Melting Stress

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Published on March 25, 2009

Author: tigerssuccess



Melting Stress within 30 days is a book that teaches people how to cope with stress in their lives.

What person does not experience stress?

Maybe even thrive on it?

Everyone needs some pressure to feel challenged and productive .

And, then…

When life hurls more at you than you can handle…

When challenges are no longer tolerable …

Then stress becomes distressful .

Sometimes good people lose jobs due to no fault of their own

Sometimes not losing a job is stressful too

There is uncertainty

Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Stress is manageable with common sense solutions that are often forgotten during times of worry.

And insights are often needed most when problems are overwhelming .

Good solutions strengthen the mind and the heart . . .

and are kind, simple, and create positive benefit

and are kind, simple, and create positive benefit For physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well being

Good solutions sharpen a person’s ability to think and comfort the fearful heart …

So that insights come from a hopeful and creative place.

When stress feels overwhelming

This resource can help

To learn more, click here or visit

To learn more, click here or visit



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