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Published on June 14, 2016

Author: RobertMGrom


1. Melwood Recreation Center CAMP | TRAVEL | RIDE | RETREAT

2. Camp Camp Accomplish is a summer camp for children and teens with and without differing abilities aged 5–18. Day and overnight options are available. Travel Access Adventures is an assisted travel program for adults with differing abilities, offering over 20 trips annually. Ride The Equestrian Program offers therapeutic and general horsemanship lessons to riders of all ability and skill levels, starting at age 5. Unified Riding and Horsemanship Teams are also a part of this fun, safe, and inclusive program! Retreat The Retreat Center is open from late August until early June for private event rentals, including family reunions, corporate trainings, team building retreats, weddings, church retreats, school groups, and more.

3. Recreation Center About the Recreation Center 2 Camp Accomplish About Camp Accomplish 4 Inclusion at Camp Accomplish 5 Camp Overnight & Day 6 Optional Club Add-Ons 7 Specialty Overnight Camps 8 Access Adventures About Access Adventures 10 Typical Programs 11 Important Information 12 Equestrian Program About the Equestrian Program 14 Activities and Programs 15 Facility, Staff, & Horses 16 Retreat Center About the Retreat Center 18 Stay & Meet 19 Eat & Play 20 Team Building 21 Weddings 24 About Operation: Tohidu® 26 Ways You Can Help Ways You Can Help 28 MELWOOD RECREATION Table of CONTENTS

4. 1 Melwood Recreation Recreation Center

5. | e. | p. 301-870-3226 2 The Melwood Recreation Center is a beautiful 108-acre facility located on the Nanjemoy Peninsula in rural Charles County, Maryland. With a diverse offering of: • Lodge-style cabins • Meeting spaces • Challenge courses • Almost 10 miles of hiking and riding trails • Aquatic and equestrian facilities Set in a serene natural environment, it is a versatile location that can accommodate a wide range of events and activities. The Melwood Recreation Center is located approximately one hour south of Washington, DC and is a short, 12-mile drive west of La Plata, Maryland. ACA Accredited: The American Camp Association is a national accrediting body that holds camps and recreational facilities to industry-standard best practices. Learn more at PATH Center Member: The Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship is an international organization dedicated to the promotion of excellence in equine-assisted activities and therapies. Learn more at About the Melwood RECREATION CENTER

6. 3 Melwood Recreation Camp Accomplish “Inclusion works to the advantage of everyone. We all have things to learn and we all have something to teach.” – Helen Henderson

7. About CAMP ACCOMPLISH Started in 1998, Camp Accomplish is a fully inclusive program for youth and teens aged 5-18. Campers enjoy a variety of activities including swimming, climbing wall, ropes courses, archery, creative arts, sports, canoeing, horseback riding, campfires, talent shows, and much more. Camp Accomplish offers options for day and overnight camp in addition to a teen program. Specialty camps and camper-selected daily activities are designed in a way that all campers get to spend extra time doing what is most interesting and exciting to them. Coupled with a qualified and person- centered group of staff members, a summer at Camp Accomplish will surely be nonstop fun in the sun! Why I Chose Melwood Aidan is usually pretty laid back, but he became very animated as he described his experience at camp. I’ve never heard him speak so descriptively or with such excitement. He talked about feeling “so happy” and “excited” and “very powerful.” He was waving his hands and his face was glowing and he was smiling and speaking very expressively. It brought tears to my eyes to see how much joy he gets out of camp. – Cheryl, parent of Camp Accomplish camper | e. | p. 301-870-3226 4

