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Published on September 8, 2008

Author: drpeter



Peter Murray's contribution to the bloggers panel at Medicine 2.0, Sept 2008

Collaborative blogging for health informatics professional development Peter J. Murray

Peter J. Murray Director and Founding Fellow, CHIRAD, UK Vice President Strategic Planning, IMIA Blogs panel – Medicine 2.0

With thanks to other colleagues: Margaret Maag Karl Øyri Rod Ward Scott Erdley Bill Perry

Blogs panel – Medicine 2.0

Blogs panel – Medicine 2.0

Blogs panel – Medicine 2.0

Successes Good feedback; hits and readers; good evaluation of value Collaborative model To get interaction, several perspectives, spread workload – provide professional development Health/nursing informatics events medinfo2004, medinfo2007, NI2006, MIE2005, MIE2006, HISA2008, SINI, Rutgers, etc 'Failures' Not as much interaction as we would have liked - why? Added interaction Talkr, photos, mobile blogging, ...

Where did we start? It's all Rod Ward's fault There was online reporting (and life)    before blogs, Google, Web 2.0 etc Blogs panel – Medicine 2.0

Blogs panel – Medicine 2.0

Blogs panel – Medicine 2.0 NI2000 - Auckland, New Zealand

Blogs panel – Medicine 2.0 NI2003 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

October 15, 2004 - 700 posts - >35 contributors Informaticopia -

Medinfo2004 Sept 2004, San Francisco Rod-style web report PLUS blog Blogs panel – Medicine 2.0

Havana, CUBA 2007 Geneva, SWITZERLAND 2005 Baltimore, USA 2005-08 Vienna, AUSTRIA 2007 Seoul, KOREA 2006 Harrogate, UK 2005-07 San Francisco, USA 2004, 2007 Maastricht, NETHERLANDS 2006 Regensburg, GERMANY 2007 Goteborg, SWEDEN 2008 Edinburgh, UK 2006 Brisbane, AUSTRALIA 2007 Durban, SOUTH AFRICA 2008 Toronto, CANADA 2006 Blogs panel – Medicine 2.0

Purposely collaborative model – 'on-the-fly', 'real-time' blogging     Professional development and virtual participation Tried different blogging software (b2evolution, Blogger, Sys9, Tiki-wiki ...)‏ Settled on WordPress (for the moment - plug-ins)‏ Core 'krew' of contributors – welcome others In practice, usually 2-3 main contributors per event Blogs panel – Medicine 2.0

text-to-speech -> podcast Plug-ins: Asides (like Twitter)‏ Spam-karma Photos: within posts Picasa ClustrMap Feedjit Blogs panel – Medicine 2.0

Live blogging Twitter-like Multiple contributors Add others 'on the fly' Replayable archive Blogs panel – Medicine 2.0

Blogs panel – Medicine 2.0

Blogs panel – Medicine 2.0

Blogs for virtual conference participation What we had hoped for: - lots of people wanting to post items - lots of comments - lots of readers - demonstration of the collaborative model working. Blogs panel – Medicine 2.0

Blogs for virtual conference participation What we found: - many promised but few delivered - the principal providers were the main bloggers - interaction is lower than hoped for - reminders to people help in readership levels. Blogs panel – Medicine 2.0

Blogs, interaction and participation – some evaluation data and lessons learned Generally felt to be a useful adjunct to events Most felt it was easy to use Should be available post-event (archive)‏ Must be easy to access and participate - eg wireless – or people won't post during the event Reminders boost readership RSS feeds to email/browser Blogs panel – Medicine 2.0

Conference blogs - on-the-fly reportage or analysis? - time and collaboration elements make it different from much other blogging - we believe it is worth doing, and valuable to those who read and contribute Blogs panel – Medicine 2.0

Further information and contact (and any updated version of presentation) ‏ [email_address] Blogs panel – Medicine 2.0

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