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Published on March 27, 2008

Author: Clarice


MEGACITIES:  MEGACITIES Tamara Fennell Converse College1 Megacities are places with more than 10 million inhabitants, a complex economy, and a unifying transport system..2 :  Megacities are places with more than 10 million inhabitants, a complex economy, and a unifying transport system..2 Megacities in 2001:3 :  Megacities in 2001:3 Sao Paulo, Brazil Osaka, Japan Bombay, India Seoul, Korea Lagos, Nigeria Tianjin, China Shanghai, China Cairo, Egypt Jakarta, Indonesia London, England Beijing, China Los Angeles, USA Mexico City, Mexico New York City, USA Tokyo, Japan Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Bangkok, Thailand Buenos Aires, Calcutta, India Argentina17 New Megacities in 2025:4:  New Megacities in 2025:4 Karachi, Pakistan Bangalore, India Dhaka, Bangladesh Hyderabad, India Lahore, Pakistan Madras, India Manila, Philippines New Delhi, India Shenyang, China Yangon, Myanmar18 5 :  5 Rate of Megacity Growth19:  Rate of Megacity Growth19 1970- 80% of population in developing countries lived in rural areas6 Presently 50% and in 30 years only 30%6 Over 2/3 of the world will live in the city by 20257 22 of the globe’s 26 megacities will be in less developed countries6 Causes for Megacity Growth20:  Causes for Megacity Growth20 High birth rates in less developed countries8 Migration of the rural poor into the city8 The countryside has no land left to farm9 City offers the possibility of jobs, schools, and a better way of life10 Social and Environmental Concerns21:  Social and Environmental Concerns21 Infrastructure of the city can not accommodate the large populations (water, traffic, crime)11 Tuberculosis, cholera, & AIDS spread quickly11 Squatters live without water, electricity, or sewer systems11 Air pollution from cars and coal burning12 Only 1 in 4 kids in urban developing areas receive a high school education11 Poverty leads to civil unrest11 Wealthy inhabitants build guarded, private communities13 Loss of rare and valuable agricultural land14 Suggestions for Improvement22:  Suggestions for Improvement22 Invest in training of engineers, social workers, transportation planners, health professionals, and ecosystem managers15 Managed development through phased provision of infrastructure Decentralization and strengthening of local governments Introduction of mass transit systems Improved regulation of markets Government shift from service providers to facilitators of services provided by outside sources16 References:  References 1Jesrami, R. & M., 2Gribbin, Insight on the News 3Asia Development, Population and Development 4Jacot, UNESCO Courier; Silber, Insight on the News 5Asia Development, Population and Development 6Gribbin, Insight on the News 7Jacot, UNESCO Courier; Konvitz, OECD Observer 8Silber, Insight on the News 9Jacot, UNESCO Courier 10Gribbin, Insight on the News 11Gribbin, Insight on the News 12Major, Environment; Cohen, Finance and Development 13Jacot, UNESCO Courier 14Major, Environment 15Major, Environment 16Asia Development, Population and Development 19Jesrami, 20Jesrami, 21Gribbin, Insight on the News 22Jesrami, Bibliography:  Bibliography 1.“The Asia Development Bank on Asia’s Megacities.” Population and Development Review 23:1997. 2.Cohen, M. “Megacities and the Environment.”Finance & Development 30:1993. 3.Gribin, A. “Overpopulated Megacities Face Frightening Future.” Insight on the News 16:2000. 4.Jacot, M. “Living with Leviathan.” UNESCO Courier June 1999. 5.Konvitz, J.W.”Global cities and economic growth.” OECD Observer Oct-Nov 1994. 6.Major, D.C., P. Brimblecombe, & M. Cohen. “Mexico City: Metaphor for the world’s urban future.” Environment 38: 1996. 7.Silber, K. “City Summit will stress local. Control.” Insight on the News 12:1996.

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