8. 5 Melwood Recreation Inclusion at Melwood’s CAMP ACCOMPLISH When someone arrives for a program at Camp Accomplish, whether in our overnight camp or day camp, we want that camper to feel valued, accepted, challenged, and a part of a larger whole. Only when all of these pieces occur can we say that inclusion has happened! We serve a variety of campers here at Camp Accomplish. All of our programs serve youth and young adults of different ages, ability levels, and with different interests and goals. We want each of these campers, not just regardless of, but BECAUSE of these differences to be fully physically and emotionally included in everything we do. We believe that camp is inclusive when each camper is in the least restrictive environment possible, to the fullest extent possible. We believe that camp provides a natural setting for youth to look into mirrors and learn about themselves, while also peering through windows to learn about others. The camp community that is built naturally from having campers and staff Iive, eat, sleep, play, learn, and grow together is a great way for all participants to start on even footing. When campers arrive on day one of the session, they have the chance to decide who they would like to be for the time they are here. Not only do our campers try on costumes for talent shows and skits, but they also get to try on costumes of personalities, likes, dislikes, and appearances. Camp is all about choice including how you want to be seen by your peers. Do you want to be the cabin leader? How about the quiet listener? Are you the athlete? Do you shine in creative arts? Do your cabin mates look forward to your jokes? Is your suitcase the first one raided for the best clothes, treats, games? By giving our campers the opportunity to decide who they want to be at camp, we give them the chance to look into a mirror and learn more about who they are as people, how they want to be viewed by their peers, and how their actions affect a larger community. Along with getting to try on different “costumes,” our campers also have the chance to interact with peers who may be very different. As our campers look through this window into someone else’s life, we can help them to recognize that as different as we each might be, our differences are what make us unique and valuable. Campers aren’t the only people who make Camp Accomplish an amazingly diverse community: Camp Accomplish staff come from all over the world to provide a great summer experience to our campers! Counselors, TREE Program Mentors, and Program Leaders are trained to be experts in creating a fun, safe, and inclusive environment for all. Prior to the start of the summer, staff are trained in First Aid and CPR, as well as in conflict resolution, emergency preparedness, and providing individualized and person-centered care and support. All staff undergo background checks, fingerprints, and drug screens before being hired, and on-going trainings are continued throughout the summer to ensure that safety, inclusion, and FUN remain top priorities!

9. Camp Accomplish OVERNIGHT & DAY Camp Accomplish Overnight Campers enjoy a wide variety of daily activities from Sunday afternoon through Friday afternoon, including swimming, horseback riding, creative arts, the climbing wall, sports and much more. Each camper will have the chance to try some of everything, and for campers who know exactly what they like, we offer the opportunity to choose and focus on specific programs! Campers share comfortable, air conditioned cabins and our small camper groups are staffed based on each camper's individual abilities. Overnight camp is a great place for campers aged 8-18 to gain independence, make lasting friendships, and explore new opportunities! For this year’s dates and rates, please visit our website at Camp Accomplish Day Our Day Camp program runs from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Day campers ages 5–18 enjoy many of the same activities as our overnight program, but they return home each evening to share the day's adventures with family and rest up for the next fun-filled day! Breakfast, lunch and a snack lovingly prepared in our kitchen and served in our Dining Hall are included in the cost of this program. Transportation is offered from several convenient locations in the southern Maryland area. Please check our website for more information! Before and after care can also be arranged for families needing more flexibility in the camp schedule. TREE Program: Teens Reaching, Experiencing & Engaging The TREE Program at Camp Accomplish is an inclusive program for youth and young adults of all ability levels between 13 to 18 years old who are interested in gaining independence, developing inter- and intra-personal relationship and leadership skills, and gaining work experience in a fun, safe, supportive and accepting environment. Campers will be able to attend Day Camp in one week sessions or Overnight Camp in one or two week sessions depending on the camper’s interests and ability level. Find out more about the TREE Program at or email us at, or call us at 301-870-3226 Why I Chose Melwood The benefits to my children have been numerous and their core beliefs reflect the things they have learned: volunteering; responsibility; empathy for others; and a desire to include everyone. My children believe that inclusion is the natural way things should be because they have seen and participated in this program. – Kathleen, parent of two TREE campers | e. | p. 301-870-3226 6

10. 7 Melwood Recreation Optional Club Add-Ons TO CAMP PROGRAMS Aquatics Club Campers will spend their morning activity (club) sessions at the pool. All ages and abilities are welcome! We recommend this club for campers who want to be more comfortable in the water and gain valuable skills like breathing techniques, treading water, stroke development. This club is not available to campers in the TREE Program. Please note that campers can only sign up for one club per session! Please check our website for this year’s availability. Equestrian Club Campers will spend their morning activity (club) sessions at the barn. All ages and abilities are welcome. We recommend this club for campers who are interested in increasing their riding and horsemanship skills on any level. This club is not available to campers in the TREE Program. Please note that campers can only sign up for one club per session! Please check our website for this year’s availability. For this year’s dates and rates, please visit our website at

