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Published on December 22, 2008

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Teen Health Center for York County : Teen Health Center for York County BRIDGE BUILDERS Mentor & Manhood Program & Young Women's Health Leadership Program Mentor Training08-09 Slide 2: “When you give of your time, experience and wisdom to a young person, you are sowing the seeds of pride, confidence and accomplishment.” Mentor Training Objectives : Mentor Training Objectives Define the purpose of mentoring. Confirm the commitment of mentors. Prepare the mentors for the realities of the mentoring experience. Mentor Training Objective #1 : Mentor Training Objective #1 Purpose Of Mentoring Slide 5: “Mentoring is about the future. It is about changing the world by opening it up for young people.” What is Mentoring? : What is Mentoring? Mentoring is a relationship with its primary focus on the mentor, along with the parents, providing friendship, support and guidance for the mentee. A mentoring relationship can take many forms. In the best relationships, the mentor helps the mentee establish and achieve his/her goals. Why Do Youth Need Mentors? : Why Do Youth Need Mentors? Peer Pressure Sexuality Child Abuse/Violence Depression & Suicide Lack of Proper Nutrition & Health Care Substance Abuse School Safety & Violence School & Time Management Faith & Religion Future Expectations Slide 8: BENEFITS OF MENTORING 46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs 27% less likely to begin using alcohol 53% less likely to skip school 37% less likely to skip a class 33% less likely to hit someone, than children in research control groups Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America Types of Mentoring : Types of Mentoring Individual to Individual (1 on 1) Co-Mentoring Group Mentoring A Mentor is… : A Mentor is… A mentor is an adult who will humbly offer his/her experiences (Successes and Failures) to uplift and enhance a child’s life. Qualities of Successful Mentors : Qualities of Successful Mentors Strong Interpersonal Skills Organizational Knowledge Personal Power and Charisma Are Flexible and Open Patience and Risk Taking Respect Young People Empathize Actively Listen See Solutions and Opportunities The Role of Mentor : The Role of Mentor Providing Social Experiences Providing Academic Help and Tutoring Provide Career Exploration Assistance Provide Emotional Support Mentors Wear Many Hats! : Mentors Wear Many Hats! Coach Role Model Advocate Delegater Motivator Guide Friend Brother Companion Supporter A Mentor is Not… : A Mentor is Not… A Parent An ATM Social Worker Professional Counselor Parole Officer Cool Peer Savior Slide 15: A Great Mentor… Must have Character Must be Available Must be Dedicated Must be Humble Must Pull & Push A Mentee is… : A Mentee is… A mentee is someone who is faced with different obstacles and is need of a positive influence to help guide his/her life in a positive and productive direction. Role of the Mentee : Role of the Mentee Respond to the mentor’s call or visit as quickly as possible Be Open and Honest LISTEN!!! Set realistic goals. Accept responsibility for HIS decisions. Understand the role of the mentor. Parent Roles : Parent Roles Parents play a major role by supporting the the mentor-mentee relationship. Parents are: Confidants Advisors Disciplinarians Teachers Friends Decision Makers Benefits to the Mentors : Benefits to the Mentors Mentoring promotes deeper understanding of teen and societal problems. Mentors gain recognition from peers. Mentors gain improved interpersonal skills. Mentoring focuses the mentor outside of himself. Mentors gain personal and professional satisfaction in helping a youth. Benefits to the Mentees : Benefits to the Mentees Exposes youth to a positive role model. Fosters increased self-esteem and confidence. Helps to focus youth on their future and on setting academic and career goals. Exposes youth to new experiences. Encourages emotional and social growth Mentor Training Objective #2 : Mentor Training Objective #2 Mentor Commitment Slide 22: Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person. ~ Mother Teresa Can You Commit? : Can You Commit? Effective Mentors… : Effective Mentors… Commit to be effective and consistent. Commit to involve youth in deciding how the pair will spend their time together. Commit to keeping the relationship alive. Commit to respecting youth’s point of view. Commit to separate their own goals from those of the youth. Commit to focus on the positive aspects of the youth. Stages in Mentoring Relationship : Stages in Mentoring Relationship Birth Engage Sustain Transition Birth Stage : Birth Stage During this phase, you will experience one of the most exciting events in the relationship – meeting your mentee for the first time. Developing Rapport Building Trust – Testing Will Occur Confidentiality Engage Stage : Engage Stage During this stage, mentors will strengthen and deepen the relationship. Mentors will define goals and make plans for activities that will help meet the mentee’s goals. Making A Solid Connection Identifying Strengths & Weaknesses Setting Goals Sustain Stage : Sustain Stage This stage is usually the longest part of the relationship. During this stage mentors will continue to help mentees reach their goals. Assess the health of the relationship. Give Feedback Solve Problems Determine if you are really making a difference. Transition Stage : Transition Stage All mentoring relationships will change and some relationships come to and end. During this stage, we will talk about the ways mentoring relationships may end or change and how to make the transition smooth for everyone. Communicate to all parties involved End on a positive note Mutually agree if communication will continue Slide 30: Do all the good you canBy all the means you canIn all the ways you canIn all the places you canTo all the people you canAs long as ever you can ~ John Wesley Mentor Training Objective #3 : Mentor Training Objective #3 Realities Of Mentoring Slide 32: Unless we think of others and do something for them, we miss one of the greatest sources of happiness. ~ Ray Lyman Wilbur Is Mentoring For You? : Is Mentoring For You? Questions to Consider Before You Start? Important Questions??? : Important Questions??? Do you enjoy spending time with children? What is it that you want to get out of mentoring? Are you prepared for the necessary time commitment? Can you remain consistent to your commitment? Are you prepared for the challenges of mentoring? Are you a good listener? Important Questions??? : Important Questions??? Are you excited about helping a youth explore life’s options. Can you set clear and consistent boundaries? Can you help youth set clear and realistic expectations? Are you prepared to help youth define the individual meaning of success? Important Questions??? : Important Questions??? Can you empathize with youth, not sympathize with them? Are you prepared to become an advocate for youth? Can you walk the walk? Are you prepared for the necessity of ending a mentoring relationship? Ten Tickets to Mentoring : Ten Tickets to Mentoring 1. Believing that mentoring is building a relationship. 2. Acting as a role model for your mentee. 3. Talking to your mentee about right and wrong. 4. Projecting wholesome values to your mentee. 5. Taking satisfaction from mentoring because you believe you have something important to offer to the right young person. Ten Tickets to Mentoring : Ten Tickets to Mentoring 6. Doing everything you can to develop trust. 7. Telling your mentee that you care about him. 8. Pointing out the right behavior for certain situations. 9. Helping your mentee develop goals. 10. Listening to whatever your mentee wants to talk about. Put It All Together : Put It All Together Have a plan. Never promise more than you can deliver. Do not try to be all things to your mentee. Communicate what you are trying to do. Find people to support your efforts. Build Partnerships. Concede small points to accomplish the larger goal. Believe in what you are doing and stay focused. Weekly Contact : Weekly Contact Mentors are required to make at least 4-6 hours of contact with their mentors each month. Any meetings not planned by or held at the Teen Health Center requires written permission of the parents and notification to the Mentor Coordinator. Suggested Activities : Suggested Activities Take your mentee on the college campus. Read a Book. Attend Cultural Events. Go to the movies ~ Age Appropriate. Attend a sports event. Attend a college fair. Exchange E-mails. Suggested Activities : Suggested Activities Make a financial budget. Help with school work. Participate in community service projects. Show them how to write a resume and complete a job application. Attend a worship service. Play video games. Slide 43: “Mentoring is a journey, a road you and your mentee travel together to prepare the young person for the journeys that lie ahead. And when the times come for your paths to diverge, you will carry with you the profound satisfaction of knowing you have truly earned a young person’s unconditional regard.”

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