Meeting 14 (2/20/14)

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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: greasyfriedrice



teach kids how to play games

I’LL BEGIN ONCE IT’S QUIET. I start at 11 because OCD

League of Legends [LOL] Club (Meeting 14) Kevin Nguyen Youmin Baek

wow I pulled an all nighter

Patch 4.2 (Champions)           Xerath (Reworked) Skarner (Slapped in the face and nerfed) Ashe (HS cd reduced, bonus gold 3 @ AR) Dr Mundo (Cleaver diet) Evelynn (Q missle speed + for proximity) Kayle (Q ratio -, W ratio/effect +, R no cost) Riven (Base HP regen -, E 70/100/130/160/190, 90/120/150/180/210) Rumble (Visual upgrade) Thresh (Basic attack range downed) Ziggs (Short Fuse nerfed, Minefield nerfed)

Patch 4.2 (Items+Masteries+etc)  Stattik Shiv (Passive only procs when crit)  Perserverance mastery nerfed (halved)  Flat damage reduction on top/mid outer turrets only for first 8 mins  Pick order in ranked is now random, duos will give captain first pick, and partner original captain pick


Champion of the Week: Trundle  880 RP | 4800 IP

Skin of the Week: Heartseeker Ashe(975 RP)

Last Week’s Straw Poll

This Week’s Straw Poll 

A..Trip?  Baltimore?

League Question of the Week:  Do you think Riot is overdoing the nerfs/buffs? What changes do you think should be made?

Unrelated Question of the Week?  What’s the longest time you’ve ever stayed up on a school night?

MISSION OF THE WEEK:   Missions of the week are a way to get yourself known in the club. This is how you participate. I’ll begin uploading the most well received images to facebook in an album. This month’s mission: Deadline March 20th Design a tshirt that represents ghslol club. Entries from previous missions will be uploaded to Facebook today or tomorrow.   Skype @ kevinlolwut  League @ idoitsideways 

Last Week’s Mission: Take any picture you have, and send it to me. Quotes encouraged. (League Edition) Title | Name | Next Page Picture | Nathan ->

“Draven” | by Nathan | -> Meshach

“Banter in the Chat” | Meshach | -> Patrick

“Abyssal Scepter” | By Patrick -> | Nathan

“More Draven” | By Nathan

Yearbook Pictures  2:40 PM  Friday  Gym

Got a question for the club?   Twitter @ghslol

Got a personal question? (NSFW)


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