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Information about MEM SPI Jan00

Published on June 18, 2007

Author: Techy_Guy


SMART DUST:  SMART DUST K. Pister, J. Kahn, B. Boser (UCB) S. Morris (MLB) MEMS MTO Goals:  Goals Autonomous sensor node (mote) in 1 mm3 MAV delivery Thousands of motes Many interrogators Demonstrate useful/complex integration in 1 mm3 COTS Dust:  COTS Dust GOALS: Create a network of sensors Explore system design issues Provide a platform to test Dust components Use off the shelf components COTS Dust - RF Motes:  COTS Dust - RF Motes Atmel Microprocessor RF Monolithics transceiver 916MHz, ~20m range, 4800 bps 1 week fully active, 2 yr @1% COTS Dust - Distributed Algorithms:  COTS Dust - Distributed Algorithms 1', $100 Sensor nodes are easy algorithms? COTS Dust - Optical Motes:  COTS Dust - Optical Motes Laser mote 650nm laser pointer 2 day life full duty CCR mote 4 corner cubes 40% hemisphere CCR Interogator:  CCR Interogator Video Semaphore Decoding:  Video Semaphore Decoding Diverged beam @ 300m Shadow or full sunlight San Francisco (Coit Tower) to Berkeley (Cory Hall) 1 Mbps CMOS imaging receiver:  1 Mbps CMOS imaging receiver Put an asynchronous receiver at every pixel Funded by DARPA/MTO/STAB 0.25 um CMOS in fab Micro Mote - First Attempt:  Micro Mote - First Attempt 2D beam scanning:  2D beam scanning 6-bit DAC Driving Scanning Mirror:  6-bit DAC Driving Scanning Mirror Open loop control Insensitive to disturbance Potentially low power ~8mm3 laser scanner:  ~8mm3 laser scanner Two 4-bit mechanical DACs control mirror scan angles. ~6 degrees azimuth, 3 elevation Power and Energy:  Power and Energy Sources Solar cells Combustion/Thermopiles Storage Batteries ~1 J/mm3 Capacitors ~1 mJ/mm3 Usage Digital control: nJ/instruction Analog circuitry: nJ/sample Communication: nJ/bit Combustion:  Combustion Solid rocket propellant integrated igniter thermoelectric generator Dust Delivery:  Dust Delivery Silicon maple seeds Silicon dandelions MAV Delivery:  MAV Delivery 60 mph 18 min 1 mi comm Built by MLB Co. 6' 8' 24” Bat:  24' Bat 40 mph top speed 30 minute loiter autopilot: pressure sensor, gyros, XLs 2 planes, 1 ground station, in 1 suitcase Marine LOE 4:  Marine LOE 4 3 MAVs participated, 1 flew 7 sorties on station in minutes Goal for ‘01:  Goal for ‘01 Virtual Keyboard:  Virtual Keyboard

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