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Published on December 19, 2008

Author: jenkWilloe


Meet the Communication Process by a Journey This was my last journey with my friends at Communication Department of Airlangga University that I can captured. This journey was held by my department once in two year called Study Excursion. From this journey, we can see the communication process like broadcast process, journalist process, and also advertising process. This journey take time about five or six days, I’m not quite sure about the time, but I remember it was held on November 2007. From this journey I visit several places, but I think the important places that I must keep on my mind was Television Station like Trans TV and RCTI, Print Media like Femina Group and Antara News Officer, and Matari Advertising Agency. So, I will tell you about my journey at this places, if you don’t go there yet, better you continued to read my stories. 1. Well, we start with Trans TV, one of television station in Indonesia. Trans TV was new member of television station in Indonesia, but have a great success in audience acceptance. From this journey I found that Trans TV building was not huge, and just have several studio, I don’t know for sure, but maybe three until five studio. That studio was on first floor, and second floor was for production process. I can’t captured it because Trans TV give no permission to do that. I just can captured room that near from the receptionist desk. Well, if you enter Trans TV building, what you see at the first time was receptionist desk, on left you will see waiting room, and on the right side you will see their café called Coffee Been. If you enter its studio, you will smell an “unique smell”, I don’t know, but I think its smell from paint, board, and electronic stuff. But that’s because we enter that studio when its studio prepared for their television program. At second floor, where the production processed, you will see several small room. I don’t know how Trans TV so success? Because they just have small room for production process. And after they merging with Trans 7, this building was not just for Trans TV production, but also Trans 7 production, I mean one building for two television station. Well this is several picture that I can captured:

2. Now, we

compare Trans TV with RCTI. RCTI was one of television station that can still exist and still success from 80’s or 90’s until this time. Of course it condition different from Trans TV. RCTI have a huge studio and huge area for their studio, so they have more than six big studio. RCTI more open than Trans TV, they give us permission to take a picture or video. And for me, I think RCTI accept us better than Trans TV. I can take a picture, I can use electronic stuff on its studio, I can use its studio for take picture with my friends, and also can practice to read news on camera, of course with its equipment too, if you want to be an anchor, don’t dream it, because you can try it on a true studio. Oya, I don’t smell what I smell on Trans TV, maybe because RCTI studio have huge size and have good ventilation. I can’t tell you about this studio deeply, because there is many room on this place, and its studio not just on one building, but a lot of building. So, one thing to remember if you enter RCTI, you must have a guide and don’t leave your guide, because it you will lost in this place. Maybe this picture can help you to imagine this place:

3. Femin a group. First, I’m sorry I have no picture to captured, because we just can visit their office, for production once we just can ask when they present their company. Femina group have several magazines, like femina, cita cinta, dewi, etc. Although I can’t see the production process, I still think its normal and usual, because for my experience when I visit Jawa Pos and Kompas, I don’t see their production process yet. And about the building, well Femina group just have small building, and of course room for their crew and staff small too, I can say that because its building smaller than Jawa Pos. But, my friends feel more comfort in this place, because a lot of their crew and staff was a girl. Femina group was company that focus on woman and girl magazine, although they also have one or two man magazines. 4. Antara News Officer. Well, Antara was the old one for news officer in Indonesia. They was different from other media, they have a little media to spread out their news. They was not print media or electronic media, they just use several media to spread out their news, that was their product, just news, that’s why they called ‘Officer’. If you still difficult to imagine their duty, I will help you to understand. Have you think how can news that we can catch in a day be so much of

topics and taken from different places? Where the media can get a lot of news in a day and from different place? Do you think each media have much reporter enough to fulfill their news necessity? Maybe Jawa Pos Group can do it in future. But, for now it still difficult for media to collect news by theirself, they still need source of information to help them fulfill their news necessity. And for this, media need an officer like Antara News Officer. I don’t have picture that I can share, because like their position, they just have office and electronic media to spread out their news and to collect their news, and this office just one or two floor, and its located on the top from a building, not their building, I’m sorry I forgot the name of building. 5. Last, I visit Matari Advertising Agency. This Ad agency was the old one in Indonesia, and if I don’t mistake, it was the first Ad agency in Indonesia, and thing to remember, this is was the first Ad agency that use Indonesian people for staff and make advertising truly Indonesia. The example of their client was Unilever and Astra. They have their complete production equipment, like photo studio and amphi-theatre, and of course the studio depend on their necessity of location. Its building have four floor and located on Kuningan. I forgot why I don’t have picture from this place, I don’t know for sure, but on my memory I have no permission to do that, except captured their first floor, receptionist desk and waiting room. So for this I don’t have a picture to share.

Yeah, that’s all my journey that I can share with you. Of course better if you can participate on that journey by yourself. Oh ya, I almost forgot, all my journey located on one city, Jakarta. For me, from this journey I must thinking not just twice maybe ten or more to choose job as journalist. And for advertising, I like it but I don’t want to limited creation with deadline, so better I choose another job that still have connection with my knowledge.

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