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Published on January 14, 2008

Author: Venere


Sedimentary Rocks: Review:  Sedimentary Rocks: Review Metamorphic Rocks:  Metamorphic Rocks Dr. David Steer Rock Cycle:  Rock Cycle Metamorphic Rocks:  Metamorphic Rocks Change in composition and/or texture of a rock Occurs as the result of increasing pressure and/or temperature. Regional Metamorphism:  Regional Metamorphism Regional metamorphism occurs when rocks undergo increased temperatures and pressures Associated with the formation of mountain belts. Rocks may be buried to great depths (10-20 km) Temperatures in excess of 700 oC and pressures of 7 kilobars (7 million atmospheres). Increase in grain size Platy minerals become aligned (foliated) At high enough grades segregation of light and dark minerals occur (gneiss) Regional Metamorphism:  Regional Metamorphism Draw a schematic picture of the process Examples of Regional Metamorphic Rocks:  Examples of Regional Metamorphic Rocks Schist Forms when mudrocks are heated Gneiss Forms when rocks ranging from mudrocks to granites are heated and pressurized Contact Metamorphism:  Contact Metamorphism Contact metamorphism occurs when rocks come in contact with a heat source (usually a magma body). Essentially the rocks are getting baked, like in an oven. Grain size increases as the result of increased temperature. Grains are often randomly oriented Contact Metamorphism:  Contact Metamorphism Draw a schematic picture of the process Review:  Review Two of these rocks are igneous, 2 are metamorphic and one is sedimentary. Which rocks most likely metamorphic? Temperature A B C D E Depth Examples of contact metamorphic Rocks:  Examples of contact metamorphic Rocks Marble forms when limestone is heated Quartzite forms when sandstone is heated Create a Concept Map:  Create a Concept Map Key Words: regional metamorphism gneiss magma chambers contact metamorphism heat heat and pressure mountain belts grain size marble non-foliated rocks Linking phrases: surrounding can be formed by classified by caused by increasing that results in such as formed from an existing rock like associated with Identify your metamorphic rocks:  Identify your metamorphic rocks

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