Meditation Techniques That Can Cure Anxiety

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Information about Meditation Techniques That Can Cure Anxiety
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Published on March 11, 2014

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MEDITATION  is a great way to relax  the mind and get rid of nervousness.  Anxiety  is often the result of a thought process that can’t be controlled, characterized by worry about daily events. If you are among those suffering from anxiety, here are some meditation techniques that may  achieve peace, serenity and  get rid of anxiety disorders:

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is a great way to relax the mind and get rid of nervousness. Anxiety is often the result of a thought process that can’t be controlled, characterized by worry about daily events. If you are among those suffering from anxiety, here are some meditation techniques that may achieve peace, serenity and get rid of anxiety disorders:

It’s all about being present and mindful, having an increased conscious awareness of surviving in the present moment and letting your mind run. It makes you accept whatever feelings or thoughts may come up, while being detached from each thought. You focus on everything you experience during meditation, like the flow of your breath; though the breathing is often times considered a sensation, not a particular concentration. There is no effort to change the breathing pattern, giving it some limits and making it observational rather than active. This is a self healing process since it enables you to treat your thoughts as temporary perceptions, thus controlling the way you respond to such impulses.

You can perceive your thoughts along with emotions and let them pass without judgment. This type of meditation is known to provide relief from pain that could help those experiencing depression and anxiety.

This type is often practiced either by kneeling in a Buddha-like position or in a sitting position, in preparation for relaxing the mind and body. It is usually done within long periods of time, closing your mind to thoughts and images. After some time, your heart rate slows down as well as your mind and encourage good feelings. Breathing becomes shallow and slow, putting you in a meditative state. There is no particular attention to the breath nor an attempt to change it.

Your thoughts will become isolated and deliberate focus on the present moment is all you are conscious of. There will be no reflection around the things you should have done or the things that must be done. This brings calmness, serenity and total relaxation. This results in a wonderful escape from the constant chatter of the subconscious mind. To get faster results, try to do this technique several times a day.

This basic practice surfaced from Vedanta, the meditative tradition within Hinduism. This technique provides a unique quality of rest to the mind and body, liberating stress and tiredness in a very natural way. You sit with your back straight in the lotus position using a mantra, such as a sacred word, sound or phrase repeatedly. Your focus is about rising above all that is impermanent and often leads to leaving the body. This is a more involved technique than mindfulness or .

It focuses on the breathing, but unlike in the Mindfulness kind, it changes the breathing pattern to change one’s state of being to narrow your conscious awareness and eliminate all thoughts from your mind, focusing only on your mantra to achieve a state of perfect consciousness and calmness. This type of meditation aids in pacifying your emotions and make your life stress-free.

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