Melting and freezing

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Information about Melting and freezing

Published on January 19, 2011

Author: Poolmen


Melting and freezing : Melting and freezing Physics presentation Slide 2: Melting Melting : Melting Fusion is another name From solid to a liquid Ice melts at 0 degree Celsius Melting point Tungsten: 3683 Kelvins When energy is added, substance begins to vibrate It is used in metal and glass industry Freezing : Freezing Freezing Freezing : Freezing Also called solidification From liquid to solid Water Freezing point When freeze, crystals form Crystallization Glass and glycerol Exothermic reaction Used to preserve food and to freeze metals Ice Sources : Sources

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Melting Point and Freezing Point. Pure, crystalline solids have a characteristic melting point, the temperature at which the solid melts to become a liquid.
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The melting point (or, rarely, liquefaction point) of a solid is the temperature at which it changes state from solid to liquid at atmospheric pressure.
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