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Published on July 24, 2009

Author: GhadaMEG21


Presentation Outline : Presentation Outline About Dynamis and the Discovery of Supplamine® Factors of Skin Aging Glycation and how to fight it MEG 21 Products & how they work Clinical studies Question & Answer About : About Parent Company – Dynamis Therapeutics, Inc is a research company focusing on developing drugs to treat diabetic complications. Formed in 2006 to develop and market products based on the accidental discovery of new way to treat skin aging Scientific founders of Dynamis while at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia found that inhibition of 3DG production prevents loss of skin elasticity. MEG 21 products first launched at American Academy of Dermatology Conference in San Francisco in 2006 Dynamis Therapeutics continues to search for drug for diabetes complications The Accidental Discovery Diabetes Research leads to Great Skin! : The Accidental Discovery Diabetes Research leads to Great Skin! Scientists at Fox Chase Cancer Center discovered Supplamine®, a unique patented combination that targets the harmful effects of Glycation. Factors of Skin Aging : Factors of Skin Aging Pollutants Genetics Lifestyle- Poor Diet, Lack of Sleep, Stress And…. UV Exposure Glycation : Glycation How does Gycation affect the skin? : How does Gycation affect the skin? Sugars latch onto proteins (like collagen) Your body attempts to break sugars and proteins apart so it can use them That process generates a toxic byproduct called 3-deoxyglucosone (3DG) 3DG then generates Advanced Glycation End Products which damage your skin What are Advanced Glycation End Products? : What are Advanced Glycation End Products? AGEs – new molecules generated from the glycation process AGEs damage collagen and elastin AGEs increase in skin over time Cross-linked collagen is an AGE What are the side effects of Glycation? : What are the side effects of Glycation? Damaged collagen Reduction in skin elasticity Wrinkle formation Sagging of skin Foods that contain Glycated Proteins(when protein and sugar are cooked together) : Foods that contain Glycated Proteins(when protein and sugar are cooked together) Cheese Cake (eggs, milk, sugar) Sausage (meat, sugar) Pancakes (eggs, milk, syrup) Ham (honey, ham) Chocolate cake (eggs, milk, sugar) Slide 12: How 3DG can damage SKIN Glycated Lysine Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs) Inflammation Free Radicals Increased Oxidative Stress Collagen and Elastin Cross-linking Decreased Collagen 3DG What YOU can do to fight Glycation from the Inside & Outside : What YOU can do to fight Glycation from the Inside & Outside Fight Glycation from the Inside : Fight Glycation from the Inside Limit you sugar consumption Fight Glycation from the Outside : Fight Glycation from the Outside The Superior Science behind : The Superior Science behind The key ingredient in MEG 21 products is Supplamine®, the 1st patented combination on the market to target 3DG and treat the harmful effects caused by Glycation. Slide 17: A patented combination of amino sugar (meglumine) and amino acid (arginine) What is Supplamine® Meglumine Arginine Slide 18: Glycated Lysine Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs) Inflammation Free Radicals Increased Oxidative Stress Collagen and Elastin Cross-linking Decreased Collagen 3DG x x x x x x x x x How MEG 21 with Supplamine® can protect your Skin MEG 21 with Supplamine® Slide 19: Effects of Slide 20: Scientific Evidence of *4 Week Full Face Study * 75 Female Volunteers Application: Twice a day Slide 21: 100% of volunteers showed improvement Immediate “glow” and dry skin relief Dramatic results reversing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines within 4 weeks Firmness improved by over 20 % Moisture improved by over 40 % Smoothness improved by over 40 % Results Slide 22: After 4 weeks Before MEG 21 with Supplamine® was applied twice a day Slide 23: After 4 weeks Before MEG 21 with Supplamine® was applied twice a day Slide 24: After 4 weeks Before MEG 21 with Supplamine® was applied twice a day Slide 25: After 4 weeks Before MEG 21 with Supplamine® was applied twice a day Slide 26: Everyone! Who will benefit from using MEG 21 with Supplamine® Slide 27: MEG 21 with Supplamine® is non-irritating and gentle, and should be recommended to ALL consumers who want to: Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Increase moisturization Improve overall skin texture Improve Firmness