Meiosis presentation for PFS 2014

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Information about Meiosis presentation for PFS 2014

Published on March 9, 2014

Author: JodiLeighB



Life sciences education on Meiosis done by a third year education student majoring in life science

JL Broadhurst 201242029

Cell division for  sex-cells. Sex Cells:  Are also called Gametes. You know them as SPERM and EGG cells

 2 divisions: Meiosis I and Meiosis  Starting with ONE (diploid) cell, II ending with FOUR (haploid) cells.

Interphase: Chromosomes duplicate and build up energy for meiosis

Meiosis I  Prophase I  Metaphase I  Anaphase I  Telophase I Meiosis II  Prophase II  Metaphase II  Anaphase II  Telophase II

 Prophase I- chromosome becomes visible and the nuclear membrane disappears; homologous chromosome appears and share fragments called crossing over

Meiosis I Metaphase I - complete disappearance of nuclear membrane and appearance of spindle fiber; centromeres attached to the spindle fiber and lies on the metaphase plate.

Meiosis I Anaphase I homologous chromosome separates from each other but centromere do not divide; chromosome continues to consists of two chromatids

Meiosis I Telophase I chromosomes are still doubled; nuclear membrane is formed and disappearance of spindle fiber

cells have one chromosome

Meiosis II Metaphase II chromosomes align at the metaphase plate; centromeres divide thus separating the chromatids

Meiosis II Anaphase II each new daughter cell move towards opposite poles

Meiosis II Telophase II spindle disappears; nuclear membrane is formed; nuclei are formed and cytokinesis happens

 Mitosis makes cells for growth, development, repair, and is a form of asexual reproduction  Meiosis makes gametes for sexual reproduction

 Mitosis produces two cells identical to the parent cell (diploid called daughter cells)  Meiosis produces four cells with half the number of chromosomes as the parent (haploid)

 In the first cell division, CHROMOSOME PAIRS (HOMOLOGOUS CHROMOSOMES) are separated.  In the second cell division, SISTER CHROMATIDS are pulled apart.

 In meiosis, “crossing over” occurs during prophase I.  Chromosomes form tetrads  Homologous chromosomes “swap” parts of their DNA  leads to recombination, or genetic variation Meiosis lesson by imkaelah on Jul 24, 2013  Powerpoint meiosis by Magdalena Ravagnan, Veterinaria, Biology teacher from Argentina on Jun 16,2013  Meiosis in depth by Jeff Kalember on Jan 30, 2014  Meiosis by mjurkiewicz on Dec 14, 2013  Biology unit 4 cell division meiosis notes by rozeka01 on Dec 12, 2013 

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