Meditation and Relaxation: Top Reason Why Do We Need To Meditate

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Information about Meditation and Relaxation: Top Reason Why Do We Need To Meditate

Published on March 3, 2014

Author: upgofficial



Meditation will improve you intuitive abilities, helping you be more aware of the needs of others around you. Your health will improve greatly, for being more relaxed physically and mentally will allow your body to heal and repair itself with more efficiency.


WHY DO WE NEED TO MEDITATE? In this day and age of fast living stress and related illnesses, we need to find something that will bring a more balanced relaxed rhythm into our lives.

emotional and mental illnesses and stress manifest into our lives, families begin to fall apart and marriages break up.

This can be done by meditation, a simple exercises, when practiced on a regular basis, and perfected, will promote in your life, clarity, understanding and a calm sense of being.

Using meditation will bring a sense of balance to one's life, it can be used to achieve more clarity and insight, for with practice, you will attune to your inner needs and be aware of all the areas that need nurturing.


Physical Benefits of MEDITATION

1.“It can Lower your high blood pressure”

2.“Improves the immune system”

3.“It Increases the energy level”

4.“Improved breathing & oxygenate the body effectively. ”

5.“It Decreases any tensionrelated pain”

Mental Benefits of MEDITATION

1.“It improves your Emotional stability”

2.“It increases your Happiness”

3.“It increases your Creativity”

4.“It will improve you intuitive abilities”

5.“You will Gain clarity and peace of mind”

Lifestyle Benefits of MEDITATION

1.“Increased productivity through focus. ”

2.“ Improved interpersonal relationship.”

3.“ Increased tolerance, compassion and empathy for others”

4.“Improved to be more responsive to your own needs”

5.“It increase self confidence and selfesteem.”

Spiritual Benefits of MEDITATION

1.“increases knowledge & acceptance of the self”

2.“Increased tolerance, compassion & empathy for others”

3.“It Can intensify feelings of unconditional love”

4.“It can develop a sense of “connectedn ess”. ”

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