Improve smoothness and skin brightness MEG 21 with Supplamine® Is for Everyone! Slide 29: MEG 21 products contain Supplamine®, a unique patented combination that was shown to target the harmful effects of Glycation MEG 21 products also use liposomes to encase the Supplamine® to protect and enhance the delivery of the ingredients into the skin. The liposomes contain lecithin extracted from natural soy beans and are similar to those in the skin. Slide 30: MEG 21 Face Treatment is specially formulated for the face, leaves a silky touch and is great under makeup. * This formula is infused with soy-based liposomes and will leave the skin soft and supple. Slide 31: MEG 21 Advanced Formula is specially formulated for crepy skin on the neck and chest although it is gentle enough for the face. This formula has 50% more Supplamine® than the Face Treatment while also contains liposomes for better skin delivery. It is enriched with shea butter and green tea extract. Slide 32: * MEG 21 Eye Treatment addresses not only wrinkles but, also other eye area concerns like puffiness and dark circles.  The Eye Treatment combines Supplamine® with three scientifically proven botanical extracts that will brighten the skin, firm and strengthen the fragile eye area, decrease puffiness and dark circles, while improving overall appearance!      * These botanical extracts - Pfaffia sp (Pfaffia), Ptychopetalum olacoides (Marapuama), and Lilium candidum (White lily) – will gradually reduce the appearance of fat deposits under eyes via increased local microcirculation and lipolytic modulator effect and reduce the appearance of dark circles via reduction of pigment depot in the area and increase of periorbital luminosity and decrease of the blue tone of the dark circles. Slide 33: * MEG 21 Hand Treatment formula addresses the delicate skin of the upper hands by using a different liposome to deliver Supplamine® rapidly into the skin. * This formula is equally soothing for other areas that tend to be dry and rough like elbows. Slide 34: Helpful Selling Tips Know and Understand the product Diabetes Research Leads to Great Skin! Science based on glycation No conflict with other skin care regimens Great for applying before and after facials and abrasive skin care treatments to hydrate, soothe and reduce skin’s redness Slide 35: Airless Pump Slide 36: Airless Pump Reduces possibility of contamination Delivers enough product for at least 120 treatments (8+ weeks, twice a day) Can be opened to get the last drop (although pump should deliver 99% of product) Slide 37: Summary Sugars cause glycation Glycation occurs in skin Glycation damages collagen and elastin MEG 21 with Supplamine® reduces the damage due to glycation Most people see visible effects within 4 weeks Moisturization, smoothness and skin firmness is significantly improved Skin looks younger and smoother! Slide 38: Kathleen Sawada, MD Accent Dermatology & Laser Institute Lakewood, CO MEG 21 is great for moisturizing your skin here in our harsh + dry Colorado climate. It is an integral part of our skin care plan here at Accent Dermatology & Laser Institute, especially for our maturing population. Our patients are definitely noticing the reduction of fine lines & wrinkles, skin hydration & they love the way it leaves their skin soft & smooth. Cary Whitmore Paramedical Aesthetician Radiant Skin Clinic Rochester, NY Professionally, as well as personally, I have found MEG 21 to be a superior anti-aging crème. We started out sampling the product to select clients and received so much positive feedback that we introduced the products during clinical procedures. We have seen visible improvement in skin clarity, firming and reduction in fine lines around the eyes and mouth.We would like to see an expansion of the line to a product formulated for the eyes and lips. The Face Treatment is sometimes too rich for these areas of thinner skin. Nicole Hollander, RN Therapeutic Skin Care Specialist Chapin Aesthetic Center Doylestown, PA I refer to MEG 21 as "my Cadillac" of all skincare products. There's no need to try and sell it, just sample it and the customer WILL be back to purchase it. Also, I have found it's GREAT on all skin types. I don't like to be without my MEG 21 and I know my customers fell the same for they continue to purchase the product and rave about the results they're seeing. For more customer testimonials, please visit our website: Customer Testimonials Slide 39: Question & Answer

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