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Published on April 16, 2008

Author: Maria


Mark Taylor:  Mark Taylor Mental Training “The Triangle of Success” The Triangle of Success:  The Triangle of Success FOCUS:  FOCUS Athletes need to focus on those aspects of their performance that are within their control. Preparation Execution => FOCUS ON WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL! Preparation:  Preparation Tools used for preparation: Goal Development Commitment Pre-shot Routine Shooting Diary Training Plan Visualization Preparation:  Preparation Develop a set of goals Long-term goals Short-term goals Outcome goals 2. Make sure the goals are very specific and bounded. 3. Write down the goals in the shooting diary FOCUS:  FOCUS Avoid focusing on outcome goals that are beyond your control. Others Scores Winning => FOCUS ON WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL! FOCUS:  FOCUS An athlete’s success depends on three factors: How well they know where you want to go (are their goals well defined)? How much do they really want to get there (are they committed to their goals)? How strongly do they believe in their ability to succeed (have they aligned their self-image)? => FOCUS ON YOUR SUCCESS! FOCUS:  FOCUS “Whether you believe you can or you can’t, your probably right.” - Henry Ford An athlete’s performance is largely a function of their expectations! An athlete’s expectations will guide their self-image An athlete’s self-image will guide expectations => Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy! FOCUS:  FOCUS When an athlete looks in the mirror what do they see? An Olympic gold medallist? An “A” class shooter? A local club champion? At what point does an athlete feel comfortable and at what point does an athlete get scared? => FOCUS ON WHERE YOUR COMFORT ZONE IS NOT! PREPARATION:  PREPARATION 4. Goal Commitment What does it mean to commit to a goal? Who teaches athletes about goal commitment? FOCUS:  FOCUS Goal Commitment (self-assessment questions) What do you expect to gain? What do you expect to lose? What will the gains be for the important people in your life? What will the cost the important people in your life? Is the effort worth it – with no guarantee of the outcome? Why do you want this? FOCUS:  FOCUS Goal Commitment (cont’d) Is there a price for having goals? Who pays that price? Are you prepared to pay that price? => FOCUS ON THE GOALS YOU ARE COMMITTED TO! FOCUS:  FOCUS Given an athlete’s current skill level is their commitment strong enough to take them to their goals? Become aware of what YOU want vs. what others want for you. => FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT! FOCUS:  FOCUS Coaches need to identify WHO committed to an athlete’s goals. An athlete not committed to a goal will never achieve it… often not knowing why. Become aware of what an athlete wants vs. what others want for/from them. => FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT! PREPARATION:  PREPARATION 5. Goal Re-planning An athlete needs to understand that it is NOT a tragedy NOT to meet a goal… … but it is important for them to understand why they did not meet that goal. Goal Re-planning can be more important than the initial goal planning. A temporary setback does not mean that you have to quit or give up your goals. FOCUS:  FOCUS Goal Re-planning Stop Re-Plan Focus Go A temporary setback does not mean that an athlete has to quit or give up their goals. One of the hardest things an athlete has to do is let go of a goal not achieved. Focus needs to be on the new goals – not the old ones. => FOCUS ON HOW TO TURN A NEGATIVE INTO A POSITIVE! PREPARATION:  PREPARATION To excel in anything (sports, relationships, business) an individual must begin with a commitment. At some point the athlete must say; “Hey I want to be really good at this.” “I’m willing to work and do everything I can to be as good as I can be.” “I’m making it a priority in my life.” FOCUS:  FOCUS Commitment alone does not guarantee success. - BUT- A lack of commitment does guarantee a lack of success. Success is largely a dependant of how strongly an athlete believes in their own capabilities and how fully they are willing to commit themselves to their own development! => FOCUS ON YOUR COMMITMENTS! FOCUS:  FOCUS You must become aware and focus of only those things critical to your performance. Block out everything in the world except you and that target. => FOCUS ON THE TASK AT HAND! PREPARATION:  PREPARATION 6. Pre-Shot Routine The BEST form of preparation an athlete can do prior to execution is the development of a pre-shot routine. A pre-shot routine is an established set of steps that an athlete goes through before each shot is taken. The intent of the pre-shot routine is to eliminate negative thoughts from entering the conscious mind and let shooting become automatic from the subconscious mind. PREPARATION:  PREPARATION 6. Pre-Shot Routine (cont’d) A pre-shot routine (for the current shot) starts at the moment the prior shot is completed (Evaluation Phase) and continues through completion of the current shot (Execution Phase). The pre-shot routine often uses pre-determined Key-Thoughts (i.e., words, phrases, pictures, etc.) to keep the conscious mind focused on a positive outcome or shooting fundamental. PREPARATION:  PREPARATION 6. Pre-Shot Routine (cont’d) Pre-Shot Routine Phases: Evaluation Phase: [prior shot has just completed] - heartbeat & breathing are returned to normal. The shooter evaluates what went RIGHT with that shot and uses positive self-talk to reinforce it (e.g., “good swing”, “smooth follow-through”, “quick target acquisition”, etc.) and NOT what went wrong. Neutral Phase: [time period between shots] – Shooter goes into ‘neutral’ – eyes and mind remain still & calm, soft focus is used to gaze into distance. At this time the Conscious mind focuses on Key Thought. PREPARATION:  PREPARATION 6. Pre-Shot Routine Pre-Shot Routine Phases: Preparation Phase: [preceding shooter or two is firing at target] - targets are observed for abnormal flight patterns or any affect of whether. At this time the Conscious mind focuses uses self talk to focus on fundamental review: “I will set up in the proper position, execute a good gun mount, see the target clearly and make a smooth movement to break the target.” Execution Phase: [shooter is now ready to call for target] – shooter goes through on-station check-list (e.g., eyes physically adjust to focus point, breath is used to relax body, call for target). FOCUS:  FOCUS An athlete must use positive “keywords” to get themselves in their state of focus in order to prepare to execute at their best. “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” - Mark Taylor => The best preparation focus is STICKING to a pre-shot routine. FOCUS:  FOCUS Pre-Shot Routine Needs to be the same EVERY time. The best way to re-focus when things are going bad. Won’t allow you to focus on bad shots. The best way to maintain focus and ensure that when things are going good they will stay that way. Will keep you from counting score(s). FOCUS:  FOCUS An athlete’s “keywords” need to be centered on their execution – not on their outcome. An athlete’s “keywords” should re-assure them that they have trained and are ready. Use self-confidence building phrases like “You have done this 1000+ times before and are very capable.” FOCUS:  FOCUS What are the three properties of a pre-shot routine: 1. Focus Not the past! 2. Focus Not the future! 3. Focus Not being somewhere else! PREPARATION:  PREPARATION 7. The Shooting Diary is the best physical preparation tool available to shooters Range Information (lighting, background) Facility Information (food, bathrooms, shade). 8. The Training Plan is contained within the Shooting Diary and is by definition a set of ‘pre-prepared’ goals used to remove indecisiveness from an athlete’s training regime. When stored in plastic sheet-covers they are less likely to be changed and more likely to be followed. The Winning Mind-Set – The culmination of Preparation & Focus:  The Winning Mind-Set – The culmination of Preparation & Focus “Winner’s Expect to Win” “Winner’s Set the Stage for Success” “Winner’s Know They Can Only Control Themselves” “Winners Make Winning Part of Their Comfort Zone” “Winners Know What Makes Them Perform Well” “Winners Know How to Control Anxiety”

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