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Information about Meetings

Published on July 30, 2008

Author: jahroy13



Based on David Allen's 5 reasons to meet...a little diagnostic presentation you can use to frame a change around regularly scheduled meetings that are missing the mark.

Meetings Waste of time or essential communication vehicle?

Communication: process that allows exchange information of by several methods

Methods of communication





What method of communication is best for your environment?

5 Reasons to meet….

1) Give Information

Is this the best way to give information?



2) Get information

Is this the best way to get it?

3) Develop Options

How often is everyone’s opinion needed to develop options?

4) Make Decisions

Are the people at the meeting the ones accountable for making the decision?

5) Warm magical human contact

Does this meeting serve this purpose?

One of the worst reasons to meet….

Regularly Scheduled Meeting

Do we need to meet?

Challenge: getting balance between wasting time and keeping informed

3 Options

1. Continue with status quo- this is working well!

2. Improve regular meetings Improve topic screening Include clarity on reason to meet Facilitated dialogue

Improve topic screening

Include clarity on reason to meet

Facilitated dialogue

3. Dissolve these meetings Replace with quarterly strategy update/team building meeting

Replace with quarterly strategy update/team building meeting

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