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Information about Medical Spanish courses for doctors nurses medicine students

Published on November 25, 2012

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WELCOME TO ALHAMBRA I. ADULTS GROUPS INTERNSHIPS FREE BROCHURELEARN SPANISH COURSES ACCOMMODATION PRICES TOWNS BOOK NOW! FAQS CONTACT ACTIVITIES SPANISH COURSES IN MALAGA SPAIN You can download our Spanish Courses Brochure. Here you will find our Spanish language programme. Alhambra Instituto . Open 365 days a yearPRICE CALCULATOR SPANISH COURSES FOR MEDICAL PROFESSIONALSPrice Calculator This program is designed for doctors, medical students and other medical professionals who need to use Spanish C hoose C ity in their work. Physicians, nurse, physical and occupational therapist, physician assistant, massage therapist and C hoose C ourse other health care professionals have enrolled in this Med ical S p an ish im m ersion cou rse . This program will improve your Spanish language confidence and will enable you to communicate more effectively with your C hoose Start Level S p an ish -sp eakin g p atien ts . C hoose Nr. Weeks The importance of effective communication in the field of medicine cannot be over emphasised. True success in this field is dependent on inter-personal linguistic skills as well as scientific knowledge. The Start Date course is specifically designed to boost communicative competence. Emphasis is placed on p ractice an d h osp ital p roced u res so you can be positive that your medical knowledge is communicated in the most complete and informative manner.

How long can I take this cour se for ? Weeks: 2 weeks* Min im u m level A2** Min im u m ag e: 18 Id eal for: Professionals or students in the medical field.MISCELLANEOUS * For Combined Intensive programs course duration is flexible and is not limited to 2 weeksSPANISH FOR SENIORS * If you level is absolute beginner or A1 you have to participate in a least 3 week general Spanish courseBROCHURE & PRICES PDF The r eal m edical exper ience:INTERNSHIP IN SPAIN Apart from classes, visits to d ifferen t h ealth care settin g s (hospital, outpatient clinic, nursing facility, and/or surgery or rehabilitation center) in Malaga can be arranged with the purpose of motivating the student and exposing them to the Spain uniqueREFERENCES healthcare system.OFFERS & DISCOUNTS 2012-2013S PANIS H CO UR S ES FO RMEDICAL PR O FES S IO NALS W h a t yo u w i l l l e a r n ? :STUDY SPANISHWHY SPANISH?SPANISH COURSES FOR

ADULTSSPANISH COURSES FORGROUPSSPANISH COURSES FORTEACHERSBEGINNERS SPANISH COURSESALHAMBRAINSTITUTO S p a n i s h l a n g u a g e c o u r s e fo r M e d i c a l p r o fe s s i o n a l s - O b j e c ti v e s : The purpose of this medical Spanish class is to provide health science students and/or professionals with conversational Spanish and m ed ical term in olog y , as well as phrases, commands and conditions they might encounter in their work as health care professionals.In addition, this course can be personalized to meet your specific Spanish language needs. The students are encouraged to submit a list of vocabulary in advance for use in this class.The students enrolled in this course can focus on what ever topic of interest or issues they find most important relating to their profession. In Map Data - Terms of Use addition, the students enrolled will learn common m ed ical S p an ish vocab u lary while studying from the Medical Spanish Textbook.SPANISH INTENSIVECOURSES FOR CABINCREW, STEWARD &AIRHOSTESS Co u r s e T yp e s : In ten sive Med ical S p an ish in a g rou p 30 h ou rs p er w eek Gen eral S p an ish in a g rou p 20 hours per week From Mon d ay to Frid ay 9:00-13:00 Med ical S p an ish in a g rou p 10 hours per week From Mon d ay to Frid ay 13:00-15:00 Starting dates 2013: 4 of March, 6 of May, 1 of July, 2 of September Com b in ed In ten sive Med ical S p an ish : g rou p lesson s + p rivate tu ition 25 h ou rs p er w eek Gen eral S p an ish in a g rou p 20 hours per week From Mon d ay to Frid ay 9:00-13:00

