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Information about Medicaltourism

Published on June 2, 2016

Author: mtainfo


1. Medical Tourism Medical tourism is a term that has risen from the rise of international health care where people from all around the world are traveling to other countries to get general medical surgery, cosmetic plastic surgery and dental surgery at a fraction of the cost of healthcare in their home country. And, while abroad, if physical conditions allow, patients will experience the fascinating cultural attractions their destination country offers. Overseas surgery is quickly changing into a secure and viable choice to health care in the U.S. and Canada. There are several reasons for the increased popularity of international medical travel services: • Outrageous health care prices in industrialized nations • Long waiting lists for surgery in countries offering socialized health care • Ease and affordability of international travel • Favorable currency exchange rates in foreign countries leading to low cost surgery • Rapidly rising technology and standards of care in several countries • Proven safety of health care in select foreign nations • International certification of foreign hospitals • U.S., U.K. and Australian board certified surgeons operating in select foreign countries.

2. There are four basic groups of North Americans who are most curious about medical tourism and therefore the cost savings it provides: • 47 Million uninsured Americans • 250 Million Insured Americans with restricted coverage because of pre- existing conditions, resulting in owed expenses • 34 Million Canadians receiving socialized medicine and enduring long wait lists for several popular surgeries • probably, 330 Million North Americans seeking elective cosmetic and/or dental surgery More and more individuals are seeking the experience of medical tourism companies to travel abroad as an affordable, enjoyable, and safe alternative to having medical, dental, and cosmetic surgical procedures done in their home countries. Currently medical tourism patients are traveling in massive numbers to Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador, India, Malaysia, Mexico, South Africa, Thailand and Turkey – places where the quality of affordable health care is capable anyplace else within the world and nevertheless the value is considerably lower. These regions also provide various choices for traveling, sight-seeing, shopping, exploring, and relaxing.

3. Here are the most common terms used to describe this comparatively new industry: Medical tourism, Medical Outsourcing, Medical Travel and Health tourism It has been mentioned that overseas health care, generally named as medical tourism, medical travel, health tourism, or medical outsourcing is expected to become a multi-billion dollar business by 2012. Whether you call it medical tourism, medical travel, health tourism, or medical outsourcing, the concept is the same. It seems as if this idea of traveling abroad to receive health care is going to become a viable choice for many years to come. Although “medical tourism” has been the descriptor for this new rising industry, it is necessary to understand that Medical Tourism Abroad features a completely different philosophy on the thought of traveling abroad to receive your surgery. We perceive the seriousness of receiving top quality medical care and so allowing your body to recuperate from the surgery. No gimmicks…no selling promotional material. The tourism part of the method is viewed because the least necessary factor and will only be thought of once you’re totally recuperated. Many firms are using the term “medical tourism” as a inducement to draw in clients into this new rising thought of overseas medical treatment, we do not. To effectively become the leader in providing health care abroad, our focus is placed on the effectiveness of our hospital partners regardless of the physical location of their facility. In this respect, we will stay the leader of facilitating global health care in a very safe and affordable manner. A word of caution: Be very careful if trying to set up your own international medical travel program. There are several problems that don’t seem to be apparent to the first time medical traveler. One small oversight is the difference between a winning and unsuccessful surgery abroad. By operating with a full service medical tourism company that provides a guarantee, you may greatly scale back the probabilities of something going wrong. Take this method of health tourism very seriously. After all, it is your health and welfare.

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