11. | e. | p. 301-870-3226 8 Specialty OVERNIGHT CAMPS Intermediate Equestrian Overnight Camp This Sunday through Friday overnight camp program is designed for riders between the ages of 10 and 18 years old who are currently comfortable riding at the walk and trot. Riders in this program will have the opportunity to explore different aspects and disciplines of horsemanship and riding under the supervision and instruction of knowledgeable and experienced horse- crazy staff! During the week, participants wiII get to spend lots of time at the barn and in the saddle, plus some favorite camp activities like swimming! *This camp is appropriate for Melwood Recreation Center Equestrian Program Riders at the Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, and Friesian Levels. Advanced Equestrian Overnight Camp Riders between the ages of 10 and 18 who can independently walk, trot and canter will love this Sunday-Friday overnight camp that will provide individualized daily riding instruction in a fun and safe environment. Our certified and knowledgeable instructors will challenge riders in lessons that focus on show ring preparation. After honing their skills all week, riders will travel to and participate in a local competition to show off their skills. *This camp is appropriate for Melwood Recreation Center Equestrian Program Riders at the Thoroughbred and Friesian Levels. Adventure Overnight Camp This Sunday-Friday overnight camp is perfect for campers of all ability levels between the ages 8 of 18, this program is recommended for campers who are able to walk independently and are comfortable participating in physically strenuous activities. Campers will spend the week gaining basic outdoor survival skills, exploring the world through our crazy cool challenge courses, and experience what it’s like to sleep under the stars! *This camp is appropriate for campers in a 1:2 ratio and higher. For this year’s dates and rates, please visit our website at

12. 9 Melwood Recreation Access Adventures “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” – Walt Disney

13. About ACCESS ADVENTURES For more than 40 years, Melwood’s Access Adventures has provided fun, safe, and memorable vacations to adults with differing abilities. Whether going to the beach or hitting the casino; staying in cabins or sailing to the Caribbean; all Access Adventures programs focus on small group, community inclusive, and individualized programming for adults with differing abilities. Access Adventures hires, trains, and celebrates experienced, fun, and mature staff called Travel Hosts. All Travel Hosts receive extensive training and are certified in CPR and First Aid. Certified Medication Administrators accompany all vacations to oversee the dispensing of medication under the on- call supervision of a registered nurse. Our travel program is designed for individuals with a variety of special needs who are 18 years old or older. Access Adventures supports participants in a 1:4 staff to traveler ratio. Travelers who need additional assistance may be eligible to receive increased staffing support at an additional fee. We will make every effort to accommodate travelers with more advanced medical needs (g-tubes, injectable medications, etc.), however, additional fees may apply. For travelers participating in a 1:4 ratio, Access Adventures does not guarantee in room 24-hour supervision. Our qualified and personable Travel Hosts are with travelers during most normal waking hours to provide assistance and guidance. All travelers must complete a reservation form, Skills Analysis Assessment, and go through an intake process before being fully registered for the program. Why I Chose Melwood My Travel Host, Fay, was a nice person. At night, when it got noisy in the Dining Hall, she and I would hang out on the stairs until the singing was done. I felt much safer having somebody with me. Fay was there to help me through it. The cruise was a good experience. The cabin, meals, activities, and entertainment were fun. I enjoyed the rock climbing wall on the ship and I enjoyed the ship’s jogging track. – Abby, Access Adventures Traveler | e. | p. 301-870-3226 10

14. 11 Melwood Recreation Typical PROGRAMS While each year’s program offerings may vary, some favorite Access Adventures vacations are: • New York City • Ocean City, Maryland • Virginia Beach, Virginia • Atlantic City, New Jersey • Las Vegas, Nevada • Bahamas Cruise • Disney World, Florida • Hershey Park, Pennsylvania And, wonderful seasonal retreats and getaways held at the beautiful, accessible Melwood Recreation Center campus! For this year’s schedule, check out or email us at or call 301-870-3226