Med ical S p an ish O n e-to-O n e 5 hours per weekFrom Mon d ay to Frid ay 13:00-14:00Starting dates 2013: every Monday Com b in ed In ten sive Med ical S p an ish : g rou p lesson s + p rivate tu ition 30 h ou rs p er w eekGen eral S p an ish in a g rou p 20 hours per weekFrom Mon d ay to Frid ay 9:00-13:00Med ical S p an ish O n e-to-O n e 10 hours per weekFrom Mon d ay to Frid ay 13:00-15:00Starting dates 2013: every MondayAsk a question or make a comment. Your email address will be kept private. Fields marked * must be filled in.NAME - S u rn am e*Em ail*Ph on eWeb siteIm in terested in *: Select a courseYou r Messag e

En ter th e cod e Post your Message Flamenco course Spanish languageThe Feria de Malaga (August 12 to 21) classes. Just like the language, the This course is aimed at people who Malagas beaches are situated veryhas ancient roots. It was first dance is a very important form of wish to learn famous, typical and close to the city with all its shops, barscelebrated in 1491 to mark the communication. Spain, especially important Spanish dishes. A large and restaurants. They extend over 14entrance of the city into the territories Andalusia, the birthplace of part of this course focuses on kilometers, which is surpassed onlyof the kingdom of Castile. Popularly Flamenco, plays a leading role in the Andalusian cooking, such as it’s world by the length of the beaches of placesknown as Gran Fiesta del Verano international scene. For many years, famous Gazpacho, Ajoblanco, like Marbella and Estepona, and are(large party of the summer), it is an the Alhambra Instituto has offered its Salmorejo... recipes. The course easy to reach, both by publicunusual mix of sincere religiosity students the opportunity to combines learning Spanish plus transport or private vehicle. participate in Flamenco classes.

manifested by votive processions, and participate in Flamenco classes. practical cooking classes with Separated from the noisy city traffic, especially by bullfights - and of gastronomic cultural activities such as the beaches with their beautiful paganism, as exemplified by the museum visits, excursions to typical promenades are oases of peace and wonderful flamenco shows. The places of interest, restaurants, bars relaxation. Malaga offers a unique celebration rages across the city with etc. always under the guidance of a combination of sights, museums, all kinds of events, eating and Teacher... restaurants and cultural facilities ... drinking.Medical Spanish Courses | Learn Spanish in Spain | Learn Spanish and Flamenco | Wirtschaftsspanisch Handelsspanisch | Spanish courses for groups | Spanish courses for Seniors 50+ | Spanish courses for Groups adults and seniors Dele Spanish courses forDele exam | Spanisch Sprachreisen | Sprachschulen Spanien | Spanisch lernen | Accommodation during Spanish course | Spanish courses for absolute Beginners | Spanish courses for junior teenangers groups packages | Cursus spaans in Spanje |Spanischkurse_intensivkurs Spanien | Spanish for groups packages "tailor made" | Spanish for Cabin Crew members Stewardess Flight attendants | Spanischkurse Malaga | Spanish Courses for Medical Professionals | One-to-One Spanish in Spain |Spanischkurse plus flamenco tanzunterricht | Sprachschulen Spanien | Spanisch sprachkurse in Malaga | Individual Spanish courses one to one | Sprachreisen Spanien | Spanischkurse unterkunft Spanien | Spaanse cursussen Barcelona | Spaanse cursussenMalaga | individual Spanisch courses | Spanisch lernen in Spanien | Spanish super intensive courses for individuals | Spanish Language | Learn to Speak Spanish | Spanish Courses Spain | Learn Spanish Language Spanish Courses | Beginners SpanishCourses | Spanish Immersion Courses | Spanish Language Courses Spanish Courses customized for juniors and young teenagers | Individual One to One Spanish lesson | DELE examination courses | Spanish courses for Closed Groups | Spanischkurse plusFlamenco lernen in Spanien | Spanish for Business Presentations | Spanish course training Lawyers | Spanish courses tailored to especific needs | Special Courses | Spanish for Business | Individual Courses | Internships in Spain | Internship WorkExperience | Learn Spanish in Spain| Spanischkurs für Flugbegleiter, Piloten, Flugbegleiterin, Stewardess| Spanish Courses for Teachers | Spanisch Sprachkurse für Lehrer

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