Meditation for Inner Peace and Social Harmony

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Information about Meditation for Inner Peace and Social Harmony

Published on August 19, 2013

Author: rainjitananda



Slides of a presentation on Meditation for Inner Peace and Harmony by Dada Rainjitananda at the Cooper Union university in New York City. This is a quite comprehensive and in depth slide presentation on the topic with over 50 slides.

Meditation For Inner Peace and Social Harmony by Dada Rainjitananda

In this vast Universe…

…there are so many galaxies, stars and planets  …and amongst them

 The planet Earth In this planet there are so many beings,

Undeveloped beings and developed

…amongst them… …human beings

 Every being, every entity has a characteristic of its own.  The cause of its existence  The essential factor that keeps it alive, that makes it exist.  It may be a developed entity or any element, take for example:

Fire  What is the essential characteristic of fire?  What is the reason for its existence?

 To burn.  It exists because…  …it burns

Human Beings  What is the essential characteristic of human beings?

Human life  What is human life for?  What are human beings searching for?  The Yogis say:  Happiness, love  Peace Bliss

 How much of that?  How much of happiness / peace do we want?  How many minutes, hours or days?

But what is happening in the world?

Progress??  Are we progressing??

Are the people finding that peace and happiness?

What is the difficulty?  The senses  The mind

For how long are the senses pleased?  Eyes – Movie – 2 hours  Ears – Music CD – 1 hour  Feeling – roller coaster ride – 10 min  Taste – Ice Cream – 5 min  Smell – Flower – 10 sec  The senses have a limited capacity to satisfy

What is Meditation  It is a system to develop the human mind in all aspects  To attain harmony, inner peace and happiness.

The Human Mind  In YOGIC science the mind is divided into layers

The First Layer  The Conscious Mind

The Second Layer The Subconscious Mind

The Superconscious Mind  Third Layer: Supramental – intuition, creativity  Fourth Layer: Subliminal – conscience and non-attachment  3. Fifth Layer: the golden layer.

How to reach there?

The Microcosm and … The human being

…the Macrocosm  The Cosmic Consciousness

Mental Expansion  The microcosm is like a drop of water  The Macrocosm is like the ocean  When the microcosm thinks of the Macrocosm…  …human mind expands to infinite

The “Mantra”  Thinking about the Infinite…  … the Macrocosm,  … the Cosmic Consciousness.  It is a thought or a word which expands the mind …calms the mind  …and liberates it from limitations  No side effects




MANTRA  Meditating with a mantra helps the mind to reach the deeper layers

Regular practice is a must to attain progress in Meditation.

How does meditation affects the society?

Movement  The movement with the help of meditation is from the external layers to the inner layers of the mind.  Each layer being more expanded than the previous one.  The Microcosm expands to merge with the Macrocosm.

 Now if, during this process of movement,the mind becomes heavy, it will not be able to move forward.  Suppose you are crossing a river. If the boat becomes heavy due to water percolation, what will happen?  You will not be able to cross the river.  You will have to arrange to pump the water out.

 So what is this process of pumping out the water in the case of the human mind?  How to free the mind from worldly bondages ?  By rendering selfless service to society.

Human society …is one and… …indivisible

 Today, due to superstition, dogmatism narrow-mindedness, separatism and all kinds of `isms' human society is splitting into numerous parts

 In order to build the human society it is necessary to adopt the path of synthesis.

 To build a society, there are two distinct psychologies.  One is service psychology, which inspires people to promote collective interest.

 The second is group psychology, which only tries to promote the limited interest of a small group.

 The thoughts and ideas of those who are guided by service psychology remain far above narrow group interests.

 On the other hand, those who are guided by group psychology want to establish the authority of their group and impose their interests on others.  This leads to inter-personal and inter- group conflict.

 Only the psychology of service, the synthetic approach leads to unity and cohesion amongst numerous individuals and groups.

Psychic Movement  When people move in the psychic sphere they should define a mission in their minds, and they should move towards the fulfillment of that mission.

 Suppose a student is studying.  He will have to remember that he has to pass an examination.  If he does not think about passing the examination,  if he studies  only for the sake of study,  he will never pass it.

 To keep a mission before one's eyes is mandatory.  If there is no mission, then psychic endeavor will become meaningless.  It will be just a waste of time.

What is the best mission? • One’s mission is to promote the welfare of the world. • The welfare of the universe.

Beyond the mental sphere. • Above the mental sphere there is the spiritual sphere. • In the spiritual sphere the movement is internal, from mind to spirit. • Here the mission is Self- Realization.

•One meditates.  When there is the question of Self- Realization , of spiritual beatitude, one will have to move within.

 For psychic progress and to make the mind light we take the mission of “Universal welfare”…  And for Self-Realization we meditate on the Universal Consciousness with the help of a Mantra.  This is the formula of the path of bliss.

Universal Mantras Baba Nam Kevalam Everything is Cosmic Consciousness Love is all there is

Let us experience meditation  Baba Nam Kevalam  Everything is Cosmic Consciousness  Love is all there is


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