15. | e. | p. 301-870-3226 12 Important INFORMATION All changes and cancellations must be in writing. If cancellation is received 30 days prior to the start date of the program, the traveler will receive a refund minus the $75 deposit and any pre-purchased portions of the vacation package. For programs involving air, train, or cruise arrangements, cancellations must be received 45 days prior to the start of the program. When the cancellation is received, the traveler will receive a refund minus the $75 deposit and any pre-purchased portions of the vacation package. Trips canceled after the deadlines are non-refundable – NO EXCEPTIONS. Refunds are not given for no-shows, for travelers refusing to board, or having improper identification. Partial credit towards future programs may be given at the discretion of Access Adventures. Trips canceled due to weather or other extenuating circumstances receive a refund minus any nonrefundable expenses incurred. Travelers who participate in programs shortened or delayed due to weather or extenuating circumstances will receive a credit towards a future program. Travelers who are unable to begin the program due to incomplete or incorrect paperwork, including medication forms, will be given every opportunity to complete or correct the error and join the program at a later time. The traveler is responsible for obtaining transportation to the trip location, as well as any costs incurred. Travelers who are unable to attend the program due to incomplete or incorrect paperwork are not eligible for refund. They are responsible for the full payment of the program. Access Adventures reserves the right to terminate any traveler's participation in the program, at the traveler's expense, if the traveler exhibits inappropriate behavior for his/her assigned staffing ratio or community placement, is sick for more than 24 hours, or is not having a successful travel experience. Travelers who must end the program early due to medical, behavioral, or other issues or concerns are not eligible for any refund of their program fees. They will be responsible for any transportation or staffing costs incurred from the time of their termination from the program. For this year’s schedule, check out or email us at or call 301-870-3226

16. 13 Melwood Recreation Equestrian Program “There are many wonderful places in the world, but one of my favorite places is on the back of my horse.” – Rolf Kopfle

17. About the EQUESTRIAN PROGRAM The Melwood Equestrian Program – safe, educational, lots of fun – and a chance to make a great four-legged friend! The Equestrian Program is designed for riders of all ages and ability levels. Our riders are provided with a mix of basic equitation and horsemanship skills. Even when unmounted, we will strengthen the rider's understanding of how to care for horses and the importance of safety around these animals. All riding lessons will be paced to the individual rider's needs and comfort level. All riders will receive individualized riding instruction from our experienced and certified staff of riding instructors. Why I Chose Melwood We are pleased with our son’s progress in such a short time. We are thankful that he has such great instructors and staff who are kind, patient, and understanding. His coordination, confidence, and understanding of animals (and how to care for them) has improved. – Parent of Equestrian Program Rider For this year’s schedule, check out or refer to the brochure included in the front of this guide | e. | p. 301-870-3226 14

18. 15 Melwood Recreation Activities and PROGRAMS OFFERED Equestrian Program • Year-round General Horsemanship Lessons for all levels of riders, focused in Basic English Equitation • Year-round Therapeutic Riding Lessons for riders with disabilities, following PATH, Intl. guidelines and standards The Equestrian Program is designed for riders of all ability levels. Our riders are provided with a mix of basic equitation and horsemanship skills. When not riding, our programming strengthens the rider’s understanding of how to care for horses and the importance of safety around these animals. All riding lessons will be paced to the individual rider’s needs and comfort level. All riders will receive individualized riding instruction from our experienced and certified staff of riding instructors. Melwood is proud to offer riding opportunities for people with and without differing abilities. Unified Riding and Horsemanship Teams The Melwood Unified Teams are open to riders of ALL ability levels who want to expand their horsemanship and riding knowledge, be a part of a fun and supportive team environment, and explore other riding disciplines! Whether your interest is in trail riding, competing at horse shows, or gaining more knowledge on how to care for a horse, these teams provide a great opportunity for you to have an awesome collaborative team experience in an equine-centered setting! • Horsemanship Education, including Boy and Girl Scout Badge Programs • Private and semi-private groupings • Inclusive Overnight and Day Camps—find out more in the CAMP section of this book, or visit our website at • Competitions • Equine Centered Team-Building Programs • Facilities and Programs for retreat and rental groups including clinics • Pony Birthday Parties • Traveling Horsemanship Program for schools and groups • Volunteer Program and Youth Service Program • Competitive and Recreational Trail Riding For this year’s schedule, check out or email us at or call 301-870-3226

