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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: RebeccaKlemm



Meet the fun and friendly number characters of Team Ten! You will get to know zero through nine and their different personalities based on historical and cultural usage from around the world.

Meet Team Ten!

I’m Zero the Hero! Though I am the baby number, I keep the team together as the team leader. In the history of math, my discovery allowed the other numbers to become more powerful by expressing values greater than 9. I love all things oval, including the Milky Way, and my favorite spot is the location where the Prime Meridian crosses the Equator. I will be a manager and team leader. I like the Mayan numbering system since it included a zero, and I can also tell you about how the Brahmi system traveled to Europe by the Arabs to create the base 10 system used worldwide today. Zero

I’m number 1! I’m a bit boastful, but also lonely at times. I feel like I come from Mespotamia, where the Babylonians recorded the first written numbering system using clay tablets and a stylus. Today you can use your finger as the stylus on the electronic tablet! I love tall skinny buildings – you may guess why! My favorite animal is the Arctic narwhal with its single long tusk. I like the shape of an egg with one point and one yolk. My goal is to be a politician, surgeon or trial attorney. Sometimes the rest of the team has to tell me not to always run to the front of the line, since I love to be first! One

1 wants to teach you about writing technology over the centuries: Ancient tablet and stylus…

…modern tablet and stylus. 1 wants to teach you about writing technology over the centuries:

I’m number 2! I enjoy everything that comes in pairs, like camels with two humps. Since Rome was founded by the twin brothers, Romulus and Remus, I like to talk about Roman numerals. I identify with the heart shape, with its two sides, and also because I am the empathetic member of the team. I will be a teacher or nurse when I grow up. Two

I’m number 3! I add stability to the team like triangles do to buildings. I love to talk about the Great Pyramids of Giza, the oldest standing structures created by humans. My favorite animal is the 3-toed sloth from South America. I like the Three Blind Mice, Three Musketeers, and the three witches of Macbeth. I play the musical triangle. Since triangles are the “sacred shape” of architecture, I aspire to be a builder or architect. Three

I’m number 4 – the team geek and proud of it! Because of my glasses with four sides (did you notice?), some folks call me “four-eyes.” I love the painter Mondrian, since his paintings include lots of rectangles and squares. I never get lost because I know the four directions. With four the sacred number of the Navajo Nation, I like to tell the story of the Navajo Code Talkers. I will be an engineer, physicist, mathematician, or cartographer. A four fun fact: The four- color theorem proves that all maps can be colored with only 4 colors. Four

I’m proud to be number 5! I love everything military, especially the US Pentagon and all 5-star generals. I also hang out with firemen to assist in opening pentagon-shaped fire hydrants, and I use my 5 senses wherever I go. I like the logo of the Olympics because of its 5 interlocking rings. I enjoy tallying since it uses 5 marks--4 dashes and a 5th cross hatch mark--as well as the Asian calculator based on 5’s, called an abacus. I like to visit Angkor Wat since it includes 5 center spires, a design known as a quincunx. My 5-fingered hand sends you “High five!” Five

I’m number 6! I love crystals and hexagon- shaped items: snowflakes, bee hives, and lots of floor tiles! I look forward to being a scientist and like to talk about Antarctica due to its ice cover as the “frozen continent.” I love chemical formulae with hexagons and remind all that Carbon is the 6th element of the Periodic Table of the Elements. I also like to compose music with my hexagon-shaped pencil and then play it on my 6-stringed guitar. I raise bees and love to hunt for bugs with their 6 legs. Six

I’m number 7 – the team rogue from the Seven Seas! I wear a mustache and sail the seven seas looking for the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World. I like that there are seven days of the week and that rainbows have seven colors. Did you know that the Statue of Liberty has 7 rays on her crown to represent the seven seas and/or the seven continents? I am the lucky number of the western world, as the most likely amount when a pair of dice is rolled. I like to recite the Seven Stages of Man sonnet by Shakespeare. When I grow up I will be a real estate developer or entrepreneur as I like to take risks. Seven

I’m number 8! Since I’m the lucky number of China, I love everything Chinese – especially the Beijing Olympics which started on 8/8/08 at 8:08:08 in the evening. My favorite animal is the octopus. I love stop signs since they are red octagons in shape and octagonal houses built in the USA and Canada during the 1850’s. Sometimes I scare people with 8-legged spiders! I will be an international trader as I love global business. Eight

I’m number 9! You know me as the team fashionista as I am “dressed to the nines.” I go “the whole 9 yards” and love cats with their 9 lives. My favorite sport is baseball with its 9 innings and team of 9 players. I like visiting the Kowloon area of Hong Kong as it means “9 dragons” in Chinese. I like to discuss the Quipu knot-based numbering system of the Incas since it looks like jewelry. I aspire to be a fashion designer or model, or lead a TV reality show. Nine

Number Links: Animals 0- glass lizard 1- narwhal 2- camel 3- three-toed sloth 4- kitten 5- starfish 6- bee in honeycomb 7- ladybug 8- octopus 9- nine-spotted moth

Number Links: Musical Instruments 0- drum (North America) 1- ektara (India) 2- ehru (China) 3- balalaika (Russia) 4- ukelele (Hawaii) 5- banjo (orig. Africa) 6- guitar (Spain) 7- guqin (China) 8- mandolin (Italy) 9- kelstone (Belgium)

Number Links: Shapes

Number Links: Dominos

Number Links: Sign Language

World Numbers Poster

World Numbers Poster: List of Rim Languages (clockwise from top left) Slovenian, Albanian, Belarussian, Tajik, Latvian, Czec h, Danish, Dutch & Flemish, Zulu, Macedonian, Filipino, Yiddish, Latin, L ithuanian, Hmong, Telugu, Serbian, Norwegian, Hun garian, Haitian Creole, Romanian, Kurdish, Estonian, Hawaiian, Guj arati, Ukrainian, Afrikaans, Galician, Persian/Farsi/D ari, Uzbek, Turkmen, Georgian, Armenian, Kikuyu, S amoan, Kazakh.

Kids love their number friends!

Jasper Johns, Zero To Nine, 1958-1959

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