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Published on March 9, 2014

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The pharmaceuticals and biotechnology sectors are currently facing increasing some time and cost i...

Medicine :: Biomarkers in Late Stage Clinical Trials: Applications, opportunities and activities of leading players | The pharmaceuticals and biotechnology sectors are currently facing increasing some time and cost issues related to clinical trials in drug discovery. The cost of having a new drug can reach $2 billion; clinical trials, regulatory approval and subsequent launch usually takes to a decade. Biomarkers reduce the attrition rate these days stage many studies by assessing drug potential regarding efficacy and toxicity at the first stages of the clinical development. Thus, biomarkers significantly increase productivity, lower the fee and duration with the medical trial, and help researchers complete drug development process at a faster pace. This report reviews various biomarker technologies and therapy area applications. Market drivers and restraints are viewed inside the context of biomarker activity of leading innovator companies along with contract research organizations. Key popular features of this report The report analyzes revenues lately stage biomarker technology and services in North America, Europe, Asia and rest with the world. Provides key market drivers and restraints in the biomarker market. Covers microarrays, immunoassay, LC/MS and GC/MS, flow cytometry, imaging, PCR and services Provides patent analysis regarding competitors and geography.

Scope of this report Understand and assess the growth potential of emerging technologies. Understand biomarker activity in numerous studies of leading market players. Gain know-how about the relative importance in the biomarker late stage numerous studies technologies inside next 5 years for investment opportunities. Learn which therapy areas leading market players inside the late stage biomarker many studies market. Determine the collaborations and partnerships of the major market players. Key Market Issues The pharmaceutical and biotech sectors are currently facing increasing duration and price the business of clinical trials in drug discovery. Funding from government sources like the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have not increased significantly over the last couple of years. Late stage failures less difficult more costly than early ones. The rising requirement for better safety data has put a considerable amount of regulatory and economic pressure on pharmaceutical companies. The current average approval rate of cancer drugs will be as low as 5%, even though the development period can reach 20 years. More than 50% of numerous studies fail in Phase III as a result of host of reasons, greater disease complexity, stiffer clinical endpoints, as well as the inability of your data to prove drug effectiveness. Key findings from this report The biomarkers in late stage many studies companies are largest in North American and European region, with Europe having the second largest market. North America constitutes the major market share with the immunoassay, flow cytometry and GC/MS and LC/MS having high market growth. Caprion proteomics, Applied BioSystems, BG Medicine, Covance, Eli Lilly, Pfizer and Astra Zeneca are some with the major companies engaged in collaborative partnerships in the past several years. A number of market players have formed strategic alliances for that development and sharing of technology for biomarker applications within the late stage numerous studies. Pharmaceutical companies are focusing mainly on cancer biomarkers to be used in late stage (Phase III and IV) numerous studies. Key questions answered

How is the biomarker late stage numerous studies market segmented and after that growth be to 2014? What are the major technologies which may have emerged such as microarrays, PCR, LC/MS and GC/MS? In which areas are the companies focusing while forming strategic alliances with other industrial players? What is the competitive landscape and what is the strategic focus of innovator companies, CROs and biomarker specialists? What applications are pharmaceutical companies centering on while conducting late stage biomarker numerous studies? Table of Contents Biomarkers in Late Stage Clinical Trials Executive summary 12 Market dynamics 12 Biomarker activity at leading pharma companies 13 Applications of biomarkers in numerous studies 13 Biomarker marketplace for late stage numerous studies by tools and services 14 Company profiles 15 Chapter 1 Market dynamics 18 Chapter 2 Biomarker activity at leading pharma companies 40 Chapter 3 Applications of biomarkers in many studies 62 Chapter 4 Biomarker market for late stage clinical trials by tools and services 80 Appendix 147

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