19. | e. | p. 301-870-3226 16 Our Facility, STAFF, & HORSES Facility The Melwood Recreation Center is located on 108 beautiful acres, which is also home to our summer camp and retreat center. The riding facility includes a barn, pastures, trails, and an all-weather indoor riding arena with mirrors and an attached heated/ air-conditioned viewing area. The Recreation Center is in historic and rural Nanjemoy, Maryland – convenient to Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, and Southern Maryland. Our Staff The Equestrian Program is supported by qualified and enthusiastic staff members and volunteers who strive to make riding and working with horses a positive experience for all participants. Our instructors are certified by organizations like the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) and the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH), an international accrediting and certifying organization for equine assisted activities and therapies. Our Horses The horses that make their home at Melwood have been handpicked for our program. They are comprised of donations, leases, and horses purchased by and for Melwood. While they come from a variety of backgrounds, they are all excellent at their jobs and remain in constant training.

20. 17 Melwood Recreation Retreat Center “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately.” – Henry David Thoreau

21. The Melwood Retreat Center, located in beautiful Nanjemoy, Maryland, is a wonderful destination for events, weddings, retreats, parties, and gatherings. The 108-acre property has a diverse offering of lodge-style cabins, challenge courses, almost 10 miles of hiking trails, aquatic and equestrian facilities, and a variety of meeting spaces all set in a serene natural environment; it is a versatile location that can accommodate a wide range of events. The Melwood Retreat Center is located approximately one hour south of Washington, DC and is a short, 12-mile drive west of La Plata Maryland. Whether large or small, our facility offers endless opportunities for you to create a one-of-a-kind event. During the months of September through May, we make our facility available for corporate and religious retreats, receptions, school groups, family reunions, executive gatherings and team building workshops. The Retreat Center has endless ways to provide a fun, comfortable atmosphere for families, friends and co-workers. We are committed to exceeding expectations in service and quality. With versatile accommodations, customizable food service, individualized team building opportunities and reasonable prices, we are able to meet the needs of groups both large and small, for single day events, and multiple-week stays. When you choose to host an event at the Melwood Retreat Center, you will work with one of our experienced staff members to ensure that everything is perfect for your stay – no matter how long! About the RETREAT CENTER Why I Chose Melwood Melwood is awesome! It is an ideal location for our needs. It's gorgeous and the staff are incredible. I felt super supported and thankful for all of the help we got from everyone there. – Retreat Center guest If you need additional information or have questions regarding facilities, please contact our main office at 301-870-3226 or email us at | e. | p. 301-870-3226 18

22. 19 Melwood Recreation Stay Check-in at 3pm and Check-out at 12pm POMONKEY CABIN • Sleeps 20 guests • 8 bedrooms • 4 bathrooms • Kitchen • Meeting space in lounge for 20 people NANJEMOY CABIN • Sleeps 16 guests • 6 bedrooms • 2 bathrooms • Kitchen • Meeting space in lounge for 10 people PISGAH CABIN • Sleeps 9 guests • 4 bedrooms • 4 bathrooms • Kitchenette • Meeting space in lounge for 6 people MARBURY CABIN • Sleeps 9 guests • 3 bedrooms • 1 bathroom • Meeting space in lounge for 4 people Meet Meeting areas can be rented in 8-hour increments. ROSIER DINING HALL • Accommodates 150 guests • Full commercial kitchen • Bathrooms THE KELLY BUILDING • Accommodates 50 guests • Bathrooms • Kitchenette OUTDOOR PAVILION (Poolside) • Accommodates 100 guests • Bathroom usage included OUTDOOR PAVILION (Campground) • Accommodates 100 guests • Bathroom usage included EXCLUSIVE RENTAL For special events or guests wanting exclusive use of the property, a discounted rental package can be set-up so that your event has use of all buildings. Stay & MEET Please check out our website at or contact us for current availability and pricing at or 301-870-3226 © Aimee Custis Photography

