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Published on October 18, 2007

Author: regalis



Medical Tourism in India


Medical Tourism • The concept of traveling to another country for Medical Treatment combined with an Exotic Tourism Package is termed as Medical Tourism. • Cost effective Medical treatment combined with Leisure, fun and relaxation is increasingly gaining popularity thus giving added value for your money. • Explore the endless possibilities of Medical Tourism Industry in India. • Discover the World of Care, Trust and Affordability..

Healthcare Business • Worlds largest after retailing • Global healthcare revenue US$ 2.8 trillion • India’s healthcare industry worth US$ 17 billion; to grow by 13% per annum for next 6 years • Cost difference in Health Procedure is rated between 200-800%

Facts & Figures • Medical tourism could account for 3-5% of the total healthcare delivery market. • India is rated amongst the world’s “must see top ten destination” by Conde Naste magazine. • A study by CII Mckinsey estimates that country could earn 5000-10,000 crore by 2012

WHY Medical Tourism. Issues related to Medical Treatment in Western Countries: – Long waiting – UK and other Developed nations. – Treatment very Expensive and unaffordable. – Costly Insurance leading to semi insured and uninsured population – US – Private hospitals very expensive.

Advantage India (Core Competencies) Quality – Large pool of doctors (Over 650,000), nurses & paramedics – Highly skilled experts, and – Possess English speaking skills Comfort Level – NRI doctors recognized as amongst best in adopted countries (First World) – Usage of English – Indian Nurses increasingly getting international exposure

“First World Treatment at Third World Costs” Value Proposition – Complicated surgical procedures possible at 1/10th the cost – Increase in use of Computerized Hospital Information Systems – Software technologists facilitating tech revolution in healthcare – State-of-the-art medical establishments of great repute

First World Treatment at Third World Cost Lower Medication cost: – Strong Pharma Sector and gaining world recognition – Fast emerging as major Drug R&D Center – Strong Generic drugs business – Low cost of drug development in India No waiting Tourist Interest: – 5000 year old civilization – Renowned for Historical, Cultural and Religious diversity – Diverse geographical landmarks; vast coastline – Traditional arts and crafts – Vibrant democracy: Freedom for citizens; empowered women population

Alternative Medicine Proposition – Ancient Ayurvedic stream of medicines – Rejuvenation alternatives: Kerala’s health retreats – Naturopathy – Yoga

COST EFFICIENCY in INDIA • • Estimated cost for a heart surgery in the Similarly, a metal-free dental bridge U.S is $30,000, however the same could worth $5,500 in the U.S. costs $500 in be performed India for about $6,000. India • • Similarly, a bone marrow transplant Lasik eye surgery worth $3,700 in the could cost about $2,50,000 in the US U.S. is available in many other countries while it could be done here for about for only $730. $26,000. • Cosmetic surgery savings are even greater: A full facelift that would cost $20,000 in the U.S. runs about $2,700 in the Philippines or $2,500 in South Africa or $ 2,300 in bolivia.”

Comparative Analysis (in USD) Procedure US UK Bangkok India Singapore Angioplasty 30000 21000- 4000 - 5000 4000 - 5000 5000 27000 Angiography 2500 - 2000 1100 400 800 3000 Hip replacement 19000 13000- 6000 6600 16000 Knee replacement 27000- 16000- 6000 6000 32000 18000 CABG 30000 6400 9600 Lasik 2250-2900 750 400

Insurance • India proactively talking to Foreign Insurance companies to treat their beneficiaries in India • Cashless benefits • Hassle Free

Government Support • Merging medical expertise and tourism became government policy when former finance minister Jaswant Singh, called for India to become a “global health destination”. • With over a Billion Indians in the World, it has been established that India is going to be the World Economic Power very soon. • A latest report by ‘The Independent’ declared that over 10,000 Britons travel to India every year for stomach tucks, breast enlargements and facelifts with a convalescence beach holiday thrown in.


SAFE MEDITOURS – SAMSA GROUP • Value Proposition from the Professionals. • Both for Clients and Partners growing benefits. • First time ever - Revolutionarised Premium Service Delivery. Changing the image of Medical Tourism. • Low cost, No Waiting List, Quality Service Assurance. • Free Accessibility to the world of Medical Professionals.

SAFE MEDITOURS – SAMSA GROUP • We give you the choice of Treatment. • You choose your Doctors. • You choose where and which Hospitals / Institutions you like to be treated. • We also recommend you and give you a cost effective, highly productive package.

MAKING A RIGHT CHOICE • Is all what it takes for you to embark on a journey of Success. • Be a part of a Revolution. • Discover the world of Care, Trust and Affordability. • We will give you a Quality Assurance because our guest (clients) will be the one to CHOOSE. We will be the facilitator.

SAFE MEDITOURS – OFFERS • To our clients – Affordable • To our Partners – Access to the Premium Quality Services. world of Medical combined with Tourism Professionals. • Custom made, value added packages • based on the requirement and Transparent policy and process. budget. • Free promotions and networking • Safety & Security whilst on the through our site. Tours. • Free Access to our Database.

CARE, TRUST & AFFORDABILITY • We know how…. • We have the Vision…. • And the answers ….. • Are you ready for a Change…….

SAFE MEDITOURS – SAMSA GROUP • India is Moving Ahead. • Success is inevitable. • We are moving ahead as a part of it… • ARE YOU… a part of us

Contact us SAFE MEDITOURS SAMSA GROUP Dubai – UAE HDQ – Mumbai, India. 14, Maker Arcade, CUFFE PARADE, Business Development Manager - ME Mumbai, India. PIN - 400 005. Email: Email: Tel. : +971.55.9104166 Tel: +91.22.40020235, 40020236 Dubai, UAE. Mobile : +91.9920446258 (24×7)

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