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Published on July 31, 2015

Author: Fractl


1. Inbound Marketing Strategy Get a marketing road map that utilizes channels, tactics, and tools to attract your target customer at different stages of the buying cycle. WEEXCEL AT Integrated Content Marketing From start to finish, we handle all aspects of your content marketing campaigns, including ideation, research, writing, production, design, and promotion. Content Production Whether you need infographics, blog posts, videos, or the latest cutting-edge content format, our team of specialized content creators will tell your story in creative and engaging ways. Digital PR & Influencer Marketing Increase your reach and engage new audiences with our services designed to grab the attention of top publishers and social influencers. Search Engine Optimization SEO is more than where you rank – it's about who is finding you. We lead the right people to you with our SEO services that focus on attracting your target customer. Blog Development & Management We create fully optimized blogs and then keep them topped off with value-packed posts that audiences and search engines love. Social Media Marketing We craft the right messaging and share the right content to engage your target audience, no matter where they hang out on the web. Paid Social Advertising We identify the best social platforms for reaching your ideal customer and then use targeted ads to boost traffic and awareness for your campaigns.

2. Achieved a 4x sales growth from SEO and 330% growth in SEO clicks in one year for eBay Deals Drove a 5,000% increase in organic search traffic in less than two years for Secured more than 1,700 publisher stories and over 1.7 million social shares for Generated an 85% increase in published posts for the Lumber Liquidators blog​ Established a 225% increase in CTR, 115% increase in reach, and 192% increase in engagement for the eBay Facebook page​

3. 14 integrated content marketing campaigns More than 1,700 publisher features More than 1.7 million social shares Client Campaigns PublishedOn “We know that youcan have a flashy, high-techpresentation, butif yourdata isn’tinteresting,unique, or doesn’t provide an emotional or egobait typeof hook, then the presentationlikely won’t matter.” -Kristin Tynski, SVP Creative Local news syndication All-time most popular article on Movotoʼs blog Drove over 1.5 million views to Movoto's site with single campaign​

4. “Fractl isa results-driven company. Their expertiseliesinunderstanding what resonates with audiences from all walks of life. Thisability,combined withthe pure creative talent and unmatched executionskills,enables Fractl tocreate content that drives consumers to engageand convert.” -Jordan Koene, Global SEO at eBay In Year Two & Three: In Year One: 20 large-scale, multi-asset content marketing campaigns 330% growth in SEO clicks in one year 4x sales growth from SEO 700 publisher features SEO clicks grew by 2x year over year Sales grew by 1.5x year over year Traffic share grew by 4x year over year Achieved top rankings for multiple keyword sets​ Client Campaigns PublishedOn

5. “Dan and his company have always been on the cuttingedge of content marketing (sincebefore itwas even called that). I consider them a keypiece of our team and growingsuccess. If you’re willingto pushthe envelope and thinkin terms of ‘there isno box,’ then you want towork withFractl.” – Jeff Smith, CEO at Recovery Brands, LLC Client Campaigns PublishedOn In Year Two & Three: In Year One: 1,100% increase in organic traffic 1,200 featured stories for a single campaign More than 4 million views on the client’s site 12,500+ featured stories 1.2 million+ social shares Traditional media coverage, including TV, radio, and celebrity endorsements 400,000+ total domain authority of sites featuring campaigns​

6. Total Domain Authority: 15,674 Publisher Stories: 1,392 Social Shares: 104,886 Assets: Illustrations COMICBOOKWOMENWITHREALISTIC BODYTYPES Comic Book Women With Realistic Body Types Notable Pickups:

7. Total Domain Authority: 27,890 Publisher Stories: 916 Social Shares: 14,368 Asset: App YOURFACE AS AN ALCOHOLIC Your Face as an Alcoholic Notable Pickups:

8. Total Domain Authority: 13,226 Publisher Stories: 475 Social Shares: 15,810 Asset: Data Visualization WHICHCELEBRITIES ARE THE MOST INTOXICATEDON INSTAGRAM Which Celebrities Are the Most Intoxicated on Instagram Notable Pickups:

9. Total Domain Authority: 26,569 Publisher Stories: 827 Social Shares: 132,018 Assets: Morphing Gifs FACES OF ADDICTION Faces of Addiction Notable Pickups:

10. Total Domain Authority: 10,905 Publisher Stories: 205 Social Shares: 55,818 Asset: Photo-Realistic Rendering IS A BARBIE BODYPOSSIBLE? Is a Barbie Body Possible? Notable Pickups:

11. Total Domain Authority: 8,108 Publisher Stories: 217 Social Shares: 8,046 Assets: Morphing GIFs THE AVERAGE FACES OFDRUGABUSE The Average Faces of Drug Abuse Notable Pickups:

12. Total Domain Authority: 2,500 Publisher Stories: 41 Social Shares: 34,943 Asset: Scribe Video CAN YOURLANGUAGE AFFECT HOWYOUSPEND MONEY? Can Your Language Affect How You Spend Money? Notable Pickups:

13. Total Domain Authority: 1,013 Publisher Stories: 365 Social Shares: 9,024 Asset: Infographic 75 MARVELCHARACTER ORIGINSMAPPED ACROSSTHE ENTIRE WORLD 75 Marvel Character Origins Mapped Across the Entire World Notable Pickups:

14. Total Domain Authority: 5,758 Publisher Stories: 120 Social Shares: 4,350 Asset: Parallax DIGITALVANITY:A STUDY OF100CELEBRITIES AND THE #SELFIE REVOLUTION Digital Vanity: A Study of 100 Celebrities and the #Selfie Revolution Notable Pickups:

15. Total Domain Authority: 1,627 Publisher Stories: 245 Social Shares: 13,872 Asset: Interactive Map AVERAGE IQAND READINGLEVEL OF PEOPLEBY STATE Average IQ and Reading Level of People by State Notable Pickups:

16. Read more about our research on Harvard Business Review:​ “This was abig hit in the office,and with readers –love it!Thanks so much for the great post.” – Managing Editor, Harvard Business Review We conducted a survey to discover which emotions were present among the most viral images on the web. We use this data in our content marketing campaigns to increase the likelihood of virality.

17. Learn more about the types of content that top-tier publishers find press-worthy: “Thanks foranother great post! I'm excitedtosee how this one is received, as I think it was really interestingand useful information.” – Managing Editor, Harvard Business Review We interviewed more than 500 top-tier publishers to find out what we can do to improve the noise-to-value ratio for people who desire press. Our findings have enabled us to build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with the web’s leading publishers. What characteristics does the perfect piece ofcontent possess?

18. Learn more about this research: “This research isawesome. The portfolioof work on your site really blows me away. Gorgeous stuff.” – Editor in Chief, Contently We analyzed 2.6 billion social media shares from 1 million articles by 190 top publishers on five platforms over six months and learned more about trends in social networks, publishers, and online content – and that these outlets are far from homogenous. Our research informs us which publishers are more effective than others at generating highly shared content, so we know where to pair your campaigns to get the largest reach. facebook

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