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Published on October 7, 2008

Author: gueste2d727



Received in an email: Motivational to reduce stress in life.

This is for our friends . 05.06.09 09:25

Sometimes the pressure Is so high... The hours are so long... The problems so big... The whole world seems to be against you... Do you know what you should do?

Have fun! Pretend that all that is not happening to you!

Act silly!

Don’t listen to the ones who make you feel depressed!


Ignore your problems!

Do what you enjoy!

Stop worrying!

Be warm and loving!

Make time for the things you love!

Make fun of trouble!

Leave your fears aside and... Be a bit ridiculous!

Fight for perfection... ...but not to exhaustion!

Life is better when we have fun... do anything you like.

And the most important : Life doesn’t end today...

And doesn’t start tomorrow ...

Don’t stop!! Each minute of stress is wasted time”

This is why I wish you: A little madness and a little imagination, so you can see life better than usual!!

And don’t forget : Smile! In life everything is nicer when you cheer up. The End show The End show The End show The End show 05.06.09 09:25

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