23. | e. | p. 301-870-3226 20 Eat The Melwood Recreation Center is proud to be able to provide quality catering options to groups of all sizes. Whether a corporate group coming in just for the day, or a week-long retreat, we are pleased to be able to offer a diverse menu with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee service/snack options. Custom menu options are also available. Play The Melwood Recreation Center is pleased to offer a variety of formal and informal recreation experiences and programs to our guests. Please view our website at recreation/retreat to view pricing. You can also email recreation@melwood. org or call us at 301-870-3226. PLAY OFFERINGS INCLUDE: Climbing Wall, Nessie, High Ropes, Low Ropes, Archery, Canoeing • Minimum of 8 participants per activity Campfire: Choice of pondside or cabin area. Includes set up & extinguisher. POOL • Use of accessible pool, deck area, umbrellas and seating for 20 • 4 hour maximum • 100 swimmer capacity • Rental includes Melwood lifeguard on duty EQUINE CLINIC • Minimum of 3 riders • Trailer in or use Melwood horses PARTY PACKAGE • Staff hosts for the duration of your party plus 1 hour set up and 1/2 hour tear down • Gift certificate for discount off next Rec Center program for each participant • Party area available for four hours (indoor and outdoor options available) • Approximately 2-2.5 hours of programming (choice of horses, climbing wall, high ropes course, pool) • Minimum number of participants – 5 • Maximum number of participants – 20 Eat & PLAY To view menu options and pricing please visit our website at or call us at 301-870-3226.

24. 21 Melwood Recreation Team Building Team Building Program Opportunities The Melwood Recreation Center has a long history of providing quality, safe, innovative, and individualized team building experiences to diverse user groups. With a focus on experiential learning opportunities for participants from teenagers to executive groups, Melwood’s challenge courses, equine programs, and indoor and outdoor meeting spaces are the perfect environment for large and small groups to engage, experience, communicate, and grow. Descriptions of experiential learning opportunities are below. Low Ropes Low Ropes experiential learning activities engage participants to interact physically, verbally, and engage emotionally in novel indoor and outdoor activities and environments. Physical movement is a large component of low ropes activities, both on and off the low ropes course. Low ropes activities and elements are designed to promote group interactions and familiarity, prepare participants for high ropes elements by modeling appropriate spotting and how to navigate elements, and focus on encouraging participants to provide verbal problem solving and reflection, while moving physically – often in challenging ways that require balance and coordination. On the low ropes course, participants engage in a series of individual spotted elements that encourage the climber to navigate on cables and boards that are approximately 6" off the ground, while being spotted by other participants. The Low Ropes course is appropriate for participants of all ability levels. Accommodations can be made for participants with physical special needs. The course is accessible by vehicle for participants with mobility issues. The course is outside, so participants must be able to tolerate being outside for the duration of the program. Climbing Wall On the climbing wall, individual climbers are supported by a trained staff on a belay system to climb a rock wall. While one participant is climbing, other participants are encouraged to stay engaged by spotting the climber, coaching the climber, and motivating the climber. The climbing wall encourages climbers to challenge themselves physically while exploring multiple problem solving options and reflect on how they handle stress and anxiety. Group discussions and debriefs on having perspective, supporting others, and finding creative solutions are part of the experience. The climbing wall is appropriate for participants of all ability levels who can use their arms and legs to support themselves. Some accommodations can be made for participants with physical special needs. The course is accessible by vehicle for participants with mobility issues. The course is

