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Information about Methampethamines

Published on January 18, 2008

Author: Sever


Methamphetamines: The Newest Killer in Georgia:  Methamphetamines: The Newest Killer in Georgia Slide2:  Prepared by The House of Representatives Communications Office 609 LOB Riley Lowry Director 404-656-0305 Prepared by Jenee’ Burke Slide3:  “The manufacture and abuse of Methamphetamines has reached epidemic proportions in NW Georgia. The result of this abuse is that lives are being destroyed, families are being broken apart and children are facing great risks. It is time for us to take an aggressive approach to protecting our children, our families, and ultimately our communities. Rep. Jay Neal Methamphetamines:  Methamphetamines What are they? How are they used? What’s in them? What are Methamphetamines?:  What are Methamphetamines? Highly Addictive and Dangerous Stimulants Also Known As: Speed, Uppers, Meth, Chalk, Ice, Glass, Crank How are they used?:  How are they used? Swallowed Inhaled Smoked Intravenously Injected Pseudoephedrine:  Pseudoephedrine Pseudoephdrine, contained in many over the counter cold medications, is a main ingredient used in the production of illegal methamphetamines. Iodine Crystals:  Iodine Crystals Chemical Suppliers Pharmacies Agribusiness Suppliers Red Phosphorous:  Red Phosphorous Matchbook Strike Pads Who’s Using Meth?:  Who’s Using Meth? Women Young Adults Children under the 18 In 2002, 5.3% of the U.S. population reported having used meth at least once in their lives. Signs of Addiction:  Signs of Addiction Health Hazards:  Health Hazards Short Term Effects Long Term Effects Neurological Addiction Who else is Affected?:  Who else is Affected? Environmental Effects:  Environmental Effects Each kilogram of the drug produces 5-7 kilograms of chemical waste. Cleaning up labs is expensive and resource intensive. Is anything being done?:  Is anything being done? House Bill 216: Restricting Access to Pseudoephedrine Meth Watch Organizations What Does HB 216 Do?:  What Does HB 216 Do? This Bill addresses the increased manufacturing and use of methamphetamines in the state of Georgia and surrounding areas by increasing awareness of the problem and limiting access to key ingredients. Georgia Meth Watch Goals:  Georgia Meth Watch Goals Raise public awareness on the dangers associated with methamphetamine use. Educate retail stores about the commonplace items used in the manufacture of these harmful drugs. Conclusions:  Conclusions "With recipes swarming the Internet, anyone can find a meth recipe these days and, using ingredients available in most retail stores, they can make meth.“ Linda A. Suydam, President of Consumer Healthcare Products Association Conclusions:  Conclusions “We have a problem, said Sen. Jeff Mullis (R-Chickamauga). And the problem in rural Georgia is methamphetamine. It’s a plague in our community. And if you don’t have it in your community, its coming soon.”

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