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Published on January 6, 2017

Author: Meganhopkins3


1. PROFILE I have been able to work hand in hand with extraordinary artists and professors who worked in a wide range of artistic outlets.Some being Pixar, Disney, Adobe and Google. This has allowed be to become fine tuned and skilled in many facets of design that I never thought possible.I would like to put this experience to work in a job where I can continue to learn and grow with people of a like mind. JOB EXPERIE NCE VA STUDENT (GI-BILL) FULL TIM E, CLEVELAND INSTITUTE OF ART, CLEVELAND, OHIO (FALL 2016- CURRENT) Have been able to fully dedicate my time and efforts into fine tuning my illustration, product design,and print making skills. Trying to become more marketable, while retaining a unique style. I have worked and learned under some personal illustrative heroes, Roman Murdov,Jon Stitch, and Shannon May. I have had the pleasure of watching Jon Klassen demo his artistic process of his children's books and was able to pick his brain for class.This was a monumental treat for me. I am proficient in almost all methods of Italio printing, and letter press.Typography is not just a font, it's a passion. PRINT ASSISTANT, 717 PRINTING/UNIVERSITY TEES, CLEVELAND, OHIO, JUNE 2016- AUG 2016 Assisted in screen printing for a local print shop.Working in a quick pace environment. Paying close attention to detail, checking screens making sure they were ready for print. Counting, folding, boxing, and re-checking shirts after they were printed for any minor/major mistakes. Keeping everything on track and on a steady flow to get the shirts to the customer, well printed and on time. VISUAL ASSISTANT, FOREVER 21, SAN FRANCISCO/CLEVELAND, JUNE 2014- NOV 2015 Responsible for the visual look and vibe of the store. Put togethermonthly outfits for mannequins. Made sure the store had a cozy unique look that welcomed the customer and created a lovely shopping environment. U.S AIR FORCE, ANDREWS AFB, M ARYLAND, 2007-2012 with a tour in Afghanistan April 2010- October 2010 Attached to the 89th Airlift Wing (89 AW) of the United States Air Force is based at Joint Base Andrews and has an operational force of over 1,000 personnel. The 89 AW provides global 2573 Euclid heights blvd. Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106 440-805-9190 MEGAN HOPKINS ILLUSTRATOR & DESIGNER (440) 805-9190

2. Special Air Mission (SAM) airlift, logistics, aerial port and communications for the President, Vice President, Combat Commanders, senior leaders and the global mobility system as tasked by the White House, Chief of Staff of the Air Force, and Air Mobility Command. Earned 2 combat war medals. One from the us air force. And one from the Army Special Ops Division for my exceptional dedication to the job and mission while there. EDUCAT ION CLEVELAND INSTITUTE OF ART, CLEVELAND, OHIO (2016-2017)- ILLUSTRATION M AJOR WITH A M INOR IN PRINT CALIFORNIA COLLEGE OF THE ARTS, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA (2015-2016)- ILLUSTRATION M AJOR WITH A M INOR IN PRINT/PRODUCT DESIGN LAKELAND COM M UNIT Y COLLEGE (2013-2015)- GRAPHIC DESIGN/PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS I have 3+ years training and am proficient in all software listed below: Photoshop, illustrator, in design, sketch, creative cloud, drop box, gmail, all Microsoft word software, apple software, sketch up,, screen printing, product design, animation, background design, animation, lithography printing, wheat paste printing, letter press,gif design,character design, woodcut printing, risograph printing, passionate,organized, google drive, dropbox, imaginative, inventive, quick witted, driven, punctual. REFERE NCES Michael Wertz 510-663-5860 Shannon May 2573 Euclid heights blvd. Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106 440-805-9190

3. Google Assistant Media Director of Design Jon Caponi Creative Director at Adobe Ed Gutierrez Disney Animator/ animation professor 2573 Euclid heights blvd. Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44106 440-805-9190

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