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Published on September 6, 2007

Author: Cubemiddle


New Brunswick High School Ringette:  New Brunswick High School Ringette Prepared by Gilles Allain Grande-Digue, NB (January 25, 2007) Agenda (Jan. 25-07):  Agenda (Jan. 25-07) Powerpoint presentation Discussion Questions and comments/suggestions Plan of action Adjournment Why am I doing this?:  Why am I doing this? My daughter will soon turn 13 (Tween). She is in her eight year playing the game. She wants to keep playing ringette through high school. She’ll be going to LJR in two years. Rationale:  Rationale Since 2005, we have witnessed a number of girls switching to female hockey, apparently because there is no ringette at the high school level. Rationale:  Rationale Can we do something about it? Goal # 1:  Goal # 1 To provide ringette as an interscholastic sport option at the high school level in New Brunswick and as an additional development level for the sport. Goal # 2:  Goal # 2 To provide an opportunity for current or former players (19-29 yo) to return to the sport of ringette in order to assist in its development as coaches, officials or administrators. How do we do it?:  How do we do it? We need to start somewhere. Current NBIAA structure and process is too cumbersome to allow ringette to be approved in a timely fashion. NBIAA was established in 1926. Before moving ahead, do we wait to have ALL of our ducks in order? Background on NBIAA:  Background on NBIAA Oversees 32 different sports. Organizes 79 provincial championships. Association includes the following: 16,000 athletes 1,200 coaches 450 managers Website receives 36,000 hits/month. Slide10:  Opportunity:  Opportunity Ringette in New Brunswick 1,200 + players 11 associations 200 + coaches 100 + officials Opportunity:  Opportunity Organize a spring ringette season in 2007. Schedule could include anywhere from 15 to 21 games. Spring high school ringette would NOT interfere with female hockey or provincial / house league commitments. Opportunity:  Opportunity Southeastern NB has lots of available ice times from April to the end of May. No need for NBIAA sanction as the league will be organized as a 'club' sport. Received letters of support from current players for this project via email and Letters to the Editor. Current situation:  Current situation Based on information received in 2006, there is NO High School ringette anywhere else in Canada. New Brunswick would be the FIRST! Ringette New Brunswick would provide umbrella insurance coverage for locally-registered players. Competitive situation:  Competitive situation Relatively new West-Kent female hockey Nine teams in the Eastern Conference High School Boys Hockey League Current situation:  Current situation Three High Schools have confirmed they are interested NOW. We have received verbal confirmations from: Clement-Cormier in Bouctouche Louis.-J.-Robichaud in Shediac Mathieu-Martin in Dieppe Proposal:  Proposal Recruit coaches and managers for each participating High School. Organize training and selection camps. Prepare a six-week schedule in the springs of 2007 and 2008! Present a Championship Game Proposal:  Proposal Evaluate and make necessary adjustments Repeat in 2008 and evaluate again. If feasible, present a request to the NBIAA in 2009 for inclusion as a regional high school sport. Encourage other regions to enhance their development funnels for inclusion in an eventual provincial league. Timeline:  Timeline Unveil league plans Mar. 14th Training camps Mar. 26 – Apr. 5 Regular play Apr. 10 - May 5 Playoffs May 7 - 11 Championship Game May 12th Mother’s Day May 13th Rules & Regulations:  Rules andamp; Regulations All regular Ringette NB and Ringette Canada rules and regulations would apply. Non-registered ringette players would be asked to pay a fee to cover additional insurance costs incurred by RNB. Budget:  Budget Each team would be responsible to collect registrations or contributions to cover operating expenses. Any potential league revenue would be shared with the teams according to a pre-determined formula. Structure:  Structure Board of Governors One representative from each association where the local school is involved. Commissioner Secretary Treasurer Ringette NB Structure:  Structure Directors: Coaching Officiating Equipment Sub-committees: Finance Sponsorships Marketing and Logistics Marketing and Media:  Marketing and Media Ringette represents an attractive market for would-be sponsors. Tremendous opportunity to generate media coverage in southeastern NB area in both official languages. Marketing - hockey:  Marketing - hockey Current sponsors of the Eastern Conference Boys Hockey League Marketing - Ringette:  Marketing - Ringette Majesta / Royale (Irving) Subway Broderie Express Pizza Delight Sobeys Tim Horton’s Crowne Plaza Printing Shop… Slide27:  Next steps:  Next steps Secure sponsorships Adopt a League structure Secure financing from associations (if needed) PROMOTE / PROMOTE / PROMOTE Next steps:  Next steps Meet with the interested High Schools Confirm support and commitment from players and parents. Confirm volunteers: Sponsorships Marketing and Media relations Scheduling Next steps:  Next steps Do we continue to wait? Countdown:  Countdown We have 60 days! Slide32: 

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