25. | e. | p. 301-870-3226 22 outside, so participants must be able to tolerate being outside for the duration of the program. Equine Centered Team Building Using the horse, participants are encouraged to work in small groups to navigate through and attempt to resolve unique problem-solving challenges that require no previous horsemanship knowledge. Participants also have the opportunity to work with different equines to explore how the animal handles stress, and how the handler's behaviors and actions impact the animal's behavior. Participants are unmounted at all times. This is not a horseback riding opportunity. Equine Centered Team Building is appropriate for participants of all ability levels. The program takes place in an indoor arena, which is covered but not heated or air- conditioned. The flooring of the arena is flat and sandy. Participants with allergies to horses and dust may not be appropriate for this program. High Ropes The high ropes course allows participants to navigate individual elements connected by transfer points, leading to a zip line. The elements on the high ropes course mimic the low ropes elements, so that the facilitator can encourage participants to reflect on their low ropes experiences and connections while navigating the higher course. Participants wear a safety harness and helmet at all times and are connected to the course with a lobster claw system. The high ropes course provides prime opportunities for participants to coach, self-reflect, and challenge themselves physically while focusing on small details and “larger picture” movements. The high ropes course is appropriate for participants of all ability levels who can use their arms and legs to support themselves. Some accommodations can be made for participants with physical special needs. The course is accessible by vehicle for participants with mobility issues. The course is

26. 23 Melwood Recreation outside, so participants must be able to tolerate being outside for the duration of the program. NESSIE Nessie is a high ropes challenge course individual belayed element. A participant, while being supported by a belay line managed by a trained facilitator, climbs up the element and transfers across three floating beams. Ground participants support the climber by balancing the beams. The combination of the individual challenge with the team building aspect allows for a powerful experiential learning experience that also engages the group. After each climber, the group debriefs and creates a strategy for the next climber. The facilitator encourages the participants to focus on strategy, perspective, communication, leadership, and coaching. Nessie is appropriate for participants of all ability levels. For participants who do not have an interest or physical ability to climb, there are ample opportunities for full participation on the ground. Some accommodations can be made for participants with physical special needs who would like to climb. The course is accessible by vehicle for participants with mobility issues. The course is outside, so participants must be able to tolerate being outside for the duration of the program. Classroom Facilitation Using unique approaches to encourage communication, identify group and individuals strengths and areas of needs, and develop dynamic project plans, groups utilizing classroom facilitation will have the support of a trained, enthusiastic, and engaging facilitator to support group activities in a seated and low-level movement indoor or outdoor environment. This program is ideal for groups seeking a retreat and team building experience for users who may have physical special needs, limited mobility, or a preference for all indoor activity. Classroom facilitation is also an ideal accompaniment to other more active and outdoor programs so that the retreat experience has a balanced feel. For this year’s dates and rates, please visit our website at or contact us at or 301-870-3226

27. | e. | p. 301-870-3226 24 Couples seeking a more customized wedding experience are also welcome! From overnight accommodations to transportation, and from custom menus to activities for guests, our experienced Melwood staff are happy to help you plan an unforgettable event for you and your guests! Weddings The Melwood Recreation Center provides a beautiful country setting for both large and small weddings, with the added bonuses of a convenient location, heated/air conditioned spaces, catering, cabins, programming, and accessibility. Melwood staff are happy to work with couples to customize their wedding, whether it is a one-day event or a weekend getaway! The Melwood Recreation Center wedding package includes: • Ceremony/Reception Site rental for 8 hours • Wedding host present for the duration of your ceremony and reception plus an additional 5 hours that can be used before/ after the event • Staff host available for the duration of your rental (up to 13 hours) • Use of cabin or meeting space for bridal party staging area • Full use of grounds for photography • Use of vehicle with Melwood driver for transportation to/from ceremony and reception site. • Access to Recreation Center catering, lodging, and programming • For parties renting lodging (available at an additional cost), optional use of honeymoon suite which includes a full size bed with bedding, custom floral arrangement designed by Melwood Horticulture Therapy participants, and welcome basket. To view menu options and pricing please visit our website at or call us at 301-870-3226. © Aimee Custis Photography © Aimee Custis Photography

28. 25 Melwood Recreation25 Melwood Recreation

29. | e. | p. 301-870-3226 26 Operation: Tohidu retreats are designed to address the specific needs of veterans and active duty service members who have been formally diagnosed or are self-reporting with Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, anxiety, depression or other deployment-related trauma. Why Operation: Tohidu? Melwood, one of the leading nonprofit organizations serving people with differing abilities in Maryland, has implemented this innovative program that provides experiential rehabilitation and therapeutic recreation for the growing population of wounded warriors living with post-traumatic stress. The name, Operation: Tohidu blends a military approach with the Cherokee word Tohidu, which means peace, mind, body, and spirit. About OPERATION: TOHIDU® For more details on Operation: Tohidu and our retreat schedule please visit our website at for more information.

