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Published on February 5, 2009




Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education : Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education Officer Training: Membership Chair Regional Chapter Coordinators (RCC) : Regional Chapter Coordinators (RCC) Donna Hubbard Southeast Region Brad Jones Midwest Region Meredith Straub Northeast Region Karen Sprunger West Region KDP Regional Territories : KDP Regional Territories Purpose : Purpose To prepare you as a chapter leader to run a successful chapter by helping you: Learn the international KDP chapter requirements Understand your responsibilities as a chapter officer Know the basics of chapter operations International KDP Chapter Requirements : International KDP Chapter Requirements Four minimum requirements for all chapters: Initiation ceremony Chapter reports Chapter programming Conference attendance Chapter Officer Structure/Requirements : Chapter Officer Structure/Requirements Chapter Leader Positions : Chapter Leader Positions All officers must be current on their membership dues in order to serve An officer may serve in more than one position All officer guidebooks can be found online Slide 8: Chair of the membership committee Facilitate recruitment of new members, including the organization and execution of the Information and Orientation meetings Oversee the organization of each initiation ceremony, including the collection and submission of forms Develop retention efforts, including membership education Membership ChairAKA: Recruiter Extraordinaire You shape new members’ first impression of Kappa Delta Pi Membership Committee (Required committee)Duties Described by National Bylaws : Membership Committee (Required committee)Duties Described by National Bylaws Receives names of candidates suggested for membership Obtains validation of the candidates’ qualifications Prepares a list of eligible candidates and, together with the required information, presents this to the appropriate chapter body Membership Committee – Membership Chair Duties : Membership Committee – Membership Chair Duties Monitors the planning process of the membership committee Seven-Step Process Develop a recruitment plan Market the Kappa Delta Pi chapter Identify potential members Invite qualifying persons into membership Orient the candidates to Kappa Delta Pi Initiate new members into Kappa Delta Pi Develop/conduct a membership participation incentive program Read, learn, memorize, and always have the Membership Recruitment Guidebook!!!!! Chapter Model Membership RequirementsRecruitment & Initiation : Chapter Model Membership RequirementsRecruitment & Initiation Chapter Model Membership RequirementsRetention : Chapter Model Membership RequirementsRetention Membership Requirements: Students : Membership Requirements: Students General Requirements: Exemplifies worthy educational ideals Expresses an intention of continuing in the field of education Displays evidence of leadership ability Undergraduate 3.0+ cumulative GPA 1st semester sophomore standing or 30 credit hours completed 12 credit hours of education courses programmed, in-progress, or completed Graduate 3.25+ cumulative GPA Full graduate standing at your university 6 credit hours of graduate work completed at your university 12 credit hours of education courses completed Membership Requirements: Faculty : Membership Requirements: Faculty General Requirements: Exemplifies worthy educational ideals Expresses an intention of continuing in the field of education Displays evidence of leadership ability Faculty & Staff Must support the chapter in some form Number of faculty and staff initiated cannot outnumber number of students initiated Professional Educators Must be recommended by the Membership Committee Must be approved by the Executive Committee Membership Requirements : Membership Requirements Chapter Standards Can never be lower, but can be higher Requires a change to chapter bylaws Any change must allow top 20% of SOE enrollment to remain eligible to join Asking Faculty to Join the Chapter Recruitment Goals : Recruitment Goals Initiation Only Chapters = 25% of eligible students Standard and Advanced Chapters = 20% of eligible students How to Determine Your Recruitment Goal : How to Determine Your Recruitment Goal SOE Enrollment = 1,000 students Eligible students = top 20% of SOE enrollment 1,000 students x .20 = 200 eligible students 25% of eligible students 200 eligible students x .25 = 50 students 20% of eligible students 200 eligible students x .20 = 40 students If you are a standard chapter, then your recruitment goal for the year is 40 students Inviting Members : Inviting Members Send an invitation letter “Tapping” Invited publicly during a class or big group event Invite at informational meeting Saying “Yes!” Overcoming Objections : Saying “Yes!” Overcoming Objections Students will always have objections to joining It is most important to uncover the true reason they may object to KDP Highlight the benefits of being a Kadelpian! For only $38/year you receive quarterly publications full of practical tips! KDP is more than just an honor society – it is support for teachers throughout their careers! Information Meeting : Information Meeting Takes place about 2 – 3 weeks before the Initiation Information about this can be found in the Membership Recruitment Guidebook and the Initiation Guidebook as well as the three following links: Information Meeting Guidelines Information Meeting Checklist Information Meeting Agenda It is important to: Follow the guides! Be positive! Remember that this is probably the first official contact with the chapter eligible students have! Make sure all eligible students that attend are spoken to personally by at least one active member! Have fun! Initiation Ceremony – Your Role : Initiation Ceremony – Your Role Learn to love the Initiation Guidebook You are once again responsible for coordinating the completion of every step Initiation Guidebook Some pieces are identical to Membership Recruitment Guidebook but are broken down into a timeline Use initiation Cheat Sheet as a quick reference You are not in this alone! Counselor and committee members should be helping Always go to all chapter members if you need help Initiation Materials : Initiation Materials New Member Packets All new members must fill out an initiate form Society Membership Certificate Package Includes membership information, society certificate, and society creed Cost is $0.65/package Order all items at least 2 weeks in advance All orders must be paid at the time of ordering Orientation Meeting : Orientation Meeting Takes place within 30 days of the initiation Topics to cover: Welcome newly initiated members to the chapter Explain chapter activities and how they can get involved Explain local chapter and national KDP policies Involvement Active vs. Inactive status Requirements Have an upcoming program or fundraiser so new members can get involved right away! Retention Efforts : Retention Efforts Keeping members active is just as important as getting members to join! Retention Best Practices: Remind members that the only way to receive national publications is to renew membership every year Send out reminder emails to current members about renewing around the time of every initiation Communicate frequently with Programming Committee to determine when events will be held and constantly update members on new and upcoming events There is life in KDP after graduation! Retention Goal : Retention Goal Based on Chapter Model Initiation Only = 50% of all new members renew after first year Standard = 60% of all new members renew after first year Advanced = 75% of all new members renew after first year Chapters that reach these goals are eligible for a retention incentive Post Initiation Incentive Program (PIIP) : Post Initiation Incentive Program (PIIP) Benefits to chapter: Can be more effective than a pledge program Reinforce and develop buy-in to the ideals of KDP Examples: 1 meeting +1 activity per semester = honor cord Active officer = recommendation from Dean (Optional program to increase membership participation) The key is to figure out what will motivate your members! Membership Chair Position Recap : Membership Chair Position Recap Step 1—Identify Students Who Qualify For Membership (8–10 weeks prior to initiation) Step 2—Send Invitations to Join KDP (6 weeks prior to initiation) Step 3—Host an Information Meeting for Prospective Members (2–4 weeks prior to initiation) Membership Chair Position Recap : Membership Chair Position Recap Step 4—Prospective Member Completes Initiate Forms and Pays Fees (1–2 weeks prior to initiation) Step 5—Initiation Ceremony Step 6—Conduct a Membership Orientation Program (same day to 30 daysafter initiation) Step 7—Send Forms and Payment to National HQs (1–2 weeks after initiation) QUESTIONS???? : QUESTIONS???? Kinship through education…

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