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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: EssenceRice


Ms. Rice February 14, 2014 MEMO Date: 02/14/14 To: Claudia Grinnell From: Essence Rice ER Re: HAARP --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Figure 1. HAARP 72 foot antennas.. Courtesy of infowars 02/14/14 Introduction HAARP is High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. According to what is HAARP; HAARP is known as the world’s largest radio broadcasting station, but not for human ears. HAARP does studies on the atmosphere. The U.S. military says HAARP is being used to study the physical and electrical properties and behavior of the ionosphere (1). The ionosphere is the region of the earth’s atmosphere between the stratosphere and the exosphere (2). This memo will

Ms. Rice February 14, 2014 provide basic background and history of HAARP and discuss the conspiracies about HAARP. This memo will also analyze the topic from several angles. Background and History of HAARP Communication and GPS signals are constantly being sent into the atmosphere for both civilian and military purposes. HAARP contributes to the success of guided missiles used in war. “Guided missiles rely on digital transmissions which can be affected or jammed by a whole variety of natural and artificial causes. Global Positioning System and encrypted communications all need to be able to make it to their recipients in wartime, regardless of the atmospheric and electromagnetic conditions. The study of these effects is the primary reason that DARPA, the U.S. Air Force, and the U.S. Navy contribute to HAARP's funding.” (3).               HAARP was established in 1993 There are 5 locations of HAARP One of them located in Gakona, Alaska HAARP is made up of 180 antennas all are approximately 72 feet tall All 180 antennas make one giant antenna HAARP is very powerful using up to 1 billion watts of power Funded by the Air Force, DARPA, The University of Alaska, and the U.S. Navy Skeptoid’s article “ HAARP Myth” says the high frequency antenna is used on average once a month for some specific experiments Aids in radio communication technology HAARP shutdown in 2013 Program manager is James Keeney The director is John Heckscher HAARP is completely unclassified HAARP offers public tours of the facility HAARP is still shutdown and their website is also shut down and does not allow access. Conspiracies on HAARP Conspiracy theorists believe that HAARP is capable of affecting the weather such as: tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters. Skeptoid, in the article titled “HAARP Myths”, says that “HAARP had no potential to affect on weather. The frequency of energy that HAARP transmits cannot be absorbed by the troposphere or the stratosphere, only by the ionosphere, many kilometers higher than the highest atmospheric weather systems.” (3). HAARP

Ms. Rice February 14, 2014 is not capable of controlling the weather because its’ technology doesn’t allow it to reach the parts of the atmosphere where weather is produced. Other conspiracies about HAARP say that the technology can be used to control minds. Chemtrails: A Conspiracy similar to HAARP A conspiracy similar to HAARP is the chemtrails. The theory behind chemtrails is that the government sends commercial jets that contain chemicals to throw off chemicals that allegedly make the population dumber and elicit mind control. Chemtrails, also known as contrails, form from exhaust from aircrafts is hot and moist. This exhaust collides with cold air from the atmosphere and makes a cloud. Chemtrails is a false term. The trails are made up of water vapor. Figure 2. Example of “chemtrails” Courtesy of collective-evolution HAARP in the Media Note: This section is very limited because the claims that are made were reported but not witnessed firsthand. This section is mostly hearsay but is included to show all the things HAARP

Ms. Rice February 14, 2014 is said to be responsible for. These reports are what conspiracies thrive from and also how they develop. The media reports strange sounds heard by people that blame HAARP. The media also reports and raises questions that natural disasters such as the Japanese tsunami was an attack by HAARP. This information is only hearsay and has not been proven. HAARP and Health Note: This section is limited because the claims that are made were conspiracy related. This section is mostly hearsay but is included to show all the things HAARP is said to be responsible for The article “Is Baked Alaska half-baked?” says that HAARP has been blamed for “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Some claim HAARP is a mind control device that spurred the shootings at Columbine High School and elsewhere. (Devices are even being sold to block HAARP’s mindaltering emissions.)” (8). The claim that HAARP causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not proven to be true. Facts on HAARP and health:   HAARP satisfies all safety standards for electromagnetic radiation “Environmental Impact Study was conducted during 1992–93 in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).” (8). “HAARP’s emissions, even at the closest public access to the site, are claimed to be lower than emissions existing in many urban environments.” (8). HAARP is not adding to the harm that urban areas already bear. Economics “The proximate cause of HAARP’s early May shutdown was less fiscal than environmental, Keeney said. As he explained it, the diesel generators on site no longer pass Clean Air Act muster. Repairing them to meet EPA standards will run $800,000. Beyond that, he said, it costs $300,000 a month just to keep the facility open and $500,000 to run it at full capacity for 10 days.” (9). These were some of the reasons leading up to the site shutdown. HAARP is very expensive research and the up keep is costly. Conclusion

Ms. Rice February 14, 2014 HAARP is a facility created to research the ionosphere and analyze it for radio and technology communications purposes. There are reasons for the conspiracies that have to do with HAARP. They should not be ignored. The facts and conspiracies both help to understand everything there is to know about HAARP. HAARP is effective in its research. HAARP can be misunderstood and falsely recognized if information does not come from legitimate sources. There are many controversial topics about HAARP so it is hard to separate hearsay from facts. HAARP is powerful and contributes a lot to ionosphere research. HAARP remains closed and there are no reports of certainty stating when it will open to continue research. Conspiracy will always be around to keep the public on their toes. The public will make their own opinion on any matter. The media is the top dog when it comes to helping people form an opinion. The media also doesn’t always report facts. The solution is to stick to the facts and accredited sources and scientists. Works Cited 1. HAARP-- What is HAARP IS HAARP Dangerous HAARP and Weather Control.flv. (2010, December 2).YouTube. Retrieved February 14, 2014, from (n.d.). Retrieved February 14, 2014, from 2. Ionosphere. (n.d.). Retrieved February 14, 2014, from 3. Dunning, B. “HAARP Myths.” Skeptoid Podcast. Skeptoid Media, Inc., 7 Oct. 2008. Web. 14 Feb 2014, from

Ms. Rice February 14, 2014 4. Mizrach, S. (n.d.). What is HAARP? - Three Short Articles. What is HAARP? - Three Short Articles. Retrieved February 15, 2014, from 5. Mersereau, D. (2013, August 16). Weather Control Conspiracy theories: scientifically unjustifiable washington post. Retrieved February 14, 2014, from 6. Skeptic Project. (n.d.). HAARP Conspiracies, Debunked -. Retrieved February 14, 2014, from 7. Bailian, H. (n.d.). MYTHBUSTERS MAILBAG: CONTRAILS OR CHEMTRAILS.Mythbusters. Retrieved February 14, 2014, from 8. Naiditch, David (Spring 2003). "Is baked Alaska half-baked?”. Skeptic Magazine. Retrieved 14 Feb 2014, from 9. ARRL. (n.d.). HAARP Facility Shuts Down. Retrieved February 14, 2014, from 10. Google Images 2014. Retrieved 14 Feb 2014, from 11. Google Images 2014. Retrieved 14 Feb 2014, from 12. Leader, J. (2013, July 26). Most Extreme Weather 2013: Infographic Shows Major Events Throughout The Year. The Huffington Post. Retrieved February 14, 2014, from

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