30. 27 Melwood Recreation Ways You Can Help

31. Ways You CAN HELP Why I Chose Melwood I enjoy the Equestrian Program at Melwood because it has a family kind of ”feel.“ Over the years, they have offered new and varied experiences, in addition to continuing its most popular programs. These include educational events, as well as riding opportunities, which are much appreciated, especially by the adult riders. It's all encompassing in that it accommodates pleasure riders, such as myself, as well as more serious rider’s intent on furthering their skills rapidly. – Ann, rider and volunteer There are a number of ways to get involved at Melwood. Whether you are interested in making a financial contribution or volunteering your time, we have a wide variety of options for you. Here at Melwood, we know that your resources are valuable – and whether you’re looking to do a lot or a little, we are always happy to help you find the best fit for your time and donations. Donate Donations make a difference in the lives of those served at Melwood. Community support makes it possible for the organization to offer individualized support for the people we serve. There are 3 main options for providing support to Melwood: You can donate your cash, car, or you can make an in-kind gift donation. To make a cash or vehicle donation, please visit Melwood's donation page at:, where online donations are easy, safe, and secure. If you have items that you would like to donate to the Recreation Center, please contact the main office at 301-870-3226. The Recreation Center is able to accept certain items that wiII benefit our programs on a case­by-case basis. If we are unable to accept your in-kind donation, we wiII do our best to help you find another community organization that can put your donation to good use. Volunteer On behalf of the entire Melwood family, we invite you to participate in our volunteer program. Please know that your service with Melwood will be an exciting and rewarding one. Our hope is that we will have the opportunity to foster a long and beneficial relationship with you and all our volunteers. Volunteers are an important addition to the Melwood Recreation Center community, adding valuable resources to many different aspects of the program and facility. Recreation Center volunteers are most active in the equestrian program, but also work with Camp Accomplish and on special projects such as trail work and facility improvements. The Melwood Recreation Center also hosts several special events each year that require the work of many volunteers in order to be successful. Volunteers are a growing force within Melwood and are needed for short-term and long-term projects. Requirements for volunteering vary based on the type of volunteer position desired, and include criminal background screening, reference checks, drug testing, orientation and training, and a confidentiality agreement. Volunteer opportunities are available in both Charles and Prince George's Counties and range from single-day events to seasonal commitments. Volunteers serve in a number of ways, from the Board of Directors to teaching specialized activities in day programs, and more. Please find more information regarding our volunteer opportunities at: | e. | p. 301-870-3226 28

32. Melwood 5606 Dower House Road Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 Contact Us Phone (301) 599-8000 Fax (301) 599-0180 Melwood Recreation Center 9035 Ironsides Road Nanjemoy, MD 20662 Melwood is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. Established in 1963, we provide jobs and job supports, career training, life skill improvements, community supports and recreational services for over 2,000 people with differing abilities each year, including many veterans and wounded warfighters. We are one of the ten largest nonprofit agencies of the nearly 600 U.S. AbilityOne Program affiliated agencies nationwide. We proudly employ more than 800 people with differing abilities at over 40 contract sites in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC through the U.S. AbilityOne Program and partnerships with community employers. Melwood is headquartered in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, with related facilities located in Temple Hills, Waldorf and Nanjemoy, Maryland. Our business and service lines include: Total Facilities Management, Janitorial/Custodial services, Landscaping and Grounds Keeping, Recycling, Electronics Recycling, Call Center Services, Customized Job Training, Community Supports, Retreat and Recreational Services, Horticulture Therapy, Therapeutic Riding, Inclusive Camping, and more. For more information on Melwood’s services and programs please visit: 5606 Dower House Road Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

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