C-TPAT:  C-TPAT C-TPAT is currently open to the following: Carriers, Freight Forwarders Importers Customs Brokers NVOCCs Foreign Manufactures U.S. Marine Port Authorities/Terminal Operators C-TPAT:  C-TPAT Currently there are 5,300 participants 3,300 importers 800 carriers 1,100 Customs brokers and freight forwarders 70 foreign manufactures 30 U.S. Marine Ports Authorities/Terminal Operators C-TPAT:  C-TPAT What is the Future of C-TPAT? Customs security concerns are permanent Mandate of “Smart Seal” or “Smart Box” for Ocean Containers?? Increased inspections of imports has begun Security concerns will be a focal point of Customs as well as trade compliance Delivery of C-TPAT benefits for cert. members C-TPAT Seminar/Conference w/Customs C-TPAT:  C-TPAT Future of C-TPAT cont… Opening up for Foreign Suppliers/Mfg’s Mexico is eligible Europe and Asia next (by invitation only) Industry Specific Security Standards Textile Petroleum Coordination with Other Agencies (DOT, FDA, etc) Customs to Focus on the Unknowns C-TPAT Validation Process:  C-TPAT Validation Process Purpose: To ensure C-TPAT participants have implemented the security measures outlined in their Security Profile to Customs and are being followed. Validation w/in 3 years of the company becoming a C-TPAT participant. C-TPAT Participants will received 30 days advanced written notice. Validations will be focused, concise and completed within 10 working days. On avg. 2 days per location reviewed Headquarters will schedule the validations based on certain criteria including import volume, security related anomalies, information received, or as a matter of routine program oversight. C-TPAT Validation Process cont..:  C-TPAT Validation Process cont.. Validations will be conducted by Partnership Validation Team (PVT) Office of Field Operations (OFO) Supply Chain Security Personal No auditors. Each validation will be customized to the company’s supply chain security. Consist of On-site(s) review(s) determined by participants profile (Domestic or Foreign). Findings will be documented and forwarded to Dir. of C-TPAT for final editing and review. C-TPAT Validation Process cont..:  C-TPAT Validation Process cont.. Validations will affirm benefits, or some or all of the benefits may deferred until corrective action is taken for vulnerabilities. Company will receive a Validation Report. Validation:  Validation Very few importers have gone through the validation process Top importers Brokers, Forwarders, Terminal Operators C-TPAT Operation Centers Miami, FL Washington, D.C. (Midwest) L.A., CA New York, NY Cover regional areas or as resources are available Validation Statistics:  Validation Statistics 711 validations are underway. 141 C-TPAT validations have been completed Goal for 2004 is to have 300 of the 711 completed This is only 20% of the participants eligible for validation. Hiring more Supply Chain Security officers Plan is to have 140 Supply Chain Security personal and field managers trained to do validations by the end of 2004 C-TPAT:  C-TPAT When Should I Apply? As soon you are ready Acct. manager calls you ->then ASAP Customs routinely modifies program Only submit what is required and no more, no less Common Mistakes Made :  Common Mistakes Made Not working closely with Customs and/or a C-TPAT expert Not having a education and awareness program No internal audit process maintained Lack of understanding of the requirements No documented procedure put in place Not communicating to foreign suppliers and service providers Communicating commitment to all divisions and locations included in the Security Profile C-TPAT:  C-TPAT Example of outline on setting up a C-TPAT program. Provide timeline of C-TPAT implementation. Executive policy statement on support of security and trade compliance. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to US Customs. MOU to internal departments w/in company. MOU to vendors and other service providers. Questionnaire to be completed by all concerned. C-TPAT:  C-TPAT Example of outline on setting up a C-TPAT program cont… Policy and procedure manual for C-TPAT. Enhancement plan/recommendations if needed. Employee training recommendations. Reasonable care checklist. C-TPAT:  C-TPAT World Customs Organization (WCO) Adopted a Supply Chain Security Strategy Implemented by June 2003 Rep. 161 Countries accounting for 97% of WT Many of the WCO Goals Reflect Customs Initiatives in Security and C-TPAT Menlo Trade Services:  Menlo Trade Services Container Security Initiative (CSI) CSI:  CSI What is the Container Security Initiative (CSI)? CSI Launched in Jan. 2002, to prevent global containerized cargo from being exploited