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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: refdiva77



project for IMAT 639

Presented by: Robin Beavers To: Ed2go Online Learning Network July 31, 2011 1

This presentation is for an interactive online training course called The Melting Pot; Practical Collection Development, Programming and Promotion for Diverse Populations. This course instructs public librarians and paraprofessionals on how to build upon existing knowledge to serve an ever diversifying population . Ed2go has a long history of collaborating with libraries to provide excellent and relevant continuing education opportunities. I trust you will consider The Melting Pot an asset to the impressive list of Ed2go’s offerings. 2

The Melting Pot is an interactive online training course designed to teach public librarians and paraprofessionals how to purchase, program and promote library services to serve an ever diversifying population . The Melting Pot consists of five main topics: Demographics –use of Census numbers to determine community makeup. Diversity- consideration of populations beyond the parameters of race and gender (Whitelaw, 2010). Resources- finding and sharing existing and emerging online resources, and the discovery and use of community-based agencies and institutions to help serve constituents. Promotion-Using the diverse media outlets within a given community to promote library materials and services. Collaboration- emphasizing the active use of fellow colleague’s experience as a tool to better serve diverse communities. 3

My colleague and I have nearly 25 years of experience in collection development, programming and promotion for diverse populations. Robin Beavers, MLS LaVonne Starks, MLS Adult Services Multimedia Reference Librarian, 17 years •Collection development (print, film, software & audio) •Instruction •Public Relations/Promotion •Programming Adult Services Outreach & Programming Librarian, 12 years •Programming •Community Outreach •Public Relations/Promotion •Instruction 4

To collaborate with an established educational company with the resources to reach library systems that serve public librarians and paraprofessionals . To create a course that will provide relevant continuing education for professional and paraprofessional staff in public libraries. To create a course that will provide practical instruction on serving diverse populations for librarians and paraprofessionals working in public libraries. To create a course that develops awareness of various groups of patrons seeking to be served. 5

Ed2Go Professional librarians Library systems This division of or paraprofessionals Library Systems Cengage Learning has a working in public throughout the United rich history of libraries States have the same providing organizations such as library systems with current, relevant continuing education opportunities. Those tasked with purchasing materials, creating programs and promoting library services to need to educate staff with who must serve a diversifying patronage. diverse populations. 6

Administrators in Residents who public libraries support and Library management can use patronize the public libraries Melting Pot as a way to recognize the need to create inclusive The community relies on policies that promote the trained staff to meet their procurement of dynamically diverse interests and diverse library materials and services. needs. 7

My colleague and I have compiled of resources, contacts, vendors, institutions, agencies and ideas that have proven useful and beneficial for us and others we have assisted. Using this information I have created a proposal and a draft of a prototype course for the Melting Pot. 8

The Melting Pot is an idea with a prototype course outline that needs the resources that Ed2go has in its arsenal to reach its full potential. To become a full online training tool it requires: Subject Matter Experts Diversity experts- to ensure that the Melting Pot encompasses all facets of diversity. Public Relations experts- to ensure that effective and proven principles and practices are addressed in regards to promotion and media. 9

Online curriculum experts- to enhance and ensure that the Melting Pot is pedagologically sound and designed for learners to achieve desired outcomes. Technical experts- those who can assure online asynchronous delivery, use of multimedia materials and learner access. Evaluators- access to consultants employed by Ed2go that can help in the further development of the course as well as provide feedback and recommendations. Test subjects- to analyze and assess the Melting Pot course and the to provide feedback . 10

According to Ed2go the average timeline for completing an online course from prototype to launch is 3 to 6 months. Using the 6 month time frame I expect the following: September 2011 Initial prototype presented to Ed2go December 2011 Feedback revision/testing October 2011 Feedback and Revision January 2012 Present final revisions and testing November 2011 Feedback and Revision February/March 2012 Ready for launch 11

Challenge 1 Library systems are in the midst of dealing with financial issues and money is tight. However, continuing education is considered a vital component of any library system and must be given priority ,Ed2go already has a credible reputation in the library world. Challenge 2 Ed2go has a strong interest in developing more technically oriented course offerings. There is no course like The Melting Pot and Ed2go has an opportunity to be current, relevant an more importantly answer a very urgent need to educate librarians and paraprofessionals in in an effort to do due diligence in serving a diverse group of patrons. 12

   The Melting Pot is an opportunity for Ed2go to offer a continuing education course for libraries ,one of your most consistent and valuable partners. Currently there are no other continuing education courses for library staff that offer practical solutions to everyday activities. Ed2go classes have always been an affordable means of education for library systems as well as individuals seeking to enhance career skills. The Melting Pot can address all of these needs. 13

The Melting Pot seeks to become part of the continuing education opportunities that are an integral part of the Ed2go Learning Network. Collaboration with Ed2go will provide access to countless librarians who seek to do due diligence in serving their communities to the fullest. 14

Ed2go Online Course - Online Adult & Continuing Education Provider. Cengage Learning. Web. <>. "Teach With Us - Ed2go Online Course - Online Adult & Continuing Education Provider." Ed2go Online Course - Online Adult & Continuing Education Provider. Cengage Learning. Web. <>. WebJunction - Populations Served. (n.d.). Retrieved from Whitelaw, K. (2010, January 13). Defining Diversity: Beyond Race And Gender : NPR. NPR : National Public Radio : News & Analysis, World, US, Music & Arts : NPR. Retrieved from 15

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