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Published on February 5, 2014

Author: mrLandi



Creative writing task

Mexico to the USA A Tale of Illegal Immigrants

MEXICO TO THE USA Why do people try to cross the border illegally ? What are the push factors ? What are the pull factors ?

The border at night

Around 1,000,000 people a year are caught by the United States Border Patrol trying to cross the border. Many of these are repeat offenders. What would make you risk a crossing ? What do you think most American’s think of the ‘illegal aliens’ or ‘pollos’ as they are called ? Why are some people glad to see the illegal immigrants?

Creative Writing... • You are now to begin a piece of creative writing about migration from Mexico to the USA. • Imagine that you are one of the many Mexicans desperate to get into the USA, bearing in mind the numerous push and pull factors that you are aware of…. • You cannot cross the border legally; you must sneak across. • You are to produce a piece of writing telling the story of how you managed to cross the border (or not!!)

How to write creatively… • • • • • • • • use the past tense first person viewpoint (ie. “I”) in chronological order (ie. Order of time) opening paragraph: describe your situation, your feelings and your plans 2nd paragraph: the start of your journey, perhaps mentioning the push factors 3rd paragraph: your journey over the border, still mentioning push but also pull factors use adjectives to project the mood and describe your feelings include lots of your feelings; how would you feel if you got caught??

Try to include: • Details of the push factors that are making you want to move. Think about money, housing, crime, lack of employment opportunities, natural hazards (earthquakes), transport systems • What was attracting you towards the USA (pull factors) ? • How you travelled over the border ? • Any danger you experienced along the way; did you meet the border patrols, did you pay a ‘coyote’ to help ? • What you did if you managed to cross the border

Final 3 slides adapted from Carly Goodwin’s presentation, available from Possible formats: A diary A statement to the border patrol, or in court A letter home An e-mail home A poem A phone conversation

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