Meeting Scheduler using android and web application (UML Diagrams)

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Information about Meeting Scheduler using android and web application (UML Diagrams)

Published on February 27, 2018

Author: shahsmzh


1. Group Members: 1 1. Muhammad Zeejah Hashmi 2. Raja Aman Ullah 3. Sheikh Abdul Wahab 14-Arid-3671 14-Arid-3688 14-Arid-3704 Supervisor: Ms. Noureen Zafar

2.  Introduction  Existing System  Problem Statement  Proposed Solution  Project Scope  Project Objectives  Diagrams  Use case  Sequence  Activity  Data Flow  Class Diagram  ERD  Deployment  Tasks Distribution  Tools and Technologies  Screen Shots 2

3. 3 • It is a web based as well as android based application concerned with the scheduling of meetings in meeting rooms. • It is also concerned with the details of assets or equipment's and rooms available in the organization. • Public User as well as employee can check the meeting status and can give feedback about the system and other activities. • Employee can schedule a meeting only if a slot is available and can complain about any unnecessary activity. • Admin can manage, add or update user, assets or room details.

4. 4 • Reservation of rooms for meeting held at different institutes manually. • Total scheduling of meeting is done by paper work. • It takes time and can produce conflicts. • It is hard to save and manage meetings data across a specific meeting. • If any person want to know about the room status, he/she definitely contact to admin and then will be able to reserve a room for meeting. • There is no system to display status of meeting room outside the rooms.

5. 5 The Ideal • The system will provide a quick and easy solution to schedule meeting by saving paperwork. • The user will automatically schedule a meeting. The Reality • User has hard to schedule a meeting because he/she has to walk from one wing to another to schedule a meeting. • The company had hard time managing rooms and assets which is time consuming. The Consequences This system is design to get rid of • Extra time • Extra expenses • Human resource

6. 6 • Mobile phone or web will be utilized to schedule a meeting at rooms. • A computer system will be used to store employee data. • Simple and professional GUI for managing assets and room details. • Status across each room displayed. • System will generate summary of meetings at a particular day. • Proper interface for complaints and feedbacks of system will be designed.

7. 7 User/Employee • A login authentication will be designed to validate the user’s login. • A password recovery system will be design to change password in case of password forgotten before login. • A user dashboard will be design to accommodate each schedule placed against current user and as well edit profile window is design to edit user information. Admin • A poll of request will be design to accommodate ongoing and incoming request. • A notification is generated whenever a request is approved by admin. • Admin will keep track of all information about users. • A registration window will be design to add new user personal details. • Admin will manage the database. Public User • A user will be able to view rooms and assets available in rooms. • A user will be able to view the list of meeting spaces available. • A user can give feedback about meetings, room details and assets.

8. 8 • Administrators will be given access to the system with username and password. • Administrators will be given facility to add new employee by entering employee details. • Administrators will be able to view the schedules by entering date and time. • Administrators will be able to check the assets needed in a room upon request. • Administrators can change password of employee upon request. • User will able to create/schedule a meeting through android or web. User’s request will send to admin for confirmation. • User can change time and date of meeting only slot is free for current user or future user. • User can acquire assets to be use within the room during meeting by sending request to the admin.

9. 9 use case diagram of system

10. 10 Sequence diagram of Login

11. 11 Sequence Diagram of Give Feedback

12. 12 Sequence Diagram of Place Complaint

13. 13 Sequence Diagram of Add Room

14. 14 Activity diagram of Login

15. 15 Activity diagram of Place Complaint

16. 16 Activity diagram of Approve Meeting

17. 17 Activity diagram of Schedule Meeting

18. 18 Activity diagram of Check Status

19. 19

20. 20 Class Diagram of System

21. 21 ERD Diagram of System

22. 22 Deployment diagram of System

23. 23 Names Tasks Sheikh Abdul Wahab • Web Interface design and Development • Login Module • User and Technical Documentation Muhammad Zeejah Hashmi • Mobile interface design and development • Room Reservation System • Meeting Scheduling Raja Aman Ullah • Database Design and Development • Layers architecture implementation • Active Directory management system

24. 24 Tools • MS Visual Studio 2010 or above • MS SQL Server 2008 or above • Android Studio 2.3.3 or any latest version Language • JAVA • C# • MySQL • • HTML • AJAX/JQuery Technologies • Boostrap • Android SDK • Web Services • • Web Techonlogies (CSS,HTML,JS etc)

25. 25 System Specification • Processor – Hp core i5 g4 and above • Hard Disk – 20 GB or above • Memory – 8GB RAM • Android device (version kitkat 4.4 or above)

26. 26

27. 27

28. 28

29. 29

30. 30

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