"Mentoring is a two-way street" ConFoo 2016

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Information about "Mentoring is a two-way street" ConFoo 2016

Published on February 27, 2016

Author: IndaDuminica

Source: slideshare.net

1. Mentoring is a two-way street Inda Duminica, MBA, CRHA HR Manager - BMC Software Canada

2. Thanks for ConFoo 2015! A little bit about myself…

3. Basic assumptions Not an exact science… …personal observations, experiences and anecdotes Not a recipe… … meant to provoke you to think further about the topic

4. Why mentoring?…

5. Let me introduce to you some of my mentorees… Maguatte, Senegal – IT Project Manager Hoda, Iran – IT Product Manager Marina & Joao, Brazil – Human Resources

6. A little bit about yourself?…

7. Some famous (movie) mentors…

8. Frequently used terms • Mentor • Master • Mentee • Mentoree • Apprentice • Protégé • Student +

9. Mentoring  1:1, person-to-person relationship  Learning through alternative means  Experience-based; not about things you can learn from books  Happens during challenges/trying times  Mentoree finds focus and strengthens inner skills  Major gifts:  One’s time & attention  Feedback (a.k.a. “tough love”)

10. Mentoring

11. Why GET a mentor? To provide a more strategic view of your career To guide you through new professional experiences To give you advice in confusing situations To make you aware of your blind spots To focus a dedicated time on yourself etc. … to accelerate your professional trajectory…

12. Why BE a mentor? Personal satisfaction from helping others get ahead Best way to learn new things is to teach them Expand your own horizons; meet people outside your regular circles Position yourself as a candidate for special projects/promotions etc. … to accelerate your professional trajectory…


14. Pre-requisites for being a MENTOR  Having reached a certain level of mastery in a certain field  Kind and open to others; humble and available  Ability to tailor advice to individual circumstances and abilities  Ability to eventually let go  Age is not a criteria

15. MENTORING - Conditions for success  Personal chemistry  Commitment on both sides  Defined-term relationship  Confidentiality  Safe zone to experiment & go out of comfort zone  Strategic choice (of both mentors and mentorees) … fun and valuable experience…

16. MENTORING - Logistics  Agenda before every meeting  Assignments after every meeting  Report progress/challenges back to your mentor  Define your own optimal rhythm: frequency of meetings, moment in the week/day, location etc. … fun and valuable experience…

17. MENTORING at your company  Get executive buy-in  Internal vs. external mentors (politics and confidentiality)  If internal – should not intersect reporting lines  On company time?  Pairing process  When does a mentoring relationship end?

18. When looking for your pair… … daretheunusualmatching

19. Thanks for having me …and… may you find your own Yoda!

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