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Published on April 21, 2018

Author: deborah123


HIV/AIDS EPIDEMIC: Deborah Fejza Course Project Report HSC1531 Professor Finch HIV/AIDS EPIDEMIC What are AIDS and HIV?: AIDS is known as Acquired Immunodefiency Syndrome and HIV is known as Human Immunodefiency Virus. AIDS is a disease to the immune system created from the virus HIV, HIV destroys the CD4 lymphocytes of the immune system which makes the body very vulnerable to contract diseases and viruses. Not all people who have HIV will contract AIDS, HIV has stages AIDS being the last final stage and the harshest. What are AIDS and HIV? Risk Factors: HIV/AIDS can be easily transferred to people, the most common way being through sexual contact. If someone with HIV and has sexual contact with one who does not carry the virus they will then most likely be infected. HIV can be transferred from mother to child, if a women has HIV and gets pregnant they are in risk of giving the offspring HIV, but there are ways now to prevent that with special care that doctors recommend, such as C-section delivery, and being healthy throughout pregnancy. Vaginal Labor is not recommended because the baby may be exposed to blood from the mother and be infected. Risk Factors Ways to Get Infected: Number one way of getting HIV is through sexual contact. Another way could be sharing needles, such as getting tattoos with a unsanitary needle. A women infected with HIV breast feeding their baby which is highly recommended not to do because the baby might obtain HIV. Any sort of transmission through blood. Ways to Get I nfected Ways to Protect Oneself: Always use condoms to prevent obtaining viruses and diseases Do not share needles, or make sure they are fully sanitized. Do not breast feed infants or have Vaginal deliveries. Ways to Protect Oneself Being Diagnosed with HIV/AIDS: The most common way to being diagnosed with HIV or AIDS is through a blood test known as the Western Blot and Elisa There are even at home test that can be done, such as taking a swab of your mouth and placing it into a special tube and wait about 30 minutes to see results, or getting a small kit which you take a small sample of blood from your fingers and sending it to a lab to get results by phone call instead of having to go to a doctors office. Being Diagnosed with HIV/AIDS Medications : HIV and AIDS do not have a cure but there are medications that help slow down the virus. Some medications are Reverse Transcriptase, Protease inhibators , Fusion Inhibators , and Integrase inhibators , the purpose of these medications are to to stop HIV coping itself, and block off more viruses entering the body. Medications Medical Terms : Some medical terms that I came across are Opportunistic Infections which means an illness that occurs in people with weak immune systems also effecting people with HIV virus. Kaposi’s Sarcoma which is a cancer caused by overgrowth of blood vessels and will result in pinkish spots on the skin. Antiretroviral Therapy is a treatment given to HIV patients which consists of treatment with drugs that inhibit ability of retroviruses to multiply in the body. Medical Terms Diseases Related to HIV: Tuberculosis is an airborne disease which is the leading cause of death among people who have HIV, one-third of the population who have HIV will also have TB. Tuberculosis and AIDS have more of an effect in certain areas in the world such as sub-Saharan Africa, people there were infected with AIDS and died most likely died from also having TB. Diseases Related to HIV

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