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Published on March 16, 2014

Author: ChiefBeeKeeper


Begin With The End In Mind By: Jeff Dalton - Paramax & David Carrithers Affinity Center International April 27, 2012 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM Member Recognition

“The moment people in an organization are recognized, they will act to get recognition. The moment they realize that the organization rewards for the right behavior, they will accept it.” Peter Drucker - WSJ

Goal Of Session • What drives successful employee programs • Clear understanding of a few key steps • Sharing on what works and what doesn’t • How to start your thinking & why • A little effort up front has huge payoff • Change is the only constant

Basics Of Motivation  Positive, Immediate and Certain  Change requires a motivator - what gets rewarded gets done  Award needs to have meaning and be beyond the living basics  Focus on moving the 80% on the Bell Curve of an organization to the right 5% to 10%  A good program needs communications, program administration and the right awards  Employee programs need to take into account the full potential earnings and desired behaviors 8

Basics Of Motivation  Cash is limited in promotion value, long-term remembrance and excitement  The best programs reward the whole chain - employee, channel and customers  Make sure the reward is truly a reward. 9

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 10  Move beyond the basics  Tap into the psychic  Reward the complete person  People want to feel recognized

The Behavioral Model 11  What gets rewarded gets done  Identify the desired behavior modification  Communicate the desired state  What gets tracked gets repeated  Reward the outcome Do This Get That!

The Bell Curve 12  Focus on the middle 80%  Move the organization 5% to 10% to the right  Top performers will always perform  Turn those just below the top into top performers

Employee Program Background 13 Types of Programs:  Attendance  Suggestion  Quality  Safety  Service Anniversary  Employee/Sales Referrals  Honor & Recognition  Productivity  Teambuilding  Customer Service  Gift  Training/Certification  Consolidated “Umbrella” Participants:  Tend to be non sales, such as production and service  Safety focuses on drivers, service repair personnel, & manufacturing plant employees

Employee Program Background 14 Target Industries:  Manufacturing  Utilities  Telecommunications  Healthcare  Financial  Automotive  Service Typical Owners Of Programs:  Human Resources or  Personnel Director  Quality Officer  Director of Safety, Loss Prevention  General Manager, Manufacturing Plant Program Length:  Longer-term up to 1 year (w/ monthly/quarterly payouts)  Lends to yearly renewals Average Payout:  Smaller payout than sales programs  $200-$300/year for single programs

Keep In Mind • Reward is not compensation • Under paid cannot be fixed with a reward program • Cash can be part of program mix but no more than 20% Surveyed 1,000 people and asked “Have you ever received a cash reward from your employer and if so what did you do with the cash?”

Rewards Are Key! • Do you truly understand your employee base and what motivates them? • Get beyond “I want cash” mentality to what they want to gain access to what truly motives the employee • Liberate the award earner – give them choice Surveyed 1,000 employees on rewards

Works? Doesn’t •One size fits all rewards •Complicated rules •Manual tracking programs •One program at a time focused •Doing too much with too little Does • Offering reward choice • Mixing recognition with incentives • The whole organization into the program (peer to peer, cost savings, top performer, etc.) • A program not a one time event

What is a Recognition System?  A Web Portal  Provides managers and employees the opportunity to send accolades, thank- you’s, acknowledgments & appreciation to each other  Provides information to all employees in all aspects of the Recognition Program  Provides 2 way communication with management with survey and quiz/training tools  Provides an awards catalog for tangible awards What Is A Recognition System?

Check List  Do a review and analysis of all programs/efforts for past three years – what’s worked/ not worked  Survey employees to find out what motivates them (beyond cash) and be honest with yourself  Do you have a platform for your program that makes it easy on you and the organization to motivate behavior  Clearly define the behavior(s) you want to see and is the program driving these results and is this clear to the employee

Key Program Development Thinking Ease of understanding – what is the behavior Ease of redemption Earning reward in a reasonable time frame Do you understand what motivates your employees Is the reward befitting of the behavior change More than rewards - recognition

Thank You! Jeff Dalton, CEO Paramax 732 224 1048 Ext 18 David Carrithers, President Affinity Center International 707-484-3620

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