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Information about Memory

Published on February 7, 2008

Author: Paolina


Memory:  Memory University of Tennessee Student Academic Support Services Facts About Memory:  Facts About Memory The brain can probably store up to one billion trillion bits of information “The most basic thing that can be said about human memory, after a century of intensive research, is that unless detail is placed into a structured pattern, it is rapidly forgotten…The key to retrieval is organization.” People learn best in chunks of seven plus or minus two – seven is the “magical” number Facts About Memory:  Facts About Memory It takes 36 times of repetition to achieve 90% recall if all you are relying on is repetition Distributed review is much more effective for retention than massed review even if the same amount is used in study Twelve Memory Techniques:  Twelve Memory Techniques Be organized Learn the general to the specific Make it meaningful Create associations Be physical Learn it once, actively Visualize relationships a. Create action b. Make pictures vivid c. Turn abstract ideas into concrete actions Twelve Memory Techniques:  Twelve Memory Techniques Be clear Reduce interference (quiet place, right time of day) Overlearn Be aware of attidudes Be smart Distribute learning Remember something else to unblock your recall Combine memory techniques Marvelous Memory Car:  Marvelous Memory Car Grill – there is only one grill Headlamps – there are two headlamps Hood ornament – there are three sections to the hood ornament Doors – this a four door sedan Wheels – there are five wheels (remember the spare) Windows – there are six windows Antenna – this antenna will tune in seven channels Engine – this is a V-8 engine Steering wheel – there are nine spokes Instrument panel – there are 10 instruments in this powerful car Glove box – this roomy glove box has 11 stripes You, the drive, can easily remember 12 things Marvelous Memory Car:  Marvelous Memory Car General to specific – attach to grill – so fancy it could belong to a general Make it meaningful – 2 m’s = 2 headlights putting light on meaning Create associations – hood ornaments are associated with fancy cars Learn once, actively – in order to get in and out of the car (activity), you must use the doors Visualize relationships – all five wheels are alike or related Recite and repeat – roll windows up and down, up and down, up and down Marvelous Memory Car:  Marvelous Memory Car Reduce interference – putting up the antenna reduces static Overlearn – V-8 is very powerful and may have more power than you need Be aware of attitudes – your attitudes steer you Distribute learning – distribute your attention among all instruments – you may run out of gas or get caught speeding Remember something else – gloves aren’t the only thing in the glove box Combine techniques – only way to be an effective driver is to combine several of the car’s functions at one time – steering, turn signal, watching road Organization for Memory:  Organization for Memory Chunking Use charts Use classification systems Visualization Use study maps Use color Use space wisely Use pictures Associations Change abstract ideas to concrete actions Use mnemonics Memory Systems:  Memory Systems Mnemonics ROY G. BIB Every Good Boy Does Fine On Old Olympus’ Towering Top A Finn And German Viewed Some Hops (Olfactory, Optic, Oculomotor, Trochlear, Abducens, Facial, Acoustic-Vestibular, Glossopharyngeal, Vagus, Accessory, Hypoglossal) Memory Systems:  Memory Systems Narrative Changing The kindgom was in chaos, so the knights sharpened their weapons “File’em?” they were directed. The peasant class had revolted and the knights were to impose order. Every family, even those containing geniuses, was to be investigated to eradicate the traitors from the species. (Biological Classification System) Memory Systems:  Memory Systems PEG WORD Bun Shoe Tree Door Hive The speed of light equals 186,000 6. Sticks 7. Heaven 8. Gate 9. Vine 10. Hen Imagine a hot dog entering a gate made of sticks Memory Systems:  Memory Systems Loci Method Using what you know best Marvelous memory car Memory Systems:  Memory Systems Poetic Devises The Fits most commonly we meet In church or walking in the street Are easily known by any skeptic- With bitten tongue are epileptic Remove the patient from all harm: Unloose tight clothes, there’s no alarm; The head lay low, just raise the feet, And place a gag between the teeth/ Convulsions ceasing, he will sleep, While careful watch o’er him you keep. Using an Acrostic:  Using an Acrostic Depression This illness response is characterized by the common cognitive, affective, and behavioral signs and symptoms that constitute clinical depression. These include changes in mood, most commonly a sustained sadness with tearfulness and anhedonia (loss of pleasure and interest in life), although irritability and agitation may also be present. The patient also manifests physiological sequelae of depression, which span the spectrum from the usual neurovegetative complaints (e.g. insomnia, anorexia, fatigue, decreased sexual drive) to somatic disturbances of any organ system (Lindemann, 1944). The most prominent behavioral manifestation of this illness response is a change in established daily patterns, which most often takes the form of generalized withdrawl from one’s environment. Using an Acrostic:  Using an Acrostic Depression (continued) Patients can manifest more specific behaviors such as neglecting professional responsibilities or avoiding family interactions, reactions influenced by the particular illness and/or its treatment (e.g. one may be inclined to retreat from social commitmentsm and to rely more on family support following a disfiguring surgical procedure). Behavioral changes also include radical departures from usual routines of life, such as quitting a satisfying job, precipitously moving, or ending a long-term marriage. Finally, diminished self-esteem is a prominent feature of this illness response. Already stressed by the effects of physical impairment that may prevent one from returning to a healthy premorbid level of functioning, the psychological reaction to that reality can provoke a negativistic spiral of self-criticism and self-reproach that ultimately leaves the patient feeling helpless and worthless. (Stoudemire, Alan, ed. Human Behavior: An Introduction for Medical Students. J.B. Lippincott, Co., 1994.) Using an Acrostic:  Using an Acrostic Disruption in daily life Eating disorder Pessimistic outlook Restlessness Energy lack Somatic complaints; suicidal Sexual dysfunction Insomnia Obsessive worry Negativism Summary:  Summary The memory is very powerful but is also useless if one cannot retrieve and understand the information Summary:  Summary The key components to memory are: Be organized Be physical Be clear Be smart Summary:  Summary One can organize their memory using Chunking Visualizations Associations Summary:  Summary Memory techniques are only TOOLS that aid in organizing and remembering information; they are not a substitute for understanding

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