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Published on May 14, 2016

Author: Zafongtech


1. Meteor JS Fastest way to build Your JavaScript Apps

2. What is Meteor JS Meteor JS is a tenacious development platform with a vast collection of libraries and packages neatly arranged in a systematic way to make the development easier. It is developed from Node and MongoDB. It’s one step ahead while comparing to a framework. While comparing Meteor JS with Angular JS, Meteor has both client side and server side codes which handles a lot of parts in application than written manually in Angular JS. It has abstracted the best part in all frameworks to start an easy prototype app. It gives you the complete flexibility to develop a production app. Meteor uses an effective library system which includes Tracker, blaze, etc. which creates a reactive front-end experience.

3. Glue that Connects Command line tool is the glue that connects all these modules. This tool has everything to build your application, including Coffee Script or Less compiler support. Command line tool has a built-in package system to optimize your applications. Isobuild is the isomorphic package system which helps you to install other packages like Atmosphere, Cordova plugins and NPM. Some of the commonly used command line tools include meteor run, meteor help, meteor debug, meteor remove, meteor search, meteor build, and meteor add, etc.

4. Server Features In Meteor, Server is a Node JS app which is built with certain libraries to enable communication between DDP and ESJON. Node Js is the JavaScript server Connect is a library to output HTTP resources from the app Database driver is a drive to create an interface with MongoDB. Livequery is a library which is built to query and stream out Mongo data in a reactive way.

5. Binding Element The communication layer is a binding element which binds the client and server. ESJON is an extension of JSON, which supports serializing more data types like data and binary. ESJON is used in serializing and deserializing the data moving across the wire DDP. DDP is a protocol which is used to send data across the web sockets.

6. Browser Setup The browser part is setup with minimum HTML codes and few JavaScript codes. While the server is synchronous, naturally JavaScript is asynchronous. Certain libraries form the reactive nature of the client. Tracker is the significant part in the reactive front-end, which is a glue that builds your libraries. Spacebar is a derivation of handlebars which is built to be reactive. Minimongo is a client side library that synchronizes data over DDP and allows the clients to consume mongo data. Session is a library to handle UI state variables.

7. Template Designs A Template is a pre-formatted form of your application. Meteor helps to create your own template with simple coding. When you create a template in your app like <template name = “api”>, it creates a template object with the name template.api. This template may occur many times, these occurrences are called as Template instances. Template instances have a life cycle in which the template is created, put into the document and destroyed. Spacebar is a template language which is powered by Handlebars. Handlebar helps you to build effective semantic templates effortlessly.

8. Package System Package system in meteor has some core package which can be added to the accounts-ui or accounts-google. These packages are little libraries which handle functions like login, authentication, etc. User can also create their own packages. User created a package on Atmosphere “iron:router” has become the default router for 99% of meteor.js apps.

9. Reasons to choose Meteor JS Meteor is an effective platform to build real-time web applications. When the database is updated, the data in template is updated. Meteor gives you a complete web application, reducing stress in developing various languages. Meteor streamlines your process, allowing you to develop front-end, back-end and database with JavaScript alone. Meteor has a collection of smart packages which reduces your development time. It has an active community which guides you at every step of your development process. Web development companies find it easy to communicate with Meteor team.

10. Meteor JS Conclusion Meteor is a great choice by developers and web development companies. Meteor is optimized to provide better working experience to its developers. It is an easy to learn framework for beginners and customized to build a complete web application. “All in one Approach” of Meteor framework attracts a diverse range of developers to create more exciting and unique web apps or services. Meteor is still younger version but its releases have made a great promise in developing amazing apps.

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