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Information about mHealth India- bringing telcos and providers together
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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: Healthcursor



HealthCursor Consulting group India

Innovations in healthcare HEALTHCURSOR CONSULTING GROUP Copyright @HealthCursor- not for circulation- A6/2010/Guild

What is the Problem and Why are we here? Ageing Population and Chronic Care management No. of Years Chronic Care Disease Patients Social Class Less than 7 Years More than 7 years Total High 24 12 36 Middle 18 11 29 Low 7 13 20 Very Low 12 12 24 TOTAL 61 48 109 Percentage (56%) (44%) Source: Health services utilisation in urban India: a study By C. A. K. Yesudian Out of pocket expenditure is more than 80% Rising demand for medical services and timely medical intervention Need for measures to provide health specialists’ access anytime anywhere and not only at the point of care Copyright @HealthCursor- not for circulation- A6/2010/Guild 2

What is the Problem and Why are we here? Ageing Population and Chronic Care management Call a Doctor/ Second Opinion Resource Constraints Patient education and Health Tips Home health and Remote monitoring Tele-Diagnosis and eprescription Copyright @HealthCursor- not for circulation- A6/2010/Guild 3

What is the Problem and Why are we here? Ageing Population and Chronic Care management Resource Constraints Patient Empowerment With increasing Internet and mobile broadband access, available in-depth information on medical conditions and their treatment has enhanced patients’ knowledge, generating an increasingly consumerist attitude toward medicine and higher expectations regarding treatment. Copyright @HealthCursor- not for circulation- A6/2010/Guild 4

What is the Problem and Why are we here? Ageing Population and Chronic Care management • • Resource Constraints Patient Empowerment Integrated Care In the face of the enormous challenges of managing chronic diseases, delivery innovations appear to have the most impact when multiple parties (e.g., physicians, nurses, payors) interact seamlessly to provide the best possible patient care over an extended period of time. Such integrated models have the potential to reduce costs dramatically, while increasing patient satisfaction and clinical quality. @HealthCursor- not for circulation- A6/2010/Guild Copyright 5

Capability Building Care Continuum Moving from silos to systems Bringing mobility to systems Capturing the right target market at the right time Retain, service the existing customers; acquiring new everyday with outreach programs. Copyright @HealthCursor- not for circulation- A6/2010/Guild 6

Cross Referral Virtual Consultation Process Copyright @HealthCursor- not for circulation- A6/2010/Guild 7

Technology based Outreach Programs Kiosks in Hospital Waiting areas Kiosks in Premium Residences Kiosks enabled with FAQs, Mind maps, health triage etc. Kiosks- Marketing, campaign management and Online transactions Kiosks will provide appointment scheduling, real time patient status- separate U/I for U/I for Doctors as well as patients. Copyright @HealthCursor- not for circulation- A6/2010/Guild

Technology Based Operational Excellence Magnum Monitors for Doctors, Labs and pharmacies Magnum Monitor on Doctor’s smart-phones Magnum Monitors in ICUs provides an integrated view of a patient's condition and communicates with HIS, RIS, PACS, Central Monitoring applications provided by device vendors and monitoring devices Magnum Monitors integrate all activities in one screen i.e. IV Infusions etc. Copyright @HealthCursor- not for circulation- A6/2010/Guild 9

Industry challenges Copyright @HealthCursor- not for circulation- A6/2010/Guild

HealthCursor- A click to end to end enablement Copyright @HealthCursor- not for circulation- A6/2010/Guild

HealthCursor’s Expertise Value in Healthcare Payor (HI) Strategy Provider Performance Remote and Integrated Care • We helped a leading disease management and wellness company set a comprehensive 5-year strategy to achieve greater healthcare value, which included assessing capabilities, identifying target customer segments, and reshaping the economic model. • We worked with one of the largest US Healthcare Payor to redesign services around care pathways. We anticipated industry evolution and designed unit strategy and innovative and effective incentive/payment systems and delivery models. We are still in touch with the company to help identify where to compete, what investments to make across geographies, for example. • We supported a successful US hospital system in a comprehensive performance transformation in anticipation of expected shifts in the market. This multiyear effort included redefining key strategic goals, improving IT and sourcing capabilities, and redesigning the organizational structure to improve team effectiveness. • We worked with a European healthcare system for 10 months to plan and implement the largest-ever integrated care program, involving primary, secondary, community, social, and mental health providers. The program has already produced positive results, with 300 fewer emergency admissions than prior trends would have projected. Copyright @HealthCursor- not for circulation- A6/2010/Guild

HealthCursor’s Expertise IT/ICT Healthcare Consumer Behavior & Strategy Clinical Excellence and Quality audits Jugaad and Mainstream Innovations • Implemented 53 mHealth, 39 Health IT projects across 9 countries. Currently we are working with a national healthcare system to drive transparency throughout the system by identifying desired provider behaviour changes, determining the best metrics to track behaviour change, and then measuring and sharing them to encourage better performance. • As new and Next Gen B2C applications/products/services flood the healthcare market- understanding regional yet diverse consumer behaviour is the key. to success. We worked with a Payor and Pharma company to undertake ground breaking research based on which we then defined strategy to deploy behaviour change approaches in conjunction with risk-based consumer segmentation to reduce costs for payors associated with lifestyle-related conditions such as smoking and obesity. • We have a decent team to conduct JCI/NABH/other clinical audits in India and 3 more countries. We also help healthcare providers transform their clinical operations to improve quality and reduce costs, taking a value-based approach and engaging and inspiring hospital staff. • Healthcare spending continues to grow rapidly, making it difficult to expand access to quality care. We support healthcare transformation efforts around the world, working with national health systems, nongovernmental organizations, and global public health partners to set strategic priorities, design effective systems, build capabilities, and implement innovative and cost-effective delivery models. Copyright @HealthCursor- not for circulation- A6/2010/Guild

Our Company Profile WE ARE LOCATED WHERE OUR CLIENTS NEED US In addition to our headquarters in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, India, there are 15 virtual offices with 200+ contractual expert consultants serving clients in more than 16 countries. WHAT WE DO For more than 5 years, we at HealthCursor have researched and surveyed public health delivery challenges, solutions, to solve our clients' toughest challenges, demonstrating a commitment to excellence and a passion for exceeding expectations. Over the past five decades, technology has radically changed the world we live in. We have remained at the forefront of our business because we have understood how to use technology change and innovation to deliver value to our clients. WE DO AMAZING THINGS We are often asked, "What is it that you do?" We tell them, humbly and yet truthfully: we do amazing things. We help solve big challenges. Technically complex, mission-critical challenges. Watch our video, where we made to TED talk, Top World's 10 Health IT influencers list, World Economic Forum as Top Innovators, President of India's recognition and Best ICT resource and brought to life a few of those challenges through four short case studies. Or, read from a list of hundreds of our client success stories. YEARS OF SUCCESS It started with two people who had a dream. From the moment HealthCursor was born in 2010, ingenuity has been a driving force behind our success. The company stayed as a proprietorship firm until end of 2012 and now is a Pvt. Ltd. entity. Our CEO and Founders got awarded as Best Entrepreneurs and Dr Ruchi Dass got nominated for the prestigious "Life of science" award, OXFORD. Copyright @HealthCursor- not for circulation- A6/2010/Guild

Accreditations and Memberships Copyright @HealthCursor- not for circulation- A6/2010/Guild THANK YOU Copyright @HealthCursor- not for circulation- A6/2010/Guild

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