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Published on February 21, 2014

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Hand milking Methods Machine milking

Hand milking

The following are the different methods of hand milking: Stripping 2. Fisting (Knuckling) 3. Full hand milking 4. Full hand milking followed by stripping 1.

The recommended method is "full hand milking followed by stripping".

Step 1. Hand washing Step 2. Udder washing and wiping Step 3.Teat massaging Step 4 to 9. Full hand milking actions Step 10. Stripping

Full hand milking Grasping the teat with all the five fingers and pressing it against the palm does full hand milking.

Full hand milking

Stripping: Firmly holding the teat between the thumb and fore finger and drawing it down the length of the teat and at the same time pressing it to cause the milk to flow down in a stream.


Fisting/Knuckling bend their thumb against the teat.  knuckling should always be avoided to prevent injuries of the teat tissues. 


Hand milking Machine

HAND MILKING MACHINE Hand milking machines are now available for cheaper cost.  Farmers are interested to buy low cost milking machines.  because the imported machine available in the market is too costly. 


A COMPARISON OF MACHINE MILKING WITH HAND MILKING In machine milking the peak yield is achieved quicker and remains longer than hand milking. In machine milking the total yield is more than hand milking.

Machine milking

Machine milking Principle:  It opens the teat canal through the use of a partial vacuum.  It massages the teat.

adv milking cows quickly and efficiently  without injuring the udder  no pain  It is easy to operate  saves time  very hygienic and energy-conserving  milk from the udder can removed completely. 

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