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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: unexlab



Metro meet – Company presentation

The opportunity 2014 UNEX No diffusion or reproduction without authorization. 2

The opportunity French people spend an average of 1 hour and 30 minutes per day in public transportations Commute to and from work represents the most important downtime in peoples’ day “Metro, boulot, dodo…” symbolizes the cultural meaning of commuting 2014 UNEX No diffusion or reproduction without authorization. 3

The opportunity Mobile has fundamentally changed our commutes Music on the go Productivity Social media Mobile commerce Virtual supermarkets on train platforms Etc… 2014 UNEX No diffusion or reproduction without authorization. 4

The opportunity Our daily commute says much about who we are Where I live Where I go to work What are my work hours What are my favorite spots in the city And so does what we do during out commute What music do I listen to What am I reading What apps am I using Etc… 2014 UNEX No diffusion or reproduction without authorization. 5

The opportunity The subway is a social microcosm “I see this guy everyday… I wonder where he works” “What book is this girl reading? I wonder if it’s good” “I’d sure like to get a chance to talk to that cute guy I bump into every morning…” “Sweet shoes! Wonder where she got them…” “I don’t know what music to listen to. I bet somebody in this wagon must have better taste than me” 2014 UNEX No diffusion or reproduction without authorization. 6

The opportunity What if we allowed people to more easily meet and exchange in the metro? 2014 UNEX No diffusion or reproduction without authorization. 7

Our product: metro meet 2014 UNEX No diffusion or reproduction without authorization. 8

Our product: metro meet What is metro meet? Metro meet is a social mobile application that aims at 1. Putting people in touch with one another based on their daily commute to and from work and based on what they do during this commute 2. Encouraging interactions between commuters inside the metro Metro meet turns a downtime into a chance for meaningful, real life interactions. 2014 UNEX No diffusion or reproduction without authorization. 9

Our product: metro meet Why is metro meet different from other social apps? Mainstream social apps such as Facebook, Twitter or Path are good to interact with an established network of friends but are not designed to interact with and meet new people. Metro meet is fully built around the specificities of the metro as a social environment Limited time on site Closed space Interaction with people who are neither friends nor total strangers Traditional environment for mild voyeurism and social interactions Metro meet offers an experience that is much more compelling than other social apps Meet somebody NOW Meet somebody HERE, the person is in the same train, maybe sitting next to you Play and share with the people that are AROUND YOU 2014 UNEX No diffusion or reproduction without authorization. 10

Our product: metro meet Metro meet: the dating app for people who don’t use dating apps Traditional dating apps/sites - - - Mostly 30+ YO members Social stigma, dating sites are for losers who can’t find people in real life High barriers: need to create a profile, take time to consult the site every day etc… Requires high investment in terms of time and attention Overly complicated matching process (bogus algorithms based on unreliable user data) High barriers from online interaction to real life meeting Unreliable user profiles People you can’t actually see 2014 UNEX No diffusion or reproduction without authorization. Metro meet - - - Skewed towards under 30 YO members No social stigma, Metro Meet doesn’t promote itself as a dating app No barriers: your profile is your commute and what you do on the subway. Metro app is seamlessly integrated into an otherwise dull daily activity Recommendations are super relevant and matching process is straightforward: people who share the same commute than you Real life meeting is natural since you are inside the same train User profiles based on activity, 100% reliable People you can see, often everyday 11

Our product: metro meet Key features Basic user profiles Activity stream Name Sex Photo Age Daily commute (from… to…) My stations What I’m thinking now What I’m listening to now (integration with music library and online music apps) What I’m reading now (integration with Amazon) What games I’m playing now Articles/photos shared Finding people Interacting with people People around me People I bump into most often People that share the same commute as me People who comment on articles/photos I share People who listen to the same music People who play the same games People who read the same books Like/comment on activity Ping people around you (limits on number of pings can that be sent per day to avoid spammers) and chat with them Friends list to keep the conversation going beyond the metro station 2014 UNEX No diffusion or reproduction without authorization. 12

Our product: metro meet Examples of usage scenarios Everyday Benoit commutes from Rennes to Madeleine. He always sees this cute girl who gets on the train at the same station but could never summon the courage to talk to her. Through Metro Meet, Benoit discovers than this girl is reading the latest Dan Brown. He Pings her and strikes a conversation based on that topic. Cecilia is bored. Through Metro Meet she challenges this guy in the wagon to game of Quiz Up. They then strike a conversation over their shared taste in weird trivia. Alban is looking for music to listen to on his way from work. Through Metro Meet he sees that the girl next to him is listening the new song by The Hold Steady. The activity stream gives him a direct link to the song on Spotify and Alban now has a new favorite band! Megan often bumps into this superbly dressed girl on her way home from the office. Using Metro Meet, she pings her and asks her where she got that cool jacket. Terry is coming home from the Parc Des Princes where he just saw PSG win. He can see somebody sharing a video of the game on the activity stream and strikes a conversation with the fellow supporter. Kevin is new in town and wants to get to know people. Through Metro Meet he finds those who share the same route to work as him and strikes a friendship with somebody who turns out to be his upstairs neighbor. RATP agents have just boarded the train to check tickets! A few good Samaritan Metro Meet users post the info on the activity stream to notify others. Michael just avoided a 40 euro fine! It’s 2am and Thomas is in the metro looking for a hookup. That girl on the other side of the wagon sure looks cute… and tipsy. 2014 UNEX No diffusion or reproduction without authorization. 13

Business model and development plan 2014 UNEX No diffusion or reproduction without authorization. 14

Business model and development plan Market sizing (Paris only) 4.5m daily riders (number 1 in Europe) 1.5m aged 20-35 1.2m smartphone users 2014 UNEX No diffusion or reproduction without authorization. 15

Business model and development plan Market sizing (total Europe) London Berlin Madrid 650.000 180.000 375.000 Total addressable market of at least 2.4 million in Europe only (Paris + London + Berlin + Madrid). 2014 UNEX No diffusion or reproduction without authorization. 16

Business model and development plan Competitors High threat level Non mainstream appeal. Don’t emphasize geolocation features. Built for exchanging with friends, not for meeting people. Not built for real life meetings. Focused on check in instead of sharing. Do not have a mainstream appeal. Not built around geolocation and 020 interactions. Have historically been laggards in mobile. Weak mobile presence. Unappealing to a large part of our target audience. Low threat level 2014 UNEX No diffusion or reproduction without authorization. 17

Business model and development plan Development plan January – March 2014: app development and beta testing April 2014: roll out of french iOS version supported by large scale street marketing campaign near metro stations and ads inside train wagons (line by line approach to ensure critical mass of users on most important lines). June 2014: 50.000 iOS downloads, 25.000 active users in Paris September 2014: 150.000 iOS downloads, 50.000 active users in Paris. Roll out of Android and Windows phone versions. December 2014: 500.000 downloads across platforms, 250.000 active users in Paris. Roll out of London version. March 2015: 1.5 million active users worldwide. Roll out of Madrid and Berlin versions. 2014 UNEX No diffusion or reproduction without authorization. 18

Business model and development plan How do we monetize? Short term Advertisement: can sell advanced, context aware ad products Ex: real estate agency pushes ads for flats near work metro station for people who have a commute over 45 minutes, TV station advertises for the show airing tonight, ads for places near your home metro station Revenue share from 3rd parties Amazon for books Spotify and other music services Sell user data to mainstream dating sites In app purchases Ex: virtual gifts, games etc… Long term 2014 UNEX No diffusion or reproduction without authorization. 19

Founding team Property of Metro Meet. No diffusion or reproduction without authorization. 2014 UNEX No diffusion or reproduction without authorization. 20

Founding team Kevin Mbasa Maelle Azoulay Kevin is passionate about human behavior. A graduate from the IEP Bordeaux and the EHESS, he has 4 years of experience as a sociologist specialized in socialization behavior in urban environment. A female prodigy in a men’s world, Maelle is a serial entrepreneur. She has already launched 7 mobile apps 3 of which made it to the top 10 most popular apps of the apple app store. It is by observing people in the metro that Kevin had the idea of a mobile app that could harness the basic human need for human connection in public transportation settings. 2014 UNEX No diffusion or reproduction without authorization. Self taught and fiercely independent (she started coding at age 15) Maelle is a recognized leader in mobile UX and does consulting work for Facebook, Orange and EA. 21

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