by terrorist. Initial goal was to start with Canada and the top 20 ports in terms of volume of containers shipped to USA. Core element is to place US Customs Inspectors at foreign ports to work with Foreign Customs to pre-screen high risk containers before they are shipped to the USA. CSI:  CSI Key Elements: Establish Security Criteria for Identifying High-risk Containers based on advanced information. Pre-screen High-risk containers at the earliest Possible Point (Origin). Use Technology to Quickly Pre-screen High-risk Containers ( X-Ray, Radiation Devices, etc.). Develop Secure and “Smart” Containers (electronic sensors and seals that will indicate if containers have been tampered with). CSI:  CSI Why Should CSI be introduced throughout the world? Prescreen prior to export. Benefits of CSI: Enhanced Safety and Security Competitive Advantage Insurance Deterrence Push our Zone of Security Outward CSI Screened Cargo will Speed through US Port of Arrival. CSI Teams will relay information to US. CSI:  CSI World Customs Organization (WCO) June 28, 2002 passed resolution that will enable ports in all 161 of the member nations to develop programs using CSI principles. Including collecting of data concerning: Outbound shipments in electronic form Use of risk management to identify and target high risk shipments Use of radiation detection and large scale technology to identify containers that pose a security threat. CSI – Top 20 Mega - Ports:  CSI – Top 20 Mega - Ports Hong Kong 9.8% Shanghai 5.8% Singapore 5.8% Kaohsiung 5.6% Rotterdam 5.1% Pusan 5.0% Bremerhaven 4.5% Tokyo 2.8% Genoa 2.1% Yantian 2.0% Antwerp 2.0% Nagoya 1.9% Le Havre 1.9% Hamburg 1.8% La Spezia 1.7% Felixstowe 1.7% Algeciras 1.6% Kobe 1.6% Yokohama 1.5% Laem Chabang 1.4% * Underline ports indicate countries that have or will be implementing some form of CSI in their respective port. CSI:  CSI Top 10 US Ports of Import: New York Los Angeles Long Beach Charleston Seattle Norfolk Oakland Savannah Miami CSI:  CSI Future of CSI: Deployment of teams to participating ports Six Month Pilots for Estimating Needs at each Port Teams of 3 inspectors, one electronic research analyst and one senior customs representative, usually an agent. Expanding CSI beyond Top 20 Ports. Menlo Trade Services:  Menlo Trade Services 24 Hour Rule 24 Hour Rule:  24 Hour Rule What is the 24 Hour Rule? Amends Customs Regulations to require the advance and accurate presentation of the Cargo Declaration (CF1302) information at minimum 24 hours prior to lading at foreign port for ocean cargo. Customs will not allow lading prior to expiration of the 24 hour period. Filers of the Cargo Declaration will receive a hold message for cargo subject to review/verification. Encourages the presentation of this information electronically. Allows a NVOCC with an International Bond to electronically present cargo manifest information to Customs. 24 Hour Rule:  24 Hour Rule Purpose: To enable Customs to evaluate the risk of smuggling weapons of mass destruction through the use of ocean containers before containers are loaded on the vessel. To enable Customs to facilitate the prompt release of legitimate cargo following its arrival into the United States. 24 Hour Rule:  24 Hour Rule Basic Requirements of Cargo Declaration (CF1302): Last foreign port before vessel departs for the US Carrier SCAC code Carrier-assigned voyage number Date vessel is scheduled to arrive at first US port Number & qty’s from carrier’s ocean bills of lading (Master or House) First foreign port where carrier takes possession of cargo destined to US Precise description or HTS number to the 6th digit level under which the cargo is classified and weight of the cargo 24 Hour Rule:  24 Hour Rule Requirements of Cargo Declaration (CF1302) cont.. Shipper’s complete name and address from all bills of lading Complete name and address of consignee or owner or owner’s representative from bill of lading Vessel name, country of documentation and official vessel number Foreign port where cargo is laden on board International recognized hazardous material codes Containers numbers Seal numbers affixed to containers 24 Hour Rule:  24 Hour Rule Areas the Importer needs to address: Make sure your carrier(s) will be ready for this new requirement before it goes into enforcement. Complete name and address of Shipper and Consignee. Numbers and qty’s Trading Companies Getting doc’s and infor. quicker from suppliers Detailed description or HTS to 6th digit. Which is best for you. 9801??? Slide45:  Contact Information: Mary Ellen Mattison Tel: 440-260-3060 Mobile: 440-590